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Why Should Tourists Rent a Car to Travel in Dubai?

Renting an exotic car is an excellent option for an unforgettable vacation in the UAE. In the Trinity car rental, you can rent any car you like and visit the main attractions of Dubai, drive along the UAE highways, and enjoy the country’s incredible landscapes. Rent a car in Dubai at https://trinityrental.com and feel free and independent to visit any destination in the magnificent country of OAE. Trinity Rental offers an exclusive fleet of modern luxury and high-performance vehicles that are meticulously maintained and kept impeccable. The boutique offers a selection of cars from such VIP brands as:

  • McLaren;
  • Rolls Royce;
  • Bentley;
  • Ferrari;
  • Lamborghini;
  • BMW;
  • Audi, etc.

Advantages of renting a car at Trinity

Many companies provide rental services in Dubai and OAE, but clients must be attentive when choosing the right one. Trinity Car Rental Boutique offers its clients several services that distinguish it from competitors:

  • The rental price includes an increased daily mileage of 300 km, full insurance, toll roads, and VAT.
  • A full tank of fuel is provided as a gift to every client.
  • No deposit required for the rental period.
  • A dedicated manager is available to answer questions at any moment.
  • There is the possibility of delivering a vehicle to any location, including an airport, office, hotel, etc.
  • Various payment methods are accepted, including cash, Visa and Mastercard cards, and cryptocurrency.
  • Their service fleet comprises over 60 automobiles with minimal mileage, including the latest 2023 models.
  • All clients will receive any help needed from a personal manager.

Consider that there are some restrictions. For example, in rented luxury cars, clients are prohibited from driving in the desert. There are several reasons for that. The primary one is safety. Such an experience can be life-threatening. Tourists must travel in the desert only on specialized cars and be accompanied by professional drivers of spare vehicles. The second reason is that exotic cars are not designed for rough sand-driving conditions, and sand can lead to severe car malfunctions.

To rent a VIP car, a client must be older than 21 (25 for renting a sportscar) and have driving experience of less than one year.

What is needed to rent a car in Dubai

To be able to rent a car in Dubai, the client must provide the following documents:

  • International driving licence;
  • Valid passport.

Trinity Rental does not take deposits for a car, so a credit card is optional. Remember that the boutique accepts cash and cryptocurrency payments.

Reasons to rent a car in Dubai

People who value freedom of movement will find renting a car a good option. Whether it’s driving through the city at night or along the sea, rented vehicles do not restrict people’s movements.

  • A car can be an ideal option for a couple with children – the UAE has many parks, zoos, and entertainment places where the whole family can spend time. There is public transport in Dubai, but it is better to move around the city by car, especially with children.
  • You can visit the giant Dubai Water Park, the second-largest complex in the world, which has a vast, convenient parking lot. By renting a car, you can choose any vehicle available and drive to this majestic complex when it is convenient for you to spend an unforgettable day of entertainment.
  • You can safely travel around the country and gain pleasant impressions alone and with the whole family. Visit many cities in the UAE and chat with the locals.
  • The UAE’s road surfaces regularly rank among the world’s leading. Conditions exist for ordinary residents and the local elite who value prestige cars.
  • Relatively cheap gasoline. As the United Emirates has one of the biggest oilfields in the world, gasoline is quite affordable in the country. You can afford to travel in luxury vehicles without concern about the price of gas. Trinity Car Rental gives the clients a full petrol tank as a gift.
  • High driving culture is peculiar to the UAE. Keep in mind that this is a Muslim country, so driving drunk is strictly prohibited and persecuted. Therefore, driving will be very comfortable and, most importantly, safe.

Before driving a rented car, you should familiarize yourself with the traffic rules in the UAE and strictly adhere to them. This will help you avoid a lot of trouble.

Trinity rental fleet

Trinity car rental offers cars of different categories so clients can rent a car that perfectly suits their preferences and goals:

  • Sports cars – The best brands of sports cars for those who like to drive fast. Clients will receive unforgettable emotions and driving pleasure on the highways of Dubai.
  • Business class – This category of executive cars is suitable for those who value comfort, safety, and prestige. A business class car is ideal for business meetings, events, and special occasions – a wedding or a romantic date.
  • Luxury cars – car rental for those who want to emphasize their status and make a memorable impression. Travel around the United Arab Emirates and explore the sights in a prestige car.
  • SUVs – With an SUV-class car, you will overcome any road with maximum comfort and get unforgettable emotions from traveling and visiting the natural attractions of the UAE.
  • Convertibles – A convertible is ideal for style, luxury, and high-speed driving connoisseurs. A fun ride in an SUV through one of the most beautiful cities in the world is an experience that will be remembered for a long time.

No matter what vehicle clients choose, they will get professional help from a personal manager and personal driver if needed.

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