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What’s Your Birth Month Flower? Find The Special Meaning for Yours

Just like birthstones, there are birth flowers too. And despite what social norms may make you think, roses are not for February.

What Are Birth Flowers?

A bouquet is among the most beautiful gifts anyone can receive on their birthday. Woven into our pop culture, every flower signifies how someone feels about you. There is so much more to flowers than just beauty and an expression of love.

Just like a birthstone or the zodiac sign symbolizes personality traits, a birth month flower also has a unique meaning that is special to a person.

Interestingly, the concept of birthday flowers is nothing new, dating back many centuries. However, the origin behind this remains unclear. Some believe that this started during the ancient Roman times when a certain variety of flower was given as gifts to people born in certain months. Others say that this tradition is from the Victorian era when people used to gift flowers based on the meaning of the type and color of the flowers.

As per the Farmer’s Almanac, some birth months have two flowers. This may be to include seasonal blooms like spring flowers or winter flowers, while also taking into account the perennial flowers that bloom through the year.

So next time you plan to plant a new sapling in your flower garden or if you intend to give a bouquet of flowers on someone’s birthday, keep in mind the significance that these flowers hold based on the birth months.

Carnations for January

Carnations are the flowers associated with the month of January. Available in multiple colors, carnations have beautiful fringed petals that look stunning in a bouquet. However, you need to be careful about the color of the carnation you choose because every color has a different meaning. Pink signifies maternal love or affection and can be a great choice for mothers. Meanwhile, red carnations symbolize affection and yellow signifies rejection or disappointment.

January also has another birth flower, which is the snowdrop flower. This flower often blooms when there is snow on the ground, and signifies hope. Seeing a delicate snowdrop peeking through the cold snow is beautiful but also reminds us that spring will come.

Violets for February Born

February, the month of love (Valentine’s Day), is often associated with roses. However, for those born in February, violets are their birth flowers. Just like amethyst, the birthstone for February, violets are also usually purple in color. However, these flowers are also found in shades of white, blue or yellow. The violets are a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness.

Primrose is also a birth flower for those born in February and is associated with warding off evil, enchantment, and magic.

Daffodil-ing into March

The sunny, bright, yellow daffodil is dedicated to those born in March. This birth flower symbolizes new beginnings and arrives in the Northern hemisphere spring in March. However, you need to be careful while gifting daffodils as giving a single daffodil is considered to bring bad luck. So if you are looking at gifting a March baby their birth flower, make sure it’s a bouquet of daffodils and not just a lonely flower.

April for Daisy

Daisies are one of the most cheerful and sweet flowers. They symbolize innocence and friendship. The classic bright white and other bright colored flowers can make anyone happy and brighten their day.

The month of April also has another birth flower, which is the sweet pea. Gifting this fragrant flower often symbolizes good wishes or is a way of saying goodbye.

May There Be the Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is the birth flower for May babies. This perennial bell-shaped flower symbolizes pureness and sweetness. Hawthorns, the beautiful little flowers from the rose family are also the flowers for May. These pink, white and red colored flowers are a symbol of hope, love, life and new beginnings.

Roses for June

Roses are the flowers for those born in June. The different colored roses have different meanings. Red is for love, pink for happiness, white symbolizes purity and yellow spreads cheer. The month has another birth flower – honeysuckle- that symbolizes nostalgia for first love.

July’s Larkspur

Larkspurs are vibrant bright flowers with stalks that may grow up to over three feet in height. The flower is a symbol of strong bond and positivity and is the birth flower for those born in July. Water lily is another birth flower for the month, and they signify purity or rebirth.

Gladiolus in August

When the summer heat is in full swing, gladiolus is a flower that stands strong, tall, and vibrant. These bright flowers are often found in colors like orange, pink and red and symbolizes victory and strength.

Another flower for the month of August is the scarlet poppy which symbolizes remembrance on the occasion of Veteran’s Day.

Aster for September

A reminder of beauty and patience, asters are the flowers for those born in September. They get their name from the Greek word ‘aster’ meaning star, from their star-like shape. Symbolizing love and wisdom, asters are also considered a suitable gift to celebrate a 20th wedding anniversary. Morning glory is another September flower that symbolizes love.

Greeting October with Marigold

Nothing marks the arrival of fall like the orange blooms of marigolds. While these flowers are often linked with the Day of the Dead, their bright colors also symbolize brightness in dark. Marigolds are also important in Hindu culture, and you’ll find homes and people adorned with their vibrant orange hues.

Another birth flower for October babies is the cosmos which symbolizes peace and harmony.

Chrysanthemum November

Blooming as the seasons transition from fall to winter, chrysanthemums, or ‘mums’, are the flowers for November. They come in a range of different colors, and every color has a different meaning. Red is for love, white for honesty and yellow for bittersweet love. These flowers are associated with fidelity, joy and longevity.

Narcissus for December

The snowy white narcissus flowers or paperwhites are a symbol of unconditional love and hope. Another birth flower for December is holly, which is a popular Christmas shrub bearing berries and signifying luck and fertility.

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