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Top 6 Websites to Buy Targeted Instagram Followers

Nowadays, it is very easy to buy Instagram followers online. The websites selling Instagram likes, followers, comments, and views are everywhere – in the ads, on Google, in social media, and printed media. But are they good enough? Are these followers just numbers or do they make a difference? Will they help you grow organically on Instagram? These are the most crucial questions that you need answers to before you invest your finances in it. 

You don’t need platforms selling follower counts only, you need websites to buy targeted Buying Instagram followers. This means that you need a very specific audience with tailored demographics, characteristics, and preferences matching your Instagram profile and content. The truth is – very few marketplaces are capable of providing targeted growth solutions for Instagram users. 

This article lists the top 6 websites where you can find targeted Instagram followers that bring value to your IG profile. 


For those Instagram accounts that target international audiences Mixx is the best choice. The platform has served thousands of Instagrammers with high-quality followers that last long and grow over time. So, it is never a one-time investment in a follower package but a long-term strategy to enhance your brand visibility on Instagram. 

Mixx delivers follower profiles that are interested in international brands, products, and services. They are high-quality, active accounts that regularly engage with the feed, news, stories, and posts. Furthermore, Mixx provides the possibility to customize and tailor packages through the help of their customer support team, which means you can consult with social media experts on which package to buy and how to target a specific audience. 


People choose SocialWick for immediate results. The platform ensures fast delivery giving your Instagram profile the boost in needs within minutes of your purchase. Moreover, they put extra layers of security to guarantee your privacy – SocialWick operates without requiring your password or any other additional account information. 

With a commitment to real engagement growth, SocialWick is the top choice for targeted audience outreach. The website employs social media experts who are ready to help you create and execute a strategy that involves targeted Instagram follower growth. Additionally, SocialWick offers a 60-day refill guarantee which provides peace of mind, assuring you that any issues encountered will be promptly addressed. 

SocialWick not only prioritizes efficiency but also quality. The platform ensures high-quality profiles with genuine information, addressing concerns about fake accounts that are common on other platforms. The user-friendly nature of SocialWick’s platform simplifies the purchasing process, requiring only a few clicks to confirm your order. 


SubscriberZ is a platform specializing in targeted growth services. It invites users to improve their brand exposure on Instagram through the acquisition of high-quality followers. The company values confidentiality and user satisfaction and stands out for its unique approach to providing genuine, authentic, and real people to boost organic reach. 

The platform has several features that distinguish it from other services within the market. First of all, SubscriberZ avoids the use of bots that spam accounts with fake profiles, a practice that could lead to Instagram account bans. Instead, the platform focuses on faster delivery, high-quality followers capable of meaningful interactions, and affordable packages for various business needs. 

Furthermore, SubscriberZ provides results immediately – typically processing the orders on the same day of purchase. The client support team assists 24/7 which also includes consultancy services and help with strategy creation and execution. 


SocLikes gives you real followers from around the world, making your Instagram grow for personal or business needs. You can choose packages that fit your budget, starting at less than $1.49 for 50 followers. If you want a bigger boost, there are options for 1000 to a million followers. What sets SocLikes apart instagrambiosforboy is its focus on quality and safety. They provide followers with real profiles, not fake ones, which reduces the risk of losing followers. 

SocLikes also delivers followers quickly, starting within a minute of your order and completing within 1 to 12 hours depending on the package. The platform offers targeted followers from different countries, ensuring a diverse audience for your profile. You can order a package that targets a specific location or region from a customer support team and explain your needs and preferences in detail. Here are the qualities of SocLikes that customers love the most:

  • Real followers from around the world
  • Budget-friendly packages
  • Quick delivery within 1-12 hours
  • Targeted followers from different countries
  • Refill option for long-term growth


Famoid aims at reshaping the attitude of internet users towards social media growth services. It wants to demonstrate the power and full potential of such platforms in delivering highly effective services. Famoid is famous for many reasons, but most importantly it is one of the most experienced websites to buy targeted Instagram followers. 

  • Ad-based growth: you can improve your IG account performance with Famoid targeted Ad strategies. The platform utilizes the most advanced advertising technologies to find the most appropriate audience for your account. 
  • Instant delivery: clients’ accounts experience rapid growth with instant delivery on all of Famoid’s social media boosting services. The followers start to appear within a few minutes from your order, they will be distributed naturally throughout a few days to comply with Instagram’s terms of use. 
  • Secure social growth: many users choose Famoid for its digital privacy. The website prioritizes safeguarding clients’ data through various cybersecurity measures and secure payment channels. Your account and information remain protected throughout the entire process. 


UseViral prioritizes the guaranteed delivery of the chosen services, ensuring a simple and timely experience. They focus on high-quality followers that set them apart, providing you with engaged and genuine followers who actively interact with your content. There are three types of targeted Instagram followers you can choose for your next order:

  • General audience
  • Black audience
  • Female audience

The process of using UseViral is very simple – select the package that aligns with your needs, enter the URL of your content or social media username, and complete the online payment process. You do not need to spend hours on submitting your account data, information, and complicated sign-up forms. 

UseViral’s dedicated customer support team is available 24/7 to assist with any inquiries or concerns. Furthermore, they offer a 30-day money-back guarantee demonstrating their commitment to customer satisfaction. 

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