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Top 5 Pure Gold Coins Worldwide

When buying gold coins, what do you look for first? Weight, price, purity, and authenticity, right? These are major factors that affect the value of gold coins. But when it comes to purity, as a gold coin’s purity increases, its value also increases.

The Canadian gold Maple Leaf is one of the most popular pure gold coins in the world, and it’s not difficult to see why. The Royal Canadian Mint produces these coins with gold that is exceptionally pure, .99999 (five nines), making them among the most pure gold coins available for purchase. 

Nevertheless, the Canadian gold Maple Leaf isn’t the only pure gold coin out there. In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 pure gold coins popular globally and why investing in gold coins can be an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and enhance your investment value. So, sit tight, and let’s explore the world of pure gold coins!

Gold Coin Purity and Standards

The fineness of gold bullion indicates their purity. Fineness is a percentage or fraction that is typically given in decimal notation. Thus, a coin composed of .999 fine gold denotes an alloy in which 999 out of every 1,000 parts are gold and the remaining 1/1,000 parts are another metal. This fraction has 1,000 as the denominator, which is why it is sometimes referred to as millesimal fineness.

In the past, 90% pure legal tender coins containing precious metals were common. They had to be strong because they were supposed to be circulating coins or money in circulation. The purest gold coins were 22-karat coins, like the British Gold Sovereign, until the development of refining technology in the latter half of the 20th century.

The highest level of purity for gold coins is .9999, although .995 or .999 is the market standard.

  • 995 Fine Gold: For every 1,000 grams, there are 995 parts pure gold and 5 parts another metal.
  • 999 Fine Gold: It is made up of one part other metal and 999 parts pure gold.

Top 5 Pure Gold Coins

Here’s the list of top 5 pure gold coins

  • Canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin

Gold coinage from the Royal Canadian Mint is highly sought after due to its superior quality and purity. It’s one of the few mints in the world that consistently produces five-nine gold coins. Special .99999 fine gold Maple Leaf coins are among them.

Gold maples have been produced since 1979 and are available in two formats: .999 (three nines) and .9999 (four nines). In addition to the Canadian Maple Leaf series, the Royal Canadian Mint also manufactures several commemorative or collectible gold coins with unique five-nine purity.

  •  American Gold Buffalo Coin

The American Gold Buffalo and the American Gold Eagle coins are the two most popular gold coins sold by the U.S. Mint. Unquestionably a classic, the Gold Buffalo is a pure gold coin than the Gold Eagle.

The gold used to mint American Gold Buffalos is .9999 pure, which is significantly purer than the gold used to mint Gold Eagles (.9167 fine).

A few stackers find it difficult to decide between the Gold Eagle and Gold Buffalo. Which is a better investment, the Gold Eagle or the Gold Buffalo? The response varies. While Gold Buffalo Coins are purer, the Gold Eagle is more identifiable and long-lasting.

For investors seeking the finest gold available, the American Gold Buffalo Coin is a better option than the American Gold Eagle coin due to its tight buy-sell spreads and durability.

  • Austrian Gold Philharmonic Coin

The Australian Gold Philharmonic is produced annually by the Austrian Mint and has been a popular choice in European and global markets since the late 1980s. Customers from around the world purchase hundreds of thousands of these coins every year. The gold Philharmonic coin is made of .9999 pure gold, just like the coins on this list.

Known for its visually appealing artwork, “Gold Philly” is a fitting nickname for this place. The coin is named for the renowned Philharmonic Orchestra of Vienna, and its design choices are a reflection of this rich cultural history. The coin’s obverse features an arrangement of orchestral instruments, while its reverse features Vienna’s Music Hall.

  • Britannia  Gold Coins

The British Royal Mint was established in response to the 1985 embargo on the well-known South African Gold Krugerrand. As the most popular coin was outlawed in a number of nations, mints scrambled to meet demand by producing pure gold coins.

The coin that has gained the most recognition from the Royal British Mint is the Gold Britannia. The coin is as pure as they come, with a purity of .9999. Because of its purity, the coin is more prone to damage and scratches, but investors can still benefit from its remarkable recognizability and competitive buy-sell spreads.

  • Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin

One of the purest gold coins in the world is the Australian Gold Kangaroo. The most famous coin made by Australia’s Perth Mint is the Gold Kangaroo, which was formerly known as the Australian Gold Nugget. Remarkably, the reverse-side design of the Gold Kangaroo varies from year to year. Every coin has the image of the reigning British monarch on the obverse.

The extraordinary purity of the Australian Gold Kangaroo coins attracts many investors. The majority of investment-grade gold coins are now produced using .9999 fine gold, which is what the Australian Gold Kangaroo uses. Due to its high purity and yearly design changes, stackers all over the world love the Australian Gold Kangaroo.

Why Invest in Gold Coins

  • Diversification: By distributing investments among several asset classes, gold coins provide a means of diversifying an investment portfolio and lowering overall risk.
  • Store of Value: Historically, gold has remained valuable over time, acting as a buffer against inflation and unstable economic conditions.
  • Liquidity: The market is flexible and liquid because gold coins are simple to buy and sell.
  • Tangible Asset: Having actual gold coins gives you a physical possession that you can handle, keep safe, and possibly pass down through the generations.
  • Global Recognition and Value: Due to their global recognition and value, gold coins are accepted and tradable in a variety of markets.
  • Protection in Times of Crisis: Gold frequently does well in periods of economic or geopolitical unrest, offering investors a haven of safety.


Buying pure gold coins has a number of benefits, such as portfolio diversification, a reliable store of value, liquidity, physical assets, international recognition, and protection from volatile economic times. Before buying gold bullion products, check the current gold spot price to make an informed purchasing decision. 

Every coin, whether you select the American Gold Buffalo, British Gold Britannia, Austrian Gold Philharmonic, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, or Australian Gold Kangaroo, is a valuable investment opportunity and a piece of history and legacy. 

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