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Today we are going to talk about one of the most coveted Hackathons in India and we will talk about how Rahul Dey, lead developer at Think To Share IT Solutions won it.

This Hackathon was organised by Laracon India in close collaboration with Bigly Sales who sponsored it and started at 11:59 PM Friday, March 1st IST.

It was quite a challenging hackathon because participants had strict deadlines and they had to submit it within 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 3rd IST.

This was all the time the contestants got and they had to keep a few important guidelines in mind for the Hackathon.

Guidelines For the Hackathon

Laravel Based

Since this was a Hackathon in close collaboration with Laracon India, the contestants had to create their projects based on the Laravel framework.

They could definitely use related technologies for it but they had to have Laravel integrated projects to support the theme of the event.

AI-based Project

To make matters more challenging, they had to utilise an AI language interface from GroqLabs and this is one of the reasons why a lot of developers simply did not participate.

Along with that, participants also had to utilise ElvenLabs AI Voice Generator & Text to Speech in some form or another making the projects even more challenging.

Tight Deadline

And finally, how can we forget the deadlines? They were very tight because participants had to begin their work at 11:59 PM Friday, March 1st IST and finish before 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, March 3rd IST.

However, this was not a challenge because Hackathons are usually based on tight deadlines and especially online Hackathons after the pandemic.

However, it was definitely challenging to create a project like that within such a short time frame and that too with not more than 3 team members.

Sales or Customer Support

All the participants had to submit their projects related to sales or customer support which narrowed down the scope of the project by a lot.

This means a lot of experienced developers could not submit their projects because they had no experience with sales projects or customer support projects that needed a sudden kind of experience.

This was definitely a difficult contest and that makes the win even more significant thereby paving the way for more such events in the future.

Let us now introduce you to the prizes so that you can understand the scale of the competition.

Best Use of AI

The reason why this Hackathon sponsored by Bigly Sales was so significant is because of the prize money involved as it is not a small amount.

  • The 1st place winner would win $5000.
  • The 2nd place winner would win $1500.
  • The 3rd place winner would win $1000.

The reason why this is such a significant number is simply because this amount was not only going to encourage a lot of people to participate and take part in this AI-driven contest but it also made sure that deserving candidates won something really significant.

This kind of an amount might not seem like a lot of money in the grand scheme of things when it comes to any AI-integrated IT projects but it is definitely a large sum when it comes to a contest.

Let us now look at the winner and the winning project so that you can have a better idea of why Rahul deserved to win.

Think To Share’s Developer Rahul Dey Wins the Laracon 2024 Hackathon

Before we talk about the project, we need to talk about the company Think To Share.

Think To Share is one of the sponsors of Laracon 2024.

We need to understand their working philosophy and how they operate to better understand why Rahul won the Hackathon.

Think to Share IT Solutions is a very pragmatic web design and development company that specialises in utilising Laravel for its projects. However, they provide nearly every kind of IT service you can think of.

They do everything from mobile app development to creating enterprise-grade software, AWS integration and much more while also running their proprietary apps and services for B2B and B2C use cases.

However, the most significant aspect of this company is that they are experts at AI integration and utilisation. You can even check out how they utilise AI for their apps My Reminders and CallMate.

This helps you understand the work environment Rahul was exposed to and Rahul Dey is the key player when it comes to Think To Share. That makes him the perfect candidate for this Hackathon.

However, in order to understand why Rahul’s project powered by Think To Share won the competition, we need to understand the project so that we are clear about its fundamentals.

Easy Sales – Rahul Dey’s Project Submission for Bigly Sales Hackathon

Easy Sales is a remarkable project that aims to solve a significant issue with customer support and sales and combines AI and utilises it very smartly.

This project helps sales executives do AI sales calls with the help of generative AI so that they can automate sales calls.

Easy Sales is easy to operate. The user, which in this case is the sales executive, needs to create an account and they will be presented with a simple dashboard.

The sales executive can then input important details such as the country code and phone number of their client as well as the title of the call and the first and last names of the executives or organisation.

Then they can input a prompt in the requirement section of the dashboard. The more detailed the prompt, the better the results.

And then there is a section for choosing the AI assistant.

After the sales executive does this, they simply have to submit it and an AI call will be generated and the entire conversation will be saved as a transcript for reference.

This is not only a very practical way of utilising AI but also a very straightforward solution for solving a big efficiency issue with sales.

With the help of Easy Sales, sales executives will now be able to automate calls and be more efficient in their operations and business lead generation.

This is what helped Rahul Dey win the 1st prize, followed by Pushpak winning the 2nd prize and ViitorCloud Technologies winning the 3rd position and prize.

There is a reason why Rahul won the first position and it is simply because he is very passionate about AI and AI integration in tech to solve real-world problems with straightforward solutions.

It is also due to the fact that he is a lead developer at Think To Share IT Solutions and it is a company that leads the way when it comes to cloud projects and AI-integrated projects as well as Laravel projects.

There is always an environment of innovation and doing the impossible at Think To Share because they are always the pioneers when it comes to utilising some of the most complex technologies and bringing them to the mainstream.

That is why this was the perfect combination of the right person and the right environment that led to this outstanding win at one of the most prestigious Hackathons in the world.

We hope you enjoyed learning about Laracon 2024 and we also hope you are going to be there for the next Laracon because it is going to be just as fun and exciting as well as technologically impressive.

And as always, we are going to be there to bring you the latest and greatest when it comes to tech news as well as innovations.

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