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These Are The Most Expensive Ships In The World 2024

In recent years, cruising has grown in popularity as one of the best ways to travel because it allows people to do so in comfort and style. Cruise ships have evolved into more than simply a means of transportation, becoming an experience in and of themselves thanks to their opulent amenities, first-rate service, and spectacular views. And as more and more travelers choose opulent cruise vacations, cruise lines are competing more fiercely than ever to provide the most opulent experience.

Huge ships are expensive, particularly when they have all the bells and whistles, opulent finishes, and amenities you’d find in a five-star resort. It’s hardly surprising that the average cruise ticket is so expensive considering that modern cruise ships can cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build.

Top 10 Most Expensive Ships In The World 2024

1. Allure of the Seas

None of the spectacular passenger ships operated by Royal Caribbean come close to the Allure of the Seas in terms of quality. The cost of this cruise ship is $1.5 billion.

The ship is the second Oasis-class vessel in the cruise line’s fleet. It is 1181 feet long and made its premiere in 2009. The ship is a massive cruise liner, weighing more than 200,000 tons.

Even though the cruise ship itself is very expensive, its cost is actually rather reasonable. You may anticipate paying roughly $800 for the week if you take a 7-night trip on this boat.

There are seven separate themed zones of the ship, a two-deck dance hall, a theater with seating for more than 1,300 guests, an ice skating rink, and sports courts. There are also 25 dining options available, one of which is a fantastic buffet.

2. Oasis of the Seas

The Oasis of the Seas, a sister ship of the Allure of the Seas, is another of the priciest cruise ships available. This ship is the same length as the Allure of the Seas, however it has somewhat different amenities and features.

The construction of the Oasis of the Seas, which can accommodate 5,400 passengers and little under 3,000 crew members, cost $1.4 billion. Because there are seven different themed zones on the cruise ship, it has a theme park-like atmosphere.

There are beautiful promenades, two-story loft suites, and a ton of other amenities, such as:

Zip lining
Several bars and lounges
The casino
Numerous nightclubs
a round of miniature golf
a comic book shop
courts for volleyball
courts for basketball
thematic parks
a total of five pools
a singing club
Child care centers
There are opportunities to participate in world-class sports and pretty much everything else. And all of that is available for as little as $50 per person each day!

3. Harmony of the Seas

This third Oasis-class cruise ship from Royal Caribbean was constructed in Saint-Nazaire, France.

At $1.35 billion (the same as one of its sister ships, Symphony of the Seas), this ship cost slightly less to build than the Allure and the Oasis, yet it is still the largest ship in the world. It’s also fascinating to note how Royal Caribbean has kept the price of this ship very cheap.

Along with offering outstanding passenger amenities, the Harmony of the Seas also has two rock-climbing walls, a basketball court, three swimming pools, a water slide area, an ice skating rink, and an adults-only solarium.

The numerous pubs and restaurants along the mall-style promenade are extremely popular with passengers. They can never go hungry because there are a wide selection of seafood meals, international cuisine, and buffet alternatives available.

A week-long cruise on this ship can be reserved for about $400, depending on the time of year and the location. That makes it a reasonable option for anyone want to sail in elegance.

4. Norwegian Epic

The $1.2 billion Norwegian Epic, which is owned and run by Norwegian Cruise Line, comes in fourth on our list. This cruise line is located in Saint-Nazaire, France, and is a part of STX Europe Chantiers de l’Atlantique’s F3 Project.

The ship broke records when it was constructed, ranking as the third-largest cruise ship in the world. Although it has since been surpassed, it is still one of the most costly ships in the world.

A mega-class ship, the Norwegian Epic is intended to compete with cruise ships operated by Carnival Cruise Lines and Royal Caribbean International. With a weight of more than 155,000 tons, we believe Norwegian was successful in its objective.

Rates on board this ship start at $15 per person per day! This makes it a very cost-effective way to cruise in style.

There are also a ton of incredible amenities available for use, such as:

up to four-person suites
a sun deck reserved for adults.
Mini-golf in a theater
a theme park
These are just a handful of the comforts that guests on this ship can take use of.

5. Ovation of the Seas

Another expensive cruise ship is the Ovation of the Seas, operated by Royal Caribbean International. In 2016, this vessel—whose construction cost $1 billion—was finally launched.

The ship is about 1,140 feet long and more than 160,000 tons in weight. The vessel is one of the cruise line’s Quantum-class vessels, which provide accommodations for 1,500 crew members and close to 5,000 passengers.

If you decide to stay in one of the opulent suites aboard Ovation of the Seas, your trip may cost you more than $6,000. Or, you may take a four-night cruise for just $200 per person in a regular inside stateroom.

There are several truly amazing amenities on board the ship, including:

A surfing sim
a movie screen outside
There are four pools.
The casino
There are four spas.
multiple bars and lounges
sports fields
This ship has a ton of activities available to visitors, which is only one of the many factors contributing to its popularity.

6. Disney Fantasy

There is nothing quite like a Disney cruise, and everything makes sense if you know how much it costs to build the ships. The Disney Fantasy, a ship that weighs 130,000 tons, cost $940 million to build.

The ship is a rather big boat, 1,120 feet long and 138 feet broad. More than 1,200 staterooms on the ship can accommodate 2,500 passengers and an additional 1,500 crew members.

The AquaDuck is the standout among the ship’s many wonderful features. The AquaDuck, which was the first water coaster at sea, is now one of the most popular aboard attractions. Additional features include:

Classes in yoga, pilates, and aerobics
ten eateries
Character interactions
lounges for only adults
the bars and nightclubs
a youth group
A spa
There are many pools and whirlpools.
Nightly live entertainment
A little under $600 per person per week is what you’ll pay to board the Disney Fantasy. With all the amenities on board, it is definitely worth the price.

7. Disney Dream

The Disney Dream is a close second to the Disney Fantasy. This cruise ship, which costs $900 million, is another in the Disney Cruise Line fleet.

The ship has a gross tonnage of around 130,000 and is 40% bigger than Disney’s earlier cruise ships. The ship is over 1,200 feet long and 137 feet broad.

Similar to the Disney Fantasy, this ship has a crew capacity of up to 1,500 people. However, the Disney Dream can accommodate 4,000 guests at full capacity.

The Disney Dream is one of the most pricey cruise ships, with a three-night cruise costing roughly $500 per passenger. However, you’ll receive a ton of luxuries, including:

interactions with Disney characters
On-site performances and entertainment
alcohol samples
a water ride
sports fields
tea time
many children’s activities
These are only a handful of the numerous things you can do on the boat. You can also visit the nightclubs and lounges, order room service, or spend the day at the spa in addition to these activities.

8. Queen Mary 2

The Queen Mary 2 is a cruise ship that is not owned by a major cruise line company. Instead, the ship was created in 2003 by a professional team of British naval architects.

The ship was originally the longest passenger ship in the world, but some of the other ships on this list have since surpassed it. Nearly 150,000 tons in weight and worth $880 million, the ship.

Given that many of their trips are transatlantic, trips on the Queen Mary 2 are significantly more expensive. For a weeklong excursion on this yacht, you should budget roughly $1000 per person.

There are a ton of activities available to you onboard. Take in some of the evening live music performances.

You can also take use of extras like high tea, kid’s activities, numerous restaurants, pubs, and lounges, wine tastings, a planetarium, a library, sporting events, and galas.

9. Norwegian Breakaway

The Norwegian Breakaway is the second-to-last ship. The Norwegian Cruise Line operates this cruise ship, which was finished in 2013.

The Norwegian Breakaway is about 140,000 pounds and costs $840 million. Its 1,204 staterooms and 238 suites can accommodate a combined 4,000 people.

Short trips on the Norwegian Breakaway start at just $228 per person, making it a more cost-effective vessel. You can, however, always choose one of the opulent apartments or penthouses. These expensive accommodations have a personal butler, an in-room spa, and complimentary champagne despite their high price.

Guests on the Norwegian Breakaway can take advantage of a wide range of amenities. In addition to the twelve distinct bars, which include a cigar bar and a cocktail lounge, there are also various forms of entertainment available, including:

The casino
a dance club
shows with live music
Live theatrical productions
a theater for films
a poker room
In a jazz and blues venue
outdoor escalators
a comic book shop
the circus tent
Adults-only outdoor area
an archive
a game room
a theme park
Kids’ areas
Once you’re on the Norwegian Breakaway, there are a ton more things to discover. And because it’s inexpensive per person, families frequently choose it.

10. MS Independence of the Seas

The MS Independence of the Seas, a cruise ship operated by Royal Caribbean that costs $828 million, is last but certainly not least on our list. With 15 decks, this ship has been in operation since 2008.

Over 4,000 passengers and approximately 1,400 staff members can be accommodated on the MS Independence of the Seas. One of the largest passenger ships ever built, the ship weights more than 150,000 tons.

The vessel is 1,112 feet long and travels at a 25 mph cruising speed. The ship mostly operates cruises out of Florida and England, while it accepts people from all over the world on its trips.

On this boat, a four-day journey typically costs $150 per person. For anyone who wants to take a cruise without incurring a hefty expense, it’s a really cost-effective method to vacation.

Onboard the MS Independence of the Seas, amenities include:

Virtual reality trampoline
An venue for laser tag
a lock-out room
A telescope
two slides, two
Kids’ aquatic park
restaurants and bars
While traveling on this ship, you can benefit from a huge selection of additional features and activities.

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