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These Are Most Popular Football Clubs In The World Now

All football clubs have a global following base, making football the most watched sport in the world. But as time passes, the number of supporters of a team either rises or falls. While some people stick with their team through good times and bad, others change teams and leave their prior teams. We discover that the biggest clubs in the world are also the football teams with the most fans.With the upcoming 2022 World Cup, a number of new football clubs will enter the public eye. It might be confusing to decide which teams to support when there are so many fighting for attention. Based on their social media following, we look at the top 10 football teams in the globe as of 2022 in this article. Who will be ranked first?

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Here Are Most Popular Football Clubs In The World 2022

1. Real Madrid

Real Madrid is without a doubt the most favored soccer team in the entire globe. In football, Real Madrid has the largest fan base. Real Madrid is one of the most successful teams in football and has a great history. 10 European championships and numerous other significant trophies have been won by Real Madrid. The team has also taken home the most Lal Lifga titles. Real Madrid also received 42.35% of the voting to win FIFA Club of the Century. The team with the most followers on social media is Real Madrid, which is also well-liked there.

Facebook: 112 MInstagram: 108 MTwitter: 39,5 MYouTube: 6,93 MTikTok: 9,1 MOthers: 2,15 MTotal: 277,7 M

2. Barcelona

Barcelona is currently the second-most favored football club. The Team has won numerous titles so far. The team included a number of legends. It is a professional football team from Spain. Neymar, Suarez, and Messi are three of Barcelona’s best forwards. They aid Barcelona in obtaining numerous important honors. Barcelona won the UEFA Super Cup, La Liga, Club World Cup, Champions League, and Copa Del Ray. Barcelona is the squad with the second-highest number of social media followers, right behind Real Madrid.

Facebook: 106,4 MInstagram: 104 MTwitter: 39,3 MYouTube: 12,9 MTikTok: 12,4 MOther: 83,8 KTotal: 275,12 M

3. ManChester United

One of the most well-known football teams, Manchester United, is from Old Trafford, England. One of the most prosperous clubs in recent years is this one. Mnhctser United missed the Champions League for the second time in three years at the same time. The Red Kit of Manchester United is one of the most well-known and beloved football uniforms worldwide. In terms of the Most Popular Football Club in the World, the Team is ranked third. Additionally, Manchester United won the 2008 FIFA World Cup.

Facebook: 76,13 MInstagram: 53,5 MTwitter: 29 MYouTube: 5,46 MTikTok: 11,6 MOther: 240 KTotal: 175,9 M

4. Juventus

Juventus has previously won the Italian Championship four times in a row. Compared to the second-most successful team, Juventus has won the Italian Champions a whopping 36 times. The greatest sports figure of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo, joined Juventus in 2018 after leaving Real Madrid. Juventus Footballer has significantly increased in previous years. And the group rises to become the fourth-most favored club worldwide. Juventus also won the Intercontinental Champions title twice.

Facebook: 46,48 MInstagram: 51,7 MTwitter: 9,6 MYouTube: 3,51 MTikTok: 5,7 MOther: 185 KTotal: 117,2 M

5. Chelsea FC

Chelsea is the fifth-most popular football club in the world. Chelsea is a West London-based English professional football team. Currently, Chelsea is the UEFA Champions League 2020–21 champion. The UEFA Champions League championship was won by Chelsea after Manchester City was defeated by them in the match’s final encounter. Additionally, the group won the UEFA Super Cup, UEFA Cup Winner’s Cup, and UEFA Europa League.

Facebook: 51 MInstagram: 31,5 MTwitter: 18,9 MYouTube: 3,44 MTikTok: 5,4 MTotal: 110,22M

6. Paris Saint-Germain

Neymar, K. MBapp, and many other current-era stars are represented by Paris-Saint-Germans. French Professional Club is PSG. Neymar Jr. left Barcelona in 2017 and joined Paris-Saint-German. At €222 million, it was the most costly transaction. Additionally that year, PSG acquired Kylian Mbappe. PSG finished second in the UEFA Champions League 2019–20 Season after losing to Bayern Munich in the championship game.

Facebook: 48,6 MInstagram: 54,3 MTwitter: 11 MYouTube: 5,91 MTikTok: 23,2 MOther: 1,53 MTotal: 144,56 M

7. Bayern Munich

One of the most successful football teams in recent years is Bayern Munich. The Bayern Munich team won the FIFA Club World Club, UEFA Super Cup, and UEFA Champions League in the year 2020. The team has previously won the Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal, and DFB Super Cup. Additionally, the team has gained popularity on social media. Bayern Munich is currently the seventh-most popular football club in the world, according to the rankings. The number of followers on Team’s official Facebook page has increased in 2017.

Facebook: 54,5 MInstagram: 30,2 MTwitter: 5,8 MYouTube: 2,41 MTikTok: 7,2 MOther: 91,2 KTotal: 100,23 M

8. Liverpool FC

Liverpool received numerous national and major awards. While Liverpool earned their first major FIFA World Cup championship in 2019. Additionally, Liverpool Managers won the UEFA Super Cup and the UEFA Champions League championship in the same year. Liverpool has won the UEFA Champions League six times, three UEFA Cups, and four UEFA Super Cups.

Facebook: 40,82 MInstagram: 34,6 MTwitter: 18,8 MYouTube: 6,56 MTikTok: 5,9 MOther: 167,8 KTotal: 106,85 M

9. Manchester City

Manchester City succeeds to a great extent. The first championship game for Manchester City was the UEFA Champions League 2020–21. One of the best domestic teams in the FA Cup, Football League Cup, and FA Charity Shield is Manchester City.

Facebook: 41,48 MInstagram: 28,5 MTwitter: 11,2 MYouTube: 3,77 MTikTok: 5,6 MOther: 96 KTotal: 90,65 M

10. Arsenal

The FA Cup winningest team is Arsenal. The team has so far won 14 FA Cup championships. Additionally, Arsenal was able to win 13 Premier League championships. Arsenal is a well-known football team that is from the London neighborhood of Islington. The football squad at Arsenal is owned by Kroenke Sports and Entertainment.The FA Cup winningest team is Arsenal. The team has so far won 14 FA Cup championships. Additionally, Arsenal was able to win 13 Premier League championships. Arsenal is a well-known football team that is from the London neighborhood of Islington. The football squad at Arsenal is owned by Kroenke Sports and Entertainment.

Facebook: 38,98 MInstagram: 20,8 MTwitter: 18,4 MYouTube: 2,56 MTikTok: 1,7 MOther: 53 KTotal: 82,5 M

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