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The Rising Trend of Bathroom Remodeling: Consumer Preferences in Modern Home Improvement

The desire to create a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living space has long driven homeowners to renovate and redecorate. Among the various rooms in a home, the bathroom stands out as a primary focus for renovation due to its essential role in daily comfort and routine. In Wichita, Kansas, the trend of bathroom remodeling reflects a broader enthusiasm for enhancing home value and functionality through thoughtful design and modern technology.

As more residents of Wichita look to upgrade their homes, bathroom remodeling has become a popular choice. This is not just about replacing old fixtures or adding a fresh coat of paint; it’s about transforming a simple bathroom into a personal retreat that aligns with contemporary needs and styles.

Whether it’s incorporating sleek, energy-efficient fixtures or optimizing space with innovative designs, the approach is comprehensive. This shift is indicative of a larger trend across the country, as homeowners recognize the impact of a well-designed bathroom on both their quality of life and property value.

Consumer Motivations

Homeowners embark on bathroom remodeling projects for various reasons. For some, it’s the desire to increase the resale value of their home—a well-designed bathroom can catch the eye of potential buyers. For others, the motivation lies in making the space more functional to meet the needs of a growing family or to add luxurious touches for personal relaxation. Additionally, as environmental awareness increases, more people are driven to update their bathrooms with energy-efficient fixtures and sustainable materials.

A Wichita bathroom remodeling company, ZINTEX Remodeling Group, has observed a notable uptick in projects, underscoring the city’s robust interest in improving home aesthetics and functionality. This reflects a broader commitment among Wichita residents to embrace modern, sustainable living.

Latest Trends in Bathroom Designs

When it comes to the latest in bathroom design, the themes of space and technology prevail. Open showers are increasingly popular, offering a seamless look that can make even smaller bathrooms appear more spacious. These designs often feature minimalistic styles with large, uninterrupted glass panels and hidden drains. Smart technology is also making its way into the bathroom with digitally controlled showers that allow users to precisely adjust water temperature and flow and mirrors that double as touchscreen displays. These trends not only enhance the visual appeal of the bathroom but also its usability and efficiency.

Choosing Materials: What’s Popular Among Consumers

The choice of materials in a bathroom remodel can profoundly affect both the look and the sustainability of the project. Traditional materials like ceramic and porcelain tiles remain popular for their durability and wide range of styles. However, there’s a noticeable shift towards materials that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally friendly. Composite materials, for example, offer resilience and a variety of finishes while being better for the environment. Natural stone, while more expensive, brings unmatched beauty and uniqueness to each bathroom, with each piece offering different veining and colorations.

The Role of Technology in Modern Bathrooms

Technology integration is becoming a standard in modern bathroom designs, transforming ordinary bathrooms into spaces of convenience and luxury. High-tech showers that save water and energy without sacrificing performance are a key trend. For those who love technology, the incorporation of smart toilets with features such as self-cleaning technologies, night lights, and heated seats offers both comfort and hygiene. Flooring too, can be enhanced with radiant heating systems, which provide a warm surface underfoot—a welcome feature in colder climates.

Budgeting for a Bathroom Remodel

Budgeting effectively is crucial for a bathroom remodel. Homeowners need to consider several factors, including the cost of materials, labor, and any unexpected expenses that may arise. On average, a bathroom remodel can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars for minor updates to tens of thousands for a full renovation. Planning is essential to keep expenses manageable. Homeowners should start by setting a clear budget and then allocate funds for the different components of the project. Shopping around for materials and getting multiple quotes from contractors can also help control costs and ensure that you are getting the best deal.

DIY vs. Professional Remodeling: Making the Right Choice

Choosing between DIY and hiring professionals depends on several factors, including skill level, complexity of the project, and the time available. DIY can be cost-effective for small changes like painting or replacing hardware. However, for more complex tasks such as plumbing or electrical work, hiring professionals is advisable. Professional contractors bring expertise and can often complete the job quicker and with less risk of mistakes, which can sometimes make them more cost-effective than a prolonged, DIY attempt.

Impact of Remodeling on Home Resale Value

A well-executed bathroom remodel can significantly increase a home’s market value. Statistics show that midrange bathroom remodels can recoup up to 67% of their cost at resale, while upscale renovations can recoup around 60%. This potential for high ROI makes bathroom remodeling a popular choice for homeowners looking to improve their home’s value. Features like modern fixtures, neutral colors, and classic finishes tend to appeal to potential buyers and can make the home stand out in the real estate market.


Bathroom remodeling continues to evolve, with trends pointing towards more personalized, technology-integrated, and environmentally sustainable options. As consumer preferences shift towards smarter homes, future bathroom designs will likely become even more connected and customized.

For homeowners considering a bathroom remodel, the current trends not only offer a chance to enhance the beauty and functionality of their space but also an opportunity to significantly boost their home’s value. Whether through a minor update or a major overhaul, the benefits of remodeling a bathroom are clear, making it a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to improve their living environment.

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