The Most Popular Minn Kota Trolling Motors Near You

TechnologyThe Most Popular Minn Kota Trolling Motors Near You

Trolling motors are used for stealth water navigation during fishing. Moreover, a trolling motor is used for backup propulsion in case of a technical error in the primary engine of the boat. A variety of manufacturing companies have positioned themselves as major suppliers of trolling motors.

The primary power source of the trolling motor is a battery pack, primarily helping to induce rotation in the motor. You need to harness the rotation of the motor to set the boat in motion. 

This article will look at the different types of trolling motors, and their unique functional characteristics. 

Transom Trolling Motors

The transom of a boat refers to the back-end edge part of the boat. Therefore, a Minn Kota transom trolling motor offers propulsion from the back of the boat. 

Characterizing a transom trolling motor is mainly done through its mounting position in the boat and its installation procedure. The transom motor is the easiest to install among the three types of trolling motors. 

But how do you install the transom trolling motor to your boat?

Minn Kota transom motors have similar designs to those of the primary outboard gasoline engine of the boat. Therefore, mounting a transom trolling motor only requires clamps to fasten it on the boat’s transom. 

A motor shaft connecting the motor to the controls helps to steer the boat. Therefore, controlling the transom motor is done manually from the back. Steering from the back means that the transom motor may not offer precise steering of the boat.

Merits of Transom Trolling Motors

Ease of installation, control, and good maneuverability compared to an engine mount motor are noticeable advantages of a transom motor. A Minn Kota transom trolling motor is cheap to acquire. Additionally, servicing and repairs are cost effective and convenient because the Minn Kota parts are easily accessible online.

Demerits of Transom Trolling Motors

A transom motor does not have much navigational or control features, such as remote controls compared to bow trolling motors.

Engine Mount Trolling Motors

Engine mount trolling motors are the most expensive of the three types of trolling motors. The bow and transom motors are mounted directly onto the boat, while the engine mount motor is attached directly to the outboard engine using an outboard plate.

An engine mount trolling motor offers simple installation but compromises on controls and navigation, as the steering is done by turning the whole outboard engine. All through, you will be in a position to run the motor with just a remote control.

Merits of Engine Mount Motors

The Engine mount motor is ideal for small boats that have a limited space to hold the motor, battery pack, and a few additional controls.

Demerits of Engine Mount Motors

Engine mount motors are quite expensive, and have very few navigation features. The engine mount motor is also very difficult to steer.

Bow Trolling Motors

A bow trolling motor is very suitable for a large or medium-sized boat because it offers navigation from the front of the boat. Thus, the bow trolling motor pulls the boat forward, unlike the transom motor that propels the boat by pushing from the back. 

Characterizing a bow trolling motor is done through its installation complexity since it requires a large deck on your boat. 

The deck also needs to be drilled and fitted with mounting plates that will hold the motor in place. The bow motor lacks installation convenience, but it makes it up with steering accuracy and additional advanced navigational features.

Merits of Bow Trolling Motors

Minn Kota bow trolling motors come fitted with GPRS displays that help to easily navigate the waters. Moreover, the steering and control functions of the bow trolling motor are well-refined.

Demerits of Bow Trolling Motors

The high cost of buying and the complex installation process are the major disadvantages of a bow trolling motor.


In order to have the most appropriate trolling motor, you need to identify both your boat’s functional and loading requirements. Ensure you also understand the maintenance costs associated with your preferred motor. 

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