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The Most Bankable Chinese Actors In 2022

4. Yang Zi

Yang Zi is an actress and singer from China. 2014 saw her get a BFA from Beijing Film Academy’s Performance Institute. The Southern Metropolis Daily named Yang as one of the Four Dan Actresses of the Post-90s Generation (90) in 2016.

Yang appeared in Dt.Time, Appledog’s the follow-up to her popular drama Go Go Squid!, in February 2021 as a guest actor. At the Weibo Awards Ceremony the same month, she received the title of Weibo Queen for a second time. She took part in The Detectives’ Adventures, an episode of the iQIYI detective reality series, in May.

She played a cellist in the March release of the love story drama The Oath of Love. The show was a financial success and received the “Tencent Business Breakthrough Award,” one of the highest platform-level awards, for being watched more than 3.8 billion times during its broadcast. She played a lotus fairy in the xianxia drama Immortal Samsara, which debuted in July.

She was named the first “Campus Charity Ambassador” for the 11th National Youth Green Plant Adoption on March 11. Origins, an American cosmetics company, and Yang, the spokeswoman for the brand, together launched Earth Month environmental conservation and welfare initiatives in China in April.

Yang has grown to be one of China’s most in-demand brand ambassadors as a result of her widespread popularity. She promotes a wide range of goods, including food and drink, daily essentials and hygiene, mobile apps and games, etc. She is a spokesperson for several global companies, including Chopard. Yang was selected to serve as the 2020 Beijing Television Spring Festival Gala’s promotional ambassador in December 2019.

She was introduced as one of Tencent Video’s VIP spokespersons on February 6, 2021. She was introduced as China CITIC Bank’s credit card spokeswoman on December 8, 2021. Yang was named Yang as Chery Automobile’s worldwide brand spokesman on August 26, 2022.

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