The Highest Paid Tennis Players Of 2022

INSIGHTSThe Highest Paid Tennis Players Of 2022

Professional tennis is an extremely competitive sport with high training demands. Millions of people watch tennis globally, making it one of the most popular sports. The sport is one of the most paid in the world due to its popularity.

The top tennis players make millions of dollars on-court while profiting from various partnerships and endorsements off-court. The winner’s profits also include any prizes they receive for winning the games.

And on the Grand Slam and ATP tours, the tennis players who make the most money are always the top athletes. Additionally, the sport offers enormous incentives in the form of salaries and sponsorships. Tennis players, in particular, are among the highest-paid athletes in the world.

List Of Top 10 Highest Paid Tennis Players In 2022

1. Roger Federer -$90 Million

Veteran tennis star Roger Federer is currently retiring from competitive play, but he is still earning a lot of money. Federer made the most money in the last year of any tennis player, according to the most recent ranking. Federer has a net worth of $90.6 million before taxes (about Rs 661 crore). Even though he hasn’t played tennis in a few days due to an injury, he still has the highest earnings. Federer is ranked first among the top 10 tennis players in terms of earnings. The 20 Grand Slam champion is supported by companies including Uniqlo, Credit Suisse, and Rolex. Additionally, he holds a sizeable financial stake in On, a Swiss manufacturer of running shoes that went public in September.

2. Naomi Osaka -$56.2 Million

Despite having started her career as a professional tennis player in 2013, Naomi only became well-known in the sport in 2018 as she defeated Serena Williams at the US Open to win her first Grand Slam. She currently has a $56.2 million net worth. She follows Roger Federer on the list of the top 10 highest-paid tennis players as a result. Nike, Yonex, Beats Electronics, Mastercard, Panasonic, PlayStation, Levi’s, Airbnb, Sweetgreen, and GoDaddy are some of Naomi’s largest sponsors.

3. Serena Williams -$35.1 Million

Serena Williams, 40, just announced her retirement from competitive tennis worldwide. She describes it, though, as more of a “evolution” into the following phase of her life. She is the oldest woman to hold the top spot in the world rankings and has won 23 Grand Slam tournaments. In addition, she has won 23 doubles titles and a total of 73 singles titles. At the Olympics in Sydney, Beijing, and London, she even won gold medals. With a salary of over $29 million, Williams was the highest-paid female athlete in the world in 2016. She has endorsement relationships with nearly a dozen firms, including Nike, Gucci, Michelob Ultra, etc., and her current net worth is $35.1 million.

4. Rafael Nadal -$31.4 Million

One of the most well-known tennis players of all time, Rafael Nadal is also regarded as the greatest inspiration. Along with winning numerous championships, Nadal has set numerous records for both the number of matches and the amount of money played. He has captured 36 ATP Masters championships and 22 Grand Slams. When he had to withdraw from Wimbledon before his semifinal game in July due to an abdominal tear, his quest for a calendar-year Grand Slam came to an end. Rafael Nadal’s projected net worth is $31.4 million as of 2022. Nike, Kia, and Richard Mille timepieces are a few of his dependable corporate partners.

5. Novak Djokovic -$27.1 Million

Novak Djokovic is among the greatest and most talented tennis players. Without his name, tennis is lacking. Novak’s year 2022, however, has been a little more difficult due to his decision to forego the Covid-19 vaccination, which resulted in his missing the Australian Open. He is still regarded as one of the world’s highest-paid athletes. With a net worth of $27.1 million, he ranks fifth among the top 10 tennis players in terms of earnings. Numerous companies, including Asics, Head, Hublot, Lacoste, NetJets, and Raiffeisen Bank, support him.

6. Emma Raducanu -$21.2 Million

Emma Raducanu, the US Open champion, is now listed among the highest-paid tennis players. She won a Grand Slam in 2021, making history as the first qualifier to do it during the open era. The 19-year-old was estimated to have a net worth of $21.1 million. In addition to Nike, she is also supported by British Airways, Dior, Evian, HSBC, Porsche, Tiffany, and Vodafone.

7. Daniil Medvedev -$19.3 Million

In 2022, Daniil Medvedev, then 26 years old, briefly held the top spot in the global rankings. Medvedev now holds the distinction of becoming the first player to reach No. 1 outside of the Big 4 of Andy Murray, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic in the last 20 years. Medvedev has a $19.3 million net worth. His tennis competitions and endorsement deals provide the majority of his revenue. Brands like Lacoste, Tecnifibre, BMW, Bovet, Tinkoff, and HyperX support him.

8. Kei Nishikori -$13.2 Million

The only Japanese player to currently occupy a spot in the top 5 singles rankings is Kei Nishikori. He contracted the COVID-19 virus twice, and as a result of the pandemic situation, he was unable to take part in any of the ATP tournaments. Kei’s victory over Roger Federer to win the bronze medal at the Olympics made 2016 a memorable year for his professional life. He currently has a 13.2 million dollar net worth. He has endorsement agreements with six companies, including Japan Airlines, Uniqlo, and Airweave mattresses.

9. Venus Williams -$12 Million

Venus Williams, who made her tennis debut in 1994, is one of the WTA’s veteran athletes. The senior Williams sister has struggled a lot over the past three seasons. Due to her absence from the WTA circuit, she is currently not included in the rankings. She made her first appearance in nearly a year at Wimbledon in 2022, competing with Jamie Murray in the mixed doubles competition. Only the fourth round was achieved by the pair. She currently has a $12 million estimated net worth. She now collaborates with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Venus Concept, a maker of medical aesthetic devices, and Asutra, a company that promotes self-care.

10. Carlos Alcaraz -$10.9 Million

After defeating Casper Ruud in the US Open 2022, Carlos Alcaraz became the ATP’s No. 1-ranked tennis player at the age of 19. He ranks tenth among the top 10 tennis players in terms of pay for this reason. With the famous US Open and the top ranking under his belt, the Spaniard had already earned $10.9m in his career. He has won numerous ATP competitions this year, including the Madrid Open, ATP Masters in Miami, Barcelona Open, and Rio Open. Alcaraz is already beginning to secure endorsement deals from prestigious companies like Rolex, BMW, and ElPozo, and he will soon make his sponsors very happy. Earlier this year, he also made the cover of Vanity Fair.

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