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The Footballers With The Most Assists Of All Time

The foundation of the game of football is made up of numerous significant elements. Making those goals is just as crucial to winning games as scoring goals. “Play-makers” are players who make plays that lead to goals. And the players who create the goals are just as crucial as those who make it possible for goals to be scored.
Goals are a crucial component and the deciding factor in football. Nothing creates more excitement for fans inside the stadium or those watching on television than when the ball enters the goal. Goal scorers typically receive all the praise, but the effort put in to make the goal is overlooked. Players that provide assists can do so because they are more technically skilled and have better distribution than most attackers. Their absence makes it ten times more difficult for goal scorers to do their jobs.

Top 10 Footballers With The Most Assists Of All Time

1. Lionel Messi -369 Assists

In the annals of football, Messi has produced the most assists.

Being at the top of the game for almost two decades is partly to blame for that. During their prime, Messi and Barcelona were unstoppable, and they always had a great supporting cast. Before you could pick it up, Messi might make your jaw drop once more.

Even from a penalty, the guy gas accrued an assist! In this regard, Messi continues to be the best, and PSG will soon add additional players.

2. Thomas Muller -288 Assists

The small player should nevertheless be commended for his services, as the German has amassed an incredible total.

And that includes 22 assists this year alone, 19 of which came in 26 outings in the Bundesliga. At the Allianz Arena, a new generation of stars is now emerging, but Muller’s position on the squad is unaffected due to his invincible personality on the field.

Despite his age, the 32-year-old still contributes significantly to his team thanks to his versatility at the top of the game.

3. Luis Suarez -277 Assists

Football’s most lethal front three was formed at Barcelona by Luis Suarez, Lionel Messi, and Neymar. He is arguably one of the best strikers of this decade. The ruthless forward has been a threat to defenses around Europe, as he frequently ends games by himself in the blink of an eye.

He has joined some of the best clubs in Europe not just because of his incredible goal scoring record, but also because of his selflessness in the final third.

One of the top 10 players with the most assists is the Uruguayan. In 2005, the striker began his professional career with Club Nacional de Football. AFC Ajax then acquired him in 2007. Before moving on to Barcelona in 2014, Luis Suarez was acquired by Liverpool from AFC Ajax in 2011. Currently, Luis Suarez represents Atletico Madrid.

4. Ronaldo Cristiano -272 Assists

Ronaldo is fourth on this list despite being much behind Messi in terms of assists overall with a total of 272, which is still an impressive figure for the Portuguese forward who has played for four different teams in his career.

Despite a minor decline over the years, Ronaldo’s set-piece skill is still at the pinnacle because of his mastery of a dead ball. Though the former Old Lady midfielder gave his Juventus colleagues more than enough chances in recent years, it was at Real Madrid where his amazing assists really shone.

Wherever he has gone, Ronaldo has made an enduring imprint, and as was already noted, his contribution to Manchester United’s success in the final third during the recently finished season was in no way an accident.

5. Mesut Ozil -259 Assists

With FC Schalke, the German international made his professional debut in 2003. Then, in 2008, he was moved to SV Werder Bremen, then in 2010, he joined Real Madrid. Ozil thrived while playing for Real Madrid, but owing to some terrible top-level management decisions, he was forced to end his career there. Mesut Ozil was sold to Arsenal in 2013 after spending three seasons at Real Madrid.

In his career, the 31-year-old has earned 259 assists. Although he may no longer be in his peak at Arsenal, there is no denying that he had a fantastic career overall. Mesut Ozil, a world champion with Germany, is among the top attacking midfielders of the twenty-first century, with an assist rate of 0.39. He is also among the top three Premier League players in terms of assists.

6. Angel Di Maria -258 Assists

For every club he has played for, the Argentine international di Maria has been a superb player and playmaker. In the 2013–14 campaign, Di Maria was arguably Real Madrid’s best player. After that, he was transferred to Manchester United, where he struggled somewhat but still managed to accumulate 11 assists in 27 games.

At PSG, Angel di Maria rediscovers his groove alongside the best players in the world. Additionally, he contributed 14 assists and 8 goals to the French champions’ Ligue 1 team this year.

7. Kevin De Bruyne -250 Assists

Since moving to the Etihad, the Belgian has dominated the Premier League as a player-maker. Kevin de Bruyne equaled Thierry Henry’s previous record for the most assists in a single Premier League season with 20 assists during the 2019–20 campaign.

216 assists have been recorded by the offensive midfielder during the course of his career with Genk, Wolfsburg, Chelsea FC, and Manchester City. Additionally, Kevin de Bruyne has 100 goals in his career with multiple clubs. The best players in the Premier League right now include the Belgian international.

8. Cesc Fabregas -250 Assists

One of the greatest playmakers of all time is undoubtedly Fabregas. Throughout his career, he has defended teams for Barcelona, Arsenal, and Chelsea.

World Cup champion and Spanish international Cesc Fabregas has accumulated more than 10 assists in nine seasons and 19 assists in one season with Chelsea, who won the Premier League in 2014–15.

Fabregas also provided the assist for Spain’s Andreas Iniesta to score the game-winning goal in the World Cup Final.

9. Xavi -230 Assists

Barcelona’s living legend is Xavi. Xavi, a graduate of the La Masia Academy, began his professional career with Barcelona and has since appeared in 700 games for them. Xavi is FC Barcelona’s current head coach.

In his career, the Spanish international had 230 assists. For Barcelona, he also set a record for assists during the 2008–2009 campaign. He still retains the record for most assists in a season with 22 and it hasn’t been surpassed yet. Additionally, he contributed to Spain’s historic 2010 FIFA World Cup victory.

In addition, Xavi was recognized four times as the IFHSS World’s Best Playmaker in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

10. Franck Ribery -224 Assists

With his left foot, Franck Ribery is well known for nutmegging defenders and throwing them to the ground. Before joining Bayern Munich in 2007 and spending the following 12 years there, the former French international began his career with French club Boulogne. Currently, Franck Ribery is a Fiorentina player.

The 37-year-old has amassed 224 assists so far in his career and has kept up his elite level of football play. In the previous ten years, Ribery and Arjen Robben teamed up to rule Europe for a time.

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