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The Best Fabrics for a Comfortable Belly Dancer Costume

Dancers need to choose the right clothes for belly dancing. Otherwise, it will be difficult to move, discomfort, excessive sweating, and other unpleasant moments. As a result, many people after buying belly dancer costumes made unsuccessful fabrics from shops, the level of which is weaker than Aida Style, just throw this kind of art.

It is not enough to choose the right size of the costume and a complete image. It is extremely important to pay attention to what fabrics were used for tailoring. Choosing comfortable fabrics for belly dance skirts is not easy. But if you understand this issue once, then in the future dancers will buy only the right clothes. Thanks to this, they will only continue to do their favorite kind of dancing.

breathable fabrics for belly dance costumes

The importance of choosing the right fabrics for costumes

Experienced dancers know why it’s important to choose comfortable clothing. However, this choice is personal, and often the fabrics that suit some dancers are not always suitable for other dancers.

The question most people have is does belly dance clothing need to stretch? It is believed that they should stretch a little, but not very much. Otherwise, the fabric will stretch and quickly lose its shape. This can lead to unexpected and unpleasant consequences during classes.

It is also important to choose breathable fabrics for belly dance costumes. They allow you to avoid excessive sweating during classes. But also the fabric should be dense and not translucent otherwise it will be extremely uncomfortable to dance in it. If you know the exact dimensions, dancers will only have to figure out what type of fabric suits them best.

Popular fabric types for belly dance costumes

When you first look at a belly dance costume, you need to pay attention to its weight and the fabrics used in it. Therefore, employees of shops selling such clothes often need to answer the question what type of fabric is used for belly dance veils? In most cases, materials for making costumes can be divided into 2 major types. These are knitted fabrics and woven fabrics.

In search of lightweight fabrics for belly dance costumes, dancers should study both types of fabrics in more detail. Some of them differ in their properties and price segments. But quality products can be found in both the first and the second types of materials.

Knitted fabrics

what type of fabric is used for belly dance veils?

Not all products are suitable for machine washable fabrics for belly dance attire and shoppers need to consider these points carefully. In knitted garments, fibers are knitted or woven together. The garment can have different structures. Therefore, often suits made of knitted materials have different fabrics on the individual elements of the garment.

Among the not natural fabrics for belly dance wear use the following fabrics for sewing clothes for dancers:

  • stretch velvet;
  • mash and mesh;
  • liquid lamé;
  • metallic knit.

Elastic velvet is a fleecy fabric and is used on skirts and bras. It is a warm fabric and it is best not to buy sleeves and tummy covers made from it. Mesh and stretchy fabric and sleeves are most suitable.

Liquid lamé is difficult to work with so it is used to create simple items. Metallic knit is beautiful, but heavy and not quite comfortable material. You should not let your skin touch it directly, irritation may occur.

Fabric materials

Fabric materials are more expensive. Many dancers are not at all sure, can you belly dance in cotton? Even in it, you can dance, but it is more suitable for additional elements in dresses or skirts. Also among the fabric materials are distinguished:

  • silk;
  • synthetics;
  • chiffon with sequins;
  • lace.

Silk is an excellent material for veils and it is used for skirts and other elements. But it must be very carefully cared for. Synthetics can be used instead of silk and its cost will be lower. Chiffon with sequins is more suitable as a material for non-standard skirts. Lace is a material for additional accessories (sleeves, ruffles, etc.). These materials are more expensive, but they have a special elegance, and the dancers in them have a sense of style and taste.

Where to buy a belly dance costume

Where to buy a belly dance costume

Experienced and beginner dancers in search of costumes and the best fabrics for coin embellishments on belly dance costumes often pay attention not to the most reliable shops to buy such products. Therefore, it is worthwhile to scrutinize the range of online shops at the Aida Style level.

Here there is a wide range of costumes that are sewn from different materials. They have different designs and possibilities for completing unforgettable images. To get advice, it is worth contacting the shop manager and placing an order. After receiving the payment, Aida Style employees will send the goods anywhere in the world. The average waiting time for an order is 14 days. Trust only reliable and quality shops, among which is Aida Style.

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