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TEMPEST Taerae Profile, Age, Family, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Taerae

Taerae was born in Seoul, South Korea, but when he was in elementary school, his family moved to Hongseong-eup, Chungcheongnam-do. He went to Sehyun High School, Hongju High School, and Hongseong Elementary School.

In 2018, Taerae started preparing to be a K-pop idol. He was one of the last trainees to sign up with Yuehua Entertainment, and he underwent more than three years of training before making his acting debut in 2022 with Tempest.Taerae is Tempest’s maknae (youngest member). He is well recognized for his outgoing character and passion for dancing. He is a skilled vocalist and rapper as well.



BIRTH DATE: May 9, 2002

BIRTH PLACE: Seoul, South Korea

HEIGHT: 5’11”


Early Life And Career

Kim Tae-rae (also known as Taerae) is a South Korean rapper and singer who is signed to Yuehua Entertainment. He is the boy group TEMPEST’s maknae. He was born in Seoul, South Korea, on May 9, 2002. He was raised in Hongseong, Chungcheongnam-do, and went to Sehyun High School, Hongju High School, and Hongseong Elementary School. He spent roughly three years as a trainee at Yuehua Entertainment before making his acting debut on March 2, 2022, with TEMPEST. Taerae is a skilled rapper and singer. He is well renowned for his strong vocals and for being able to rap in both English and Korean. He can dance well, too. He performs with the dance line for TEMPEST and is well-known for his upbeat and engaging performances. Taerae is one of the most well-liked members of TEMPEST despite being the group’s youngest member. He is renowned for having a sunny disposition and for enjoying making people laugh. He enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and playing video games. Rice cake, cake, sikhye, peach, watermelon, and yogurt are some of his favorite dishes. He detests pickled red peppers. Red and pale green are his preferred hues. He is an ESFP according to MBTI. Pudding is the name of his dog.

In the K-pop scene, Taerae is a gifted and rising star. In the years to come, he will undoubtedly continue to grow in popularity.

Taerae Quick Facts

Taerae is TEMPEST’s sub rapper and maknae.
His birthplace was Seoul.
His parents, his younger brother, and he make up his family.
Taerae finished high school at Sehyun.
Compared to the other members, his training period is quite brief.
He has an abundance of aegyo.
Taerae frequently discusses private incidents that took place within the group.
Taerae is the second-tallest member of TEMPEST behind Eunchan, standing at 181 cm.
His favorite foods include rice cake, shikhye, peach, watermelon, and yogurt, whereas pickled peppers are his least favorite.
He garnered notice before to his debut as having the most original name among the members who did so. Only 20 persons in the entire country go by the name “Taerae” as of January 2022.
The members claim that he resembles an owl, thus he chose the owl as the official emoticon.
He is the team’s lone left-handed player.
He worked in the theater department at Hongju High School while he was a student, and he had a supporting role in the 2019 film “Moonlit Winter.”
His early years were spent in Hongseong, Chungcheongnam-do.
He excels at kendo and operating a drone.
Taerae frequently addresses himself in the third person.
He has an ESFP MBTI personality type.
“There are times when giving up quickly is good,” is his adage.
His monikers include Taerae-ging, Noctowl, Kim Happiness, and Taetriever (Taerae + Retriever).

Taerae Family

TEMPEST A younger brother belongs to Taerae. His identity is a secret. Also unknown to the general public are Taerae’s parents. However, it is known that Taerae’s father introduced her to K-pop and that he is a fan of the music. Taerae has stated that his family is always there to encourage him and is highly supportive of his career.

Taerae is close with his TEMPEST members as well as his parents, younger brother, and other family members. He has remarked that he can always rely on them for assistance and that they are like his family. Taerae is a highly quiet individual who rarely discusses his personal affairs. The fact that he is a devoted family man and close to his friends can be seen through his social media posts, though.

Taerae Net Worth 2024

Tempest Taerae only made his debut in 2022, hence his net worth is not yet known to the general public. However, using the typical net worth of K-pop idols, we may make an educated guess on his wealth. A 2021 Forbes article states that a K-pop idol has an average net worth of $1 million.

Taerae is a part of the brand-new K-pop group Tempest, which Yuehua Entertainment created. Since the group has only issued one mini-album to date, it is difficult to estimate their earnings. Although they have already become very well-known, it is likely that they will continue to generate a lot of money in the future.I predict Taerae’s net worth to be around $500,000 in 2024 based on the average K-pop idol’s net worth and the success of Tempest. Depending on Tempest’s future degree of success, this number might be higher or lower.

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