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TEMPEST Eunchan Profile, Age, Girlfriend, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Eunchan

Eunchan is a member of Yuehua Entertainment’s TEMPEST, a boy band from South Korea. He was born in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, on February 27, 2001. His elder brother is present. In 2020, he received his diploma from Hanlim Multi Arts School.The meaning of the stage name Eunchan is courteous and bright. He is TEMPEST’s primary dancer and visual. He is renowned for his good proportions and 187 cm height. Additionally, he can sing and rap well.


BIRTH NAME: Choi Byeong-seop

BIRTH DATE: February 27, 2001

BIRTH PLACE: Gyeonggi-do, Ansan, South Korea

HEIGHT: 6’1″


Early Life And Career

South Korean singer and dancer Eunchan. He’s a part of the boy band TEMPEST, which Yuehua Entertainment started in 2022.

On May 13, 2004, Eunchan was born in Seoul, South Korea. At a young age, he began his training to become a singer and dancer. He participated in Season 2 of Produce 101 in 2017, where he placed 65th overall.

It was discovered that Eunchan was a TEMPEST member in 2022. On March 2, 2022, the group released their debut mini-album, It’s ME, It’s WE.

Eunchan is renowned for his dynamic singing voice and dance prowess. He also has skill as a rapper. He is one of TEMPEST’s primary singers.

Eunchan has performed with TEMPEST and participated in a number of music videos. Additionally, he appeared in the online drama Love Revolution.

In the K-pop scene, Eunchan is one of the rising stars. He is an accomplished rapper, dancer, and singer. He will undoubtedly be a productive member of TEMPEST.

Eunchan Quick Facts

He has a kiwi and apple allergy.
His preferred hue is black.
Eunchan claims that he was only 163 cm tall in middle school, but for some reason, in the second year, he got 20 cm taller.
Both Eunchan and his friend took the entrance test for the Hanlim school’s fashion modeling program, however only Eunchan succeeded while his friend failed.
According to Eunchan, he has a gift for pedaling backwards. In high school, when a buddy asked him to ride a bike, he suggested humorously trying it; he did so, discovered a new aptitude, and began to practice ever since. (video)
He has no particular dislikes; his favorite cuisine is Korean. However, due to an allergy, he is unable to consume apples, peaches, or kiwis. According to Eunchan, he was able to eat normally as a youngster but just found out about his allergy in middle school. Despite this, he is still able to consume canned yellow peaches.
adores banana milk and refers to it as the “water of life” Eunchan previously remarked that even though he is now a debutant and still enjoys drinking banana milk, he was required to consume it at least once a day while he was a trainee.
Despite not liking mint chocolate, I like Hawaiian pizza.
Autumn is one of his favorite seasons because it is the ideal time to wear stylish clothing.
His phrase, “CLASSIC,” means that it will not be shaped by prejudice and will have its own appeal.
The dolphin is Eunchan’s official symbol. He chose it because it felt both stylish and charming.
His hand’s back has a heart-shaped pattern created by the blood vessels.
When he was in high school, he had to wear glasses since he was nearsighted. He wears contact lenses right now.
The participant with the longest hand in the group has a 22-cm-long hand.

Eunchan Girlfriend

TEMPEST’s Eunchan is not currently thought to be dating anyone. There is no proof that he is currently dating anyone, and he has never publicly discussed his love life.

Eunchan is an extremely secretive person who prefers to keep his private affairs hidden from the public. He has stated in interviews that he is committed to his job and is not now looking to date.
That doesn’t imply, though, that Eunchan will never date. He still has lots of time to locate a particular someone because he is young. If he does start dating, he’ll probably keep it a secret until he’s ready to tell everyone.

Eunchan Net Worth 2024

The predicted value of Eunchan’s net worth in 2024 is $1 million. Included in this are his revenues from his music career, his brand sponsorships, and his other endeavors.South Korean singer and dancer Eunchan is a part of the boy band TEMPEST. It’s ME, It’s WE, the group’s first single record, served as his acting debut in 2022. Eunchan, one of the most well-liked members of TEMPEST, has received recognition for his singing and dancing abilities.

Eunchan has a successful singing career and has also endorsed a number of brands. He has appeared in commercials for companies like Sprite, Lotte Confectionery, and Etude House. Eunchan has more than a million Instagram followers, making her a well-known social media influencer.

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