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Survey: Most people would not allow their child under 18 to get a tattoo


Teens must be 18 years old in the US in order to obtain a tattoo or body piercing. However, in certain places, parents can provide permission for younger kids who desire body art or a piercing that is not in their ear. Each state sets out its own regulations on permissible forms of consent and body art. 1

Without parental permission, some states forbid teenagers from getting tattoos or body piercings, while others have no restrictions. Because of this, it’s possible for your adolescent to enter a salon and acquire a tattoo or piercing without your awareness. Therefore, in order to keep your kid secure, it’s crucial to discuss these processes.

A new survey poll reveals new insights as to what Netizens think about under 18 children getting tattoos, as expected most people are against it, many would say they agree with the laws against them in the United States. Look at the poll results below:

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