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From custom t-shirts, tote bags, laptop sleeves to socks, find these unique and useful back to school gift ideas for students available on Printblur. 

Time for return to school is coming closer, get ready for the new school year with practical and unique back to school gifts? In this post, we’ve rounded up cute and unique back to school gift ideas for students at any age. Dive into it right now! 

The article is powered by Printblur Online where inspires inexpensive gifting ideas for students to elevate a unique touch on the first day of school.

Back to School Gifts Ideas for College Students


After graduating high school with uniforms, it’s time for college students to express their identity and interests freely on campus. A custom or graphic t-shirt is a versatile staple for every wardrobe that college students will love due to its versatility. They are more inclined to be obsessed with one-of-a-kind designs related to pop culture, hobbies, inspirational quotes. 

You can check out more back to school t-shirts on Printblur Online such as science tees to find new favorite tees at unprecedented prices!

Laptop Sleeves

Another unique back to school gift idea for college students is a laptop sleeve to protect their laptops while adding style. College students use laptops frequently during classes, teamwork, or projects. An impressive laptop sleeve or personalized laptop sleeve embodies individuality, protection, and personal style  for their preferences. 

If you go for a laptop sleeve as a back to school gift for a college student, you should check the size of their laptop to find a perfect fit laptop sleeve.

Phone Cases

Phone cases are also a good choice for your consideration when it comes to back to school gift ideas for college students because they protect smartphones and add styles with diverse designs. At Printblur, there are endless choices of unique designs for phone cases that reflect favorite colors, patterns, interests. 

Desk Mats

Let’s create an inspiring and vibrant study space for this coming Back to School with a new desk mat. This is also an ideal gift idea for college students to start a new academic year to remind them to study harder in the next term. 

Personalized desk mats not only elevate your study space but also reflect your style. Printblur’s desk mats come in various sizes and graphic designs such as cartoon, anime, vintage to cute desk mats. 


Purse is definitely an essential on campus for college girls and boys. This can be a great back to school gift idea for college students because of its functionality, comfort, style. 

Discover an extensive collection of purses and bags created by individual artists on Printblur  to make a statement with creative and one-on-a-kind designs for next semester with a variety of colors, sizes, and styles to go for. 

Back to School Gifts for High School Students


Looking for a unique back to school gift idea for high school students? Let’s go for socks with cute and colorful patterns like Alice in Wonderland socks, tiger beetle pattern socks, and much more. Socks are a practical and functional gift idea that inspires students to express their personality and preferences within school dress codes. 

Other themed designs for socks such as baseball, sports, hobbies that every high school student will love to style with their school uniform for the upcoming academic year. 


Sneakers are a practical back to school gift idea for students because they wear them everyday at school. In addition to the comfort and versatility, choosing a graphic art sneakers can  elevate their personal style in a uniform outfit throughout the day. 

Students can go for customizable sneakers that inspire them to personalize with their favorite designs, colors and styles uniquely.

Baseball Jersey Shirts

In addition to essential back to school gifts above, baseball jerseys can be cool and creative gift ideas that teen boys will love. Baseball jersey shirts grow school spirit and team pride, making them a new favorite gift choice for high school students. 

On Printblur.com, baseball jersey shirts can be personalized with name, number, customized designs to showcase school team identity or individual. 


There are multiple choices of bags as a back to school gift for students. Tote bags or outdoor drawstring bags will be great and practical for teens to carry books, supplies, personal items and join extracurricular activities instead of a bulky backpack.

Like t-shirts, sneakers, phone cases, or socks, Printblur is infused with thousands of bag designs like music, travel, cartoon, sports, vintage, and much more. 

Back to School Gifts for Elementary Students

Baseball Caps

A baseball cap is a fun and useful gift for sun protection and adding a playful touch to a kid’s outfit. This back to school gift is perfect for young kids when they join school and outdoor activities. Kids will love favorite cartoon characters, superheroes, animals, or fun patterns to print on a baseball cap.

Surprise your kids with a print baseball cap in the next school year as a favorite accessory while keeping them safe and happy when out and about in rain and shine. 


Back to School is upon us. This is the time for parents to make a school supplies checklist for their kids on the first day of school. A backpack is a must-have companion for carrying heavy school books and supplies for everyday use. In addition to focusing on its material, storage capacity, a backpack for elementary students should be designed attractively with outstanding feature prints  and vibrant colors. 

A custom backpack allows you to customize a kid’s name or add favorite design printed on the backpack. Find new inspirations to opt for a new favorite backpack for your kids on Printblur today!


Tumblers are also a useful back to school gift idea for elementary students to bring for school lunches or outdoor activities to keep drinks cool or warm. In addition to going for durable materials and portability, cool designs related to their interests should be a consideration for your children. 


In addition to backpacks, notebooks are must-have school supplies for learning and help them develop writing skills and stay organized during the school year. A vibrant colors or patterns will motivate learning fun. So if you choose a notebook as a back to school gift for elementary students, it’s worth discovering motivational quotes, messages, kid’s favorite themes to give your children in the coming semester.

Back to School Gifts Ideas for Kindergarten


Kids love stickers to decorate their favorite stuff from backpacks, pencil cases, and anything. Most stickers are designed to appeal to young kids with diverse designs and patterns from cartoon characters,  alphabet letters, numbers, or animals.

Parents should go for cute and educational themes for kids to spark their creativity. Printblur’s stickers are created by independent artists, so you can access thousands of unique and creative designs for your kids as a cool  back to school gift.


Bodysuits are perfect for kindergarten kids to wear daily in schools or at home. While bodysuits offer an ease of movement for active kids, they also keep your kids cozy as well. Wearing playful prints and vibrant colors will succeed to capture your kids’ attention. A wide collection of unique bodysuits for kids are available on Printblur Marketplace for you to look for bright design bodysuits for kids to wear daily. Check them out to find last-minute back to school gifts for your beloved kids to make them stand out on the first day of kindergarten! 

Baby Blankets

Baby blankets are essential for kindergarten students to bring them to school. A blanket for kids should be soft and comfortable to help kids get a great daycare nap. Parents can find customized blankets on Printblu that can be personalized with the kid’s name, birthdate, or simply go for their favorite print design for a special touch.

Pulllover Hoodies for Kids 

A pullover hoodie is essential for outerwear to keep kids safe in changing weather or activities in school. Parents should prepare one as a back to school gift for their little kids when they begin attending kindergarten. The hoodie should be soft, breathable, and provide warmth without being too bulky for kids.

The patterns and print designs on the pullover hoodies also matter for a back to school gift for students at the age of preschool. 

Give it a try with Printblur’s Back to School Gift Ideas for Students! 

Hopefully, above are unique back to school gift ideas for students that helps you motivate your students or your kids to embark a new academic year successfully. Fantastic gift ideas from Printblur definitely make a lasting impression on any student due to their uniqueness and creativity. 

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