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Oral Health: Can you get braces again?

Getting braces in Singapore (https://dennistan.com.sg/braces/) for the first time may not be a fond memory for some people. However, the results that came once the dental appliance was finally removed is most probably one that brought so much joy to any person who has had a successful braces treatment. Flashing a smile with an aesthetically pleasing set of straight teeth is surely worthwhile to behold. While the outcomes of a braces procedure should be long term, many adults who have had their teeth straightened in their teen years find their pearly whites in disarray several years later, thus needing another round of braces treatment.

Can you get braces again?


You can definitely undergo another braces treatment to fix the misalignment of your teeth even though you have used braces before. There is no “fixed standard” on how many times you can wear braces in your lifetime, so as long as you need them and your dental provider agrees, you can get them more than once.

To ensure that you are a good candidate for another round of braces, your orthodontist Richmond will make assessments on the current condition of your oral health. Your teeth and gums will be examined thoroughly to know if they are healthy enough to be subjected to another treatment.

Why will you need to undergo another round of braces?

There are many things that can happen between the time that your first braces was removed up until the day that you realize that your teeth may need another straightening intervention. Some of these are:

  • Being dissatisfied with the result of your first braces treatment
  • Experiencing accident, injury, or trauma
  • Getting gum disease
  • Growth of wisdom teeth
  • Orthodontic relapse

Being dissatisfied with the result of your first braces treatment 

Not all treatments go smoothly and deliver results exactly the way we expect them to. This can happen with your braces treatment. This usually happens when the teeth did not respond to the treatment as expected or if the whole plan was executed poorly, leading to its failure to align your teeth. If you were not satisfied with the results of your initial treatment, then you can always get a second opinion and opt to undergo another round of wearing braces.

Experiencing accident or trauma 

No one can ever be prepared for an accident or trauma. If you have experienced any damage to your mouth or jaw as a result of an injury, then your teeth may have been impacted causing them to misalign, become loose, or even dislodged. Aside from this, you may also experience problems with your jaw as your bite may be affected by the trauma it received. Wearing braces again can correct these problems.

Getting gum diseases 

Unhealthy gums can lead to conditions that affect the overall health of your oral cavity, such as recession of the gums and loss of bone density. This can affect the stability of your teeth as the gums and bones stand as the solid foundation where they are anchored in. If these foundations become weak, it will cause your teeth to shift and become misaligned.

It is imperative that gum disease is treated before undergoing braces treatment again. Once your oral cavity’s health is back on track, you can start treatment plan discussions with your braces provider.

Growth of wisdom teeth

Some individuals get braces at a very young age and the wisdom teeth may have no impact on the teeth’s alignment during that time. As a person grows older, it is inevitable that the wisdom teeth erupt to the surface causing crooked havoc to your once perfectly aligned teeth. One way to keep your teeth in orderly fashion is to get braces again to avoid the teeth from shifting any further.

Orthodontic relapse 

Orthodontic relapse happens when the teeth begin to shift back to their original placements after completing a round of braces treatment. This is expected to happen when you do not religiously wear your retainers as instructed by your braces provider.

While you are finally free from wearing the metal wires and brackets 24/7 after the braces have been removed from your teeth, you still have to put in some extra work to keep your pearly whites aligned. This is done by using retainers. Think of retainers as a protective barrier that keeps each tooth from getting booted out of their new positions.

There are also instances when, despite wearing retainers, some teeth are too stubborn than others and rebelliously move out of line, causing the relapse.

If you have noticed that your teeth are shifting, consult with your braces provider to get intervention as soon as possible.

What happens during another round braces treatment? 

The process of getting another round of braces treatment is usually the same as what you have experienced during your initial treatment, unless there are specific conditions or diseases affecting your teeth and gums that need to be done prior.

How long you need to wear your braces may vary depending on the condition of your teeth. You may need to keep your braces on for one to three years.

Are retainers still needed after another round of braces treatment? 

Yes, retainers will be your best friend if you want to keep your teeth straight after wearing braces again.

Are metal braces the only option for another round of braces treatment?

Good news! There are now more options to choose from for your next round of braces treatment. Here are some types of braces available in Singapore aside from metal or traditional ones:

  • Ceramic Braces – This type of braces is akin to the traditional braces. The only difference is that they are made of ceramic materials that can easily camouflage with the teeth’s natural colour, making them less noticeable.
  • Lingual Braces – This type of braces is also akin to the traditional braces. However, they are attached to the inside or back of the teeth, which makes them completely hidden from sight.
  • Self Ligating Braces – This type of braces is easy to clean and have less friction as the metal brackets of the appliance use clips instead of elastic band to keep them in place.

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