New Global Study Shows That Most Workers Enjoy Their Work

GlobeNew Global Study Shows That Most Workers Enjoy Their...


People’s life revolve around their jobs. According to some estimates, the typical individual will spend close to one-third of their lifetime doing it. But do they take pleasure in the task they undertake each day?

According to a worldwide wellbeing research done in 2021 in collaboration with the Wellbeing for Planet Earth Foundation, the majority of employees globally agree that the answer is “yes.”

The World Over, Work Enjoyment Is High

People’s enjoyment of their job is influenced by a variety of factors, including the tasks they do, the connections they build, and the significance they attach to it.

In addition, work enjoyment evaluates something distinct from more conventional metrics like employee engagement and job satisfaction. Though they are all connected, enjoyment refers particularly to how someone feels while at work, satisfaction to how pleased they are, and engagement to how involved and excited they are with their place of employment. Overall, this measurement advances our knowledge of workers’ welfare and attitudes toward the workplace.

According to the poll, more than 80% of people who work full- or part-time, for an employer or for themselves, globally, say they love their jobs on average. In no nation did this proportion fall below 50%. Additionally, at least 90% of workers in 34 nations may respond positively to this question.

Inequalities are shown in the Gulf between the Highest and Lowest Countries.
At least 94% of individuals worldwide report feeling this way about their occupations, and several of those nations also have some of the top ratings on Gallup’s Positive Experiences Index. El Salvador, for instance, is among the top five nations with the most pleasant everyday experiences, with 97% of workers claiming to appreciate their jobs.

At least one in three workers in the nations that are towards the bottom of the worldwide ranking claim to like their jobs, despite the fact that at least half of them do. The two nations with the highest scores on Gallup’s 2021 Negative Experience Index, Lebanon (53%), and Afghanistan (56%) also reported the lowest levels of work pleasure, with almost one in two employees disliking their jobs.

There may be a connection between daily emotional experiences, including enjoyment, and enjoyment at work given the parallels between high job enjoyment and good experiences and lower work enjoyment and unpleasant experiences. This shows that there are cultural variations across countries that affect whether or not a person appreciates their job and has pleasant experiences in their daily life.

Employers who value their employees’ lives more

According on how they rank their present and future lives on a ladder scale with steps numbered from 0 to 10, based on the Cantril Self-Anchoring Striving Scale, Gallup categorizes people as “thriving,” “struggling,” or “suffering.” Sufferers are those who give both their current and future life a 4 or below. Those who give both their current life and their future life a rating of seven or above are considered to be flourishing.

According to the survey’s findings, those who like their jobs are more likely to be flourishing in their personal lives globally. While 37% of employees assess their lives positively enough to be deemed flourishing, just 21% of employees who do not love their jobs do the same, a 16 percentage point difference.

Contrarily, employees who do not love their jobs are twice as likely to be in pain (17%) as employees who do (8%). This discrepancy demonstrates how crucial it is for people to take pleasure in their profession.

This study strengthens the body of studies demonstrating the significance of employment in a person’s opinion of their life. The idea of wellbeing has many facets, and there is a complicated link between life happiness and how much one enjoys their employment.

Even while work satisfaction is simply one aspect of living well, research has long shown that it has positive effects on wellbeing. Given how much time individuals spend at work, if they lose interest and enthusiasm in it, employment may easily turn into a drain on their entire life. On the other hand, when someone is enthusiastic about their job, feels respected, and makes friends, these good emotions may influence their attitude on life in general.


Work pleasure is a way for businesses, governments, and other stakeholders to gauge how happy employees are with their jobs. This statistic adds to the body of knowledge already available on indicators like work happiness and employee engagement, which are closely related to increased output and improved financial results.

Designing better workplaces can be influenced by a deeper knowledge of the connection between life happiness and how much fun work is. The workers who reported enjoying their jobs were likewise more likely to be flourishing and less likely to be struggling or suffering, as seen by the pleasure statistics. This strengthens the corpus of studies showing that having a fulfilling career is the cornerstone of living well and may enhance all facets of wellbeing.

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