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Nearly 50% Of Britons Believe Harry And Meghan Should Lose Their Royal Titles In Light Of Netflix Documentary

In response to their Netflix documentary, a survey for The Mail on Sunday found that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should lose their titles and Harry should be removed from the succession.
Only 19% of respondents disagreed with the survey’s finding that they should lose their titles, compared to 44% who agreed.

Harry should not be included in the succession, according to a comparable percentage, 42%, while 23% disagree.

28 percent of people believe they should not be permitted to attend King Charles III’s coronation, while 31 percent disagree.
The survey conducted by findoutnow demonstrates the stark differences in opinions across various age groups.

Only 16% of those between the ages of 25 and 34 agree that the Sussexes should relinquish their titles, compared to 51% of people over the age of 65.

Twenty-six percent of respondents who saw the TV show felt less sympathetic toward Harry and Meghan, compared to four out of ten who thought it increased their sympathies.

A different Deltapoll survey refutes the couple’s claim that they have received unjust treatment from the media.
Overall, 51% of respondents believe they have been treated fairly, while 31% believe they have been handled unfairly.
In that poll, it was also discovered that nearly half of respondents (49%) believe the monarchy is beneficial for Britain, and that nearly two thirds (65%) think it should continue to be so. Additionally, more than half (55%) think the monarchy will still exist in 50 years.

More than two million people in the UK watched the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s television series, according to Chris Holbrook, the creator of findoutnow. Therefore, it is a ratings success for Netflix.

Whether it has altered public opinions of the marriage or the Royal Family is less certain. If anything, each side is solidifying its position. If you already preferred Harry and Meghan to the Royal Family, your preference has only grown somewhat. This series strengthens your preference for the traditional Royal Family if you already have it.

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