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Marvel’s Best Movies to Watch in 2024

In 2008, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) transfigured the landscape of the cinema.

Iron Man was the first-ever movie from, now, world-renowned Marvel Studios. Though it wasn’t a Box Office topper at the time, it was a statement from the declared studio.

MCU has produced one of the most jaw-dropping movies that take us to the edge of our seats. From Iron Man to this day in 2024, Marvel hasn’t just been producing movies but very much more than that: one-shot specials, animated shows for children, and Disney+ series among others.

Having said that, I, as a Marvel fan been watching these shows and movies to rate for you. There is a total of 33 movies, the list is big and some of the movies are just straight terrible. I am on a mission to save you from wasting your time so, join me today for the best movies by Marvel that you can high-res stream on Xtream TV Channel List like the good old days of cable TV.

Is Iron Man the best movie by Marvel or does Spider-Man: No Way Home take the crown? Without further waiting, let’s find out exactly that.

Just a short note, I have arranged these movies from better to the best.

Avengers: Infinity War

Released in 2018, it’s one of the better movies from the Marvel studios.

The story? We have all been wondering about the aliens and potential threats that they can pose to humanity. The curiosity peaks and then lowers a bit when the Infinity War from The Avengers was released.

Multiple superheroes from the Earth take on the army of aliens piloted by the big guy Thanos, who gives the hardest time to the heroes in the film series.

The best thing that Marvel fans adored about the movie was how precise the story was to collect the fantastic threads (heroes) from different movies and weave them together.

Avengers: Infinity War is a fine choice for a superhero movie but certainly not better than the original The Avengers.

The Avengers

Released in 2012, directed by Joss Whedon. Oh man! What a great job Joss did that earned the movie a whopping $1.5 billion at the Box office.

It was an intricate task to pick up the saviors of the earth and add them to the same movie. Anyhow, the job was finely done. In the UK, it was released with the name Avengers Assemble.

The Avengers served as the base for some of the marvelous upcoming movies like the aforementioned one. It was the first time Marvel fans got to cherish their favorite protagonists in a single movie. Do you love Iron Man? It’s there. I love Hulk, it’s there. It was one hell of a fun movie.

The movie depicts The Battle of New York (aka The Battle of Manhattan), where… I am gonna stop right here, no spoilers for you. You can watch who they (The Avengers) fight in an attempt to tyrannize the earth.

Iron Man

The first of many, Iron Man was released sixteen years ago in 2008 giving birth to the first ever Marvel superhero in the cinema.

I love this movie for providing us with a wonderfully renovated landscape of cinema. Before Iron Man, the stories of the movies used to be rather slow-paced with more than three hours of duration but Iron Man altered this approach and was loved for it.

The movie was packed with tons of action and thrill with just two hours of mark. The movie brought Robert Downey Jr. back to the cinema and the return was superb.

The story follows a man named Tony Stark who is haughty and stubborn at the same time. He gets kidnapped and then breaks free from them to build a metal suit that will later base the name, Iron Man.

I didn’t rate it higher than the next one because it lacks the advanced VFX and is a comparatively weaker story. Don’t get me wrong the story is great and so is the competition with the next.

Spider-Man: No Way Home

The most recent release of the film series hit the cinemas in 2021 with massive hype and expectations from the movie. But did it live up to the hype?

Let me just quote the numbers for you: a big, no, a hulking $1.9 billion money movie made at the Box Office. Numbers are one thing and the story is another. The movie took the already enormous cinema to a new highlight. The movie was certainly a massive hit and lived up to the hype. Great job, Tom (Spider-Man) and Jon Watts as the director of the movie.

Little on the story: how important the mask is to Spider-Man? Very much! Like a lot! In the movie, Spider-Man’s identity is revealed and he tries the aid of Dr. Strange to let the world forget about his identity as Peter Parker. Meanwhile, the older Spider-Mans comes on to the rescue of the little fella.

The movie in our books is the best one by Marvel Studios and we are anticipating more of such great pieces by them.

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