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SportsMartial Arts Road Trip: XMartial - Dojo Road Show...

The Dojo Roadshow launched late 2023, and hit the ground running, immediately dropping into the belly of the beast, 10th Planet HQ in downtown LA. This is the heart of no-gi grappling, and the kingdom of none other than Eddie Bravo. The gym was hosting the qualifier for the PGF, the Professional Grappling Federation, Brandon McCaghrens sub only jiu jitsu tournament that would shake up the scene in a very big way.

Yosef Mogh started Xmartial for moments like this, sitting on the iconic mats of 10p HQ, watching the action unfold as a bunch of hungry competitors battled it out for a spot in the PGF. Xmartial would be sponsoring the event later that year in Decatur, Alabama, and based on the quality of the grappling that was going down in this qualifier, it was clearly going to be one hell of an event. Xmartial was just three years old at this point, and the fact that they were now mixing it up with the jiu jitsu elite was testament to the hard work Yousuf had put in over the years.

The Dojo Roadshow idea was born during the10 day stint living in a rented RV in California. Those days were a massive success, and it was decided that they would purchase an RV and go full tour mode, pedal to the metal and embark on a 6 month road trip in the States. The team headed to Florida, the RV capital of the world, and picked up an Itasca Winnebago. The RV was swiftly plastered with graffiti, courtesy of Fedor Nikolov, one of the top names in jiu jitsu.


The tour had officially begun, and the Xmartial team went from Orlando, all the way to Decatur Alabama for the PGF season 5, and witnessed what an amazing spectacle the event was. From Decatur they passed through New Orleans before settling in Austin for some time. Among the gym visits was Renzo Gracie academy, to take a class with the legend, John Danaher. The team also pitched up at 10th Planet Austin for open mats, as well as some events that were held there, including the Eclipse, Eddie Bravo’s quintet tournament that featured 4 10p squads. Xmartial was asked by Eddie to sponsor his team and they happily obliged.


From Austin they ended up on the road again, this time to Las Vegas, and the mammoth 20 hour drive nearly cost them the RV’s roof, as strong winds hammered them on the long drive. In Vegas the team attended the qualifier for the PGF season 6, which would be taking place in Vegas. There was also the UFC fight pass invitational, featuring Craig Jones and Nicky Rod, both picking up the win. Then was the ADCC West Coast trials, three days of chaos as competitors went flying into tables and hurled each other off the mats in typical ADCC style.

After a stint back in Mexico for a much needed break from the road, the team returned to Vegas for the PGF, season 6, which had captivated the imagination of the entire jii jitsu world. The event was a private, invite only, intimate setting, and the stars were out in force. Ali Abdulaziz, Russel Peters, Paolo Costa, Eddie Bravo, Roger Gracie, Zoltan Bathory were some of the celebrities in attendance.

Xmartial had decided to sponsor a team for season 6, and they went up against 1st Form, Black Riffle Coffee and Epic Roll, who were the other three teams battling it out for the $100,00 grand prize. Team Xmartial went on to emphatically win the title, with some stunning performances from Elijah Carlton, David Asare, Nathan Haddad and the rest of the team.

It was a perfect way to wrap up a tour that had begun 6 months prior in 10th Planet HQ, at the qualifier for the fifth season of the PGF, to winning big in Vegas for season 6. It had been a rollercoaster half year, with dozens of gyms visited, competitions attended, and new athletes sponsored along the way. Check out the team’s journey on their hit series, on Youtube, and their Instagram page

So, keep an eye out for the  @TheDojoRoadShowbyXMartial on YouTube, rolling into a city near you! This isn’t just about showcasing products; it’s about celebrating the BJJ community and the shared passion for the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Oss! #1%BetterEveryday #DojoRoadshow

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