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Less Wealthy Students Earn 20% Less Than Those Who Attended Private Schools [Survey]

According to statistics, adults who attended private schools earn a fifth more than those who grew up in poverty.
According to official data, having a disadvantaged upbringing still causes people to earn less money, even if they catch up in all other areas.

Researchers from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) compared the wages of individuals who attended private schools with those who got free school meals (FSM), the official indicator of poverty, using data from 38 million people.

State school students from households earning £7,500 or less are eligible for FSM.
At age 30, the average income for the FSM group was £18,847, but it was £40,317 for the private school group.

The FSM group would earn 20% less on average even with the same level of qualification, educational attainment, work experience, ethnicity, and area.

The ONS stated that the fact that two employees with equivalent qualifications are paid differently may be evidence of “direct discrimination” in the workplace.

Nevertheless, it went on to say that “Differences we cannot assess here may include an individual’s soft skills, such as confidence or networking, and their awareness of the job market.”
It also admitted that “occupation and industry,” which were left out owing to a lack of data, may be responsible for the “unexplained disparity.” It is common knowledge that those with private education tend to hold most well-paying positions.

“Having grown up on a council housing estate myself, I don’t think [differences] are due to discrimination,” said Alan Smithers of Buckingham University.

“A job is more than just credentials; success depends on your confidence, demeanor, and overall contribution.”

Personal attributes like these can be formed more easily in cozy, safe homes where the parents also have the connections to make things easier for you.

Chris McGovern, a former Department of Education official, claimed that employers view privately educated workers as possessing “social and non-academic qualities” that other workers lack.
He continued, “This is terrible and a huge waste of the skill and potential of the country.”

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