How to View Private TikTok Accounts

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Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has garnered huge popularity among Gen Z. People aged 18 to 24 make up the largest share of TikTok users. This exciting app contains an assortment of cool features such as live video streaming, voiceovers, filters and stitch. However, studies show that unsupervised exposure to TikTok can harm children’s mental health and push them towards depression.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to see TikTok private account videos without following the person.

What Is a Private TikTok Account?

TikTok users can either set their accounts to public or private. Basically, a public TikTok account allows anyone to follow you, view your list of followers, watch your videos and review your bio information.

Impressively, you can tweak your privacy settings to prevent certain individuals from following you or seeing your live videos. Upon changing your account to private, you’ll have full control over who watches your videos, reads your bio, sends you DMs and comments on your posts.

By changing your video settings, you can choose the particular audience that can view your posts. TikTok has a plethora of privacy settings that offer users a decent level of autonomy.

Helpful Methods for Viewing Private TikTok Accounts

There are several techniques you can use to view private TikToks secretly. The most obvious solution involves grabbing your child’s device and reviewing their TikTok account when they’re distracted.

Unfortunately, you need to know the phone’s unlock passcode before proceeding. There’s also the risk of getting caught red-handed.

How to look at private TikTok accounts with ease?

1.   Use a Third-Party App

The most effective way to check your loved one’s TikTok account is by using a reputable tracking app such as mSpy. Such solutions are equipped with a variety of helpful features such as GPS location tracking, social media monitoring and screen recording, making them a must-have for every parent.

mSpy is a powerful app that allows users to monitor other people’s TikTok accounts without raising their suspicion. This private TikTok viewer provides a birds-eye view of your target user’s account, helping you to check their posts, live videos and shared content.

Thankfully, this app allows users to notice signs of child grooming and cyberbullying, helping them to nip potentially dangerous situations in the bud. mSpy is remarkably easy to install using these steps:

  • Visit mspy.com and create a free account.
  • Select your preferred subscription plan and complete the payment.
  • Follow the instructions sent via email to install spy software on the target device.
  • Start monitoring their private TikTok account viewer from your phone.

2.   Create a Fake Account and Use It to Follow the Person

Another cheeky way to view private TikToks involves creating a pseudo account and sending your target user a follow request. If they accept the request, then you’ll have access to all their private content on TikTok.

This method is ideal if you want to keep your identity a secret. When making a fake account, ensure you utilize the names and pictures of someone your child knows. This way, they won’t suspect that you’re trying to spy on them using a bogus account.

Sadly, there’s no guarantee that your follow request will be accepted. The individual could even decide to block you completely and report the account to TikTok.

3.   Create a Fanclub Account

If you’re interested in seeing someone’s posts and live videos on TikTok, try following their Fanclub accounts. Thousands of loyal admirers create Fanclub accounts on TikTok to keep tabs on their favorite celebrities, politicians and sports figures.

These accounts usually repost photos and videos that are shared by the celebrity in question. This way, you’re always kept in the loop whenever content is shared by your specific Fanclub.

This solution only works if your target user has a significantly large fanbase. If he/she isn’t famous, then your efforts to view their private TikTok videos might prove futile.

4.   Check if They Have Profiles in Other Social Media

Learning how to see private TikToks inconspicuously can certainly come in handy if you’re trying to safeguard your loved ones from child molesters and cyberbullies. You can follow their profiles on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and other networking sites.

If your target user has an active social media presence, it’s highly likely that they post similar content across the board. As such, viewing their posts on Insta or Facebook will give you a clear picture about the type of content they could be sharing on TikTok.

If their posts are violent, sexual or derogatory in nature, then it might help to train them on how to use the internet responsibly.


Parents are blessed with the noble task of protecting their kids from harm. This includes monitoring their TikTok activity to ensure they are not posting inappropriate content or chatting with strangers. After conducting numerous tests, we’re convinced that mSpy is the best private TikTok account viewer in the market today.

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