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How to Declutter Your House – A Brief Guide

There are several reasons why you might want to downsize your living space. You might want to simplify your life or declutter your house to get rid of unnecessary things. Decluttering your house is a big project that might feel overwhelming, but you can make it easier by focusing on target areas that have loads of clutter. 

Decluttering Tips – the Basics

When it comes to decluttering your house, you will want to declutter your house using containers. You can define containers for different purposes:

Fixing/ Mending: In this container, you will want to place the items that need to be fixed. You can retrieve these items later – once you have decluttered everything. 

Putting Away: The items that have left their designated storage space are kept in this container.

Recycling: Place the items that need to be recycled in this container. 

Donating: When decluttering, you will find items that you can donate, as they are in good condition. 

Trash: For the items that are damaged or no longer for your use, place them in this container. 

Rules for Decluttering Your Living Space

There are several rules that you will want to follow when decluttering your space. For instance, once you have decluttered a living space, you will want to clean the area. If you detect any pests, such as spiders and roaches, you will want to opt for Power Pest Control so that you can get professional help to get rid of all pests. 

Here are some rules that you will want to follow when decluttering your living space:

20/20 Rule

For effective and efficient decluttering, you will want to follow the 20/20 rule, which is about getting rid of all items that you can replace within twenty minutes for twenty dollars. 

Speaking of this rule, you will also want to know that you only use 20% of your belongings. If you cannot get rid of the remaining belongings that you don’t actually use, you have the option of effectively storing the things away. This way, you can always retrieve the thing later – if you ever need them. 

5 Second Rule

When sorting your items, you will want to follow the five-second rule. Only allow yourself five seconds to fish the memory lane and remember when was the last time you used the item. If you cannot remember when you used the item within five seconds, you need to get rid of it instantly.

Set a Timeline 

Decluttering your house can be overwhelming, which is why you will want to set a timeline. If you are decluttering your house, you will want to create a 30-day timeline. This way, you can prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed. However, it is important to mention here that you must keep realistic goals. 

You will also want to clean the space before starting the decluttering project. This way, you won’t be wasting time but stay organized with the decluttering project. 

The Takeaway

Decluttering your living space has several benefits. For instance, you can enjoy better sleep and have more space to organize your things. If you work from home, you will experience a boost in mental clarity and productivity after decluttering your house. 

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