How to Choose the Right Continuing Education Electrical Contractors

TechnologyHow to Choose the Right Continuing Education Electrical Contractors

As an electrical contractor in Florida, keeping your license up to date through continuing education (CE) is vital for your career. However, with the variety of options available, choosing the right CE program can seem overwhelming. This article will provide guidance on selecting the best continuing education electrical contractors provider and courses to ensure you fulfill your requirements efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

Determine Your Requirements

Before choosing a provider, verify the specific CE requirements for your license type with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR). Certified and registered electrical contractors need 11 hours of CE, while alarm and specialty contractors require 7 hours. Additionally, contractors working in Miami-Dade County must obtain an additional 2 CE hours approved by the county. Ensuring your provider offers courses that meet all applicable requirements is crucial.

Select an Approved Provider

Only CE courses and providers approved by the DBPR are acceptable for license renewal. Look for a provider with a long history of DBPR approvals, such as RocketCert, which has provided online continuing education since 2011. Their course numbers and approval letter from DBPR are clearly listed on their website at rocketcert.com for transparency. Reputable, established providers have experience navigating Florida’s regulations to maintain compliance.

Consider Course Format and Convenience

With a busy schedule, the ability to complete CE on your own time and from any location is highly valuable. RocketCert courses are online, allowing access from desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones 24/7. Their narrated videos can be watched in small increments, unlike day-long classroom sessions. This flexible, self-paced format fits neatly into your workday without taking time away from clients or jobsites.

Analyze Pricing and Cost Savings

High-quality CE shouldn’t break the bank. RocketCert provides very reasonably priced bundled course packages, such as an 11-hour CE package for only $79. This is hundreds less than live seminar fees. They also include bonuses like lifetime access for future review and a certificate within 24 hours of completion. Best of all, if you find a competitor with a better price, they will match it and beat it by 10%. Their prices are unbeatable for maximum savings on license renewal.


Receive Expert Content and Support

Given the swiftly changing codes and regulations in the industry, relying on dated or poorly written materials can leave gaps in knowledge. RocketCert courseware is developed by expert instructors and routinely updated to stay ahead of changes. Their customer support is also highly rated, with representatives readily available by phone or email to answer any licensing or technical questions. Qualified experts overseeing your CE experience provides confidence and peace of mind.

Focus on Relevant Topics

With so many CE options on every possible topic, zoning in on what’s directly useful for your day-to-day operations is key. RocketCert courses focus solely on the most critical subjects like worker safety, Florida laws/rules, false alarm prevention, and the National Electrical Code. This streamlined approach maximizes learning in the minimal time required. Other peripheral topics won’t apply as directly to your work as an electrical contractor.


In summary, selecting the right continuing education electrical contractors provider is crucial for maintaining your electrical contractor license in Florida. By focusing on accredited providers like RocketCert, considering course format and convenience, analyzing pricing, ensuring expert content, and focusing on relevant topics, you can efficiently fulfill your requirements and stay updated with industry standards. Choose wisely to enhance your professional growth.

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