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How do I sell my technology company?

Over the past few years, there have been many lucrative mergers and acquisitions around the world. This is especially true for technology deals. Companies can do this kind of work on their own. However, only working with reliable intermediaries will help to properly analyze companies for takeover. Also, such companies will quickly point out possible risks or offer a more favorable option that the investor did not immediately see.

The importance of choosing reliable intermediaries

Therefore, it is more advantageous for companies to cooperate with reliable and experienced tech M&A advisors among which are representatives of ValleyBiggs. Unfortunately, not all investors understand such benefits and it is best to understand them in detail.

The importance of choosing reliable intermediaries

When the owners of a tech company start preparing a tech company for sale, they must decide in advance whether they will involve intermediaries in the transaction. Some people doubt the expediency of such an approach. They argue that there are additional expenses for hiring intermediaries.

However, if you evaluate the amount of work that intermediaries do, you cannot do without their help in building exit strategies for tech entrepreneurs for a profitable deal. These intermediaries will help to:

  • analyze the market;
  • assess all the risks of mergers and acquisitions;
  • find the most suitable variant of the enterprise for merger and acquisition;
  • point out the benefits of the deal;
  • ensure an optimal hierarchy of employees;
  • provide legal advice on all processes.

As you can see, a reliable intermediary will help resolve quite a few issues. All that remains is to understand what actions an investor needs to take when searching for intermediaries and how the transaction procedure itself proceeds.

Tips for Selling Your Own Tech Business

Tips for Selling Your Own Tech Business

To sell your own tech business, there are many important steps to take. Experienced brokers believe that a company needs to do

Analyze the company;

  • study the financial documentation;
  • understand its real value;
  • sell the company while it is still at its peak;
  • work with the best brokers.

Valuing a tech startup for M&A is extremely important for the owners of this business. With its help, you can assess the prospects in the market. Therefore, the company should analyze its client portfolio, reporting, the need for additional investments, etc.

After that, it is worth studying profit and loss statements, current projects, intellectual value, and prospects for further growth. All this will help to form the real value of the startup. If this is not done, the probability of selling the company will be low or the investor will sell good assets for a low amount.

It is also important to sell a profitable company. New investors are rarely willing to put their money into unprofitable businesses. This is only possible if they are sold for next to nothing and a dramatic increase in revenue can be achieved with an infusion of funds.

A reliable broker can help in all processes. This mediator will be able to understand what the parties want and only negotiating term sheets for tech acquisitions will remain. In this case, if both parties are interested in the deal, they will come to a common consensus.

Where to find reliable advisors for M&A deals

Where to find reliable advisors for M&A deals

If we analyze common challenges in selling a tech company, we can see that it is more beneficial for companies to cooperate with brokers than to try to organize such a deal on their own. Mergers and acquisitions are more complex than standard acquisitions. Therefore, in this case, you need a lawyer with economic skills and a good team of analysts.

Of course, you can hire such people in your company. But for companies in this sector, it is an unnecessary and unjustified expense. Therefore, it is better to cooperate with reliable brokers, among which Valley Biggs stands out. This is a team of real professionals who can quickly and in a short time carry out the necessary analysis of the company and provide professional advice.

The company has already had many successful mergers and acquisitions. It has an impeccable reputation on the market and many satisfied clients. If you need a reliable partner, it is best to turn to our staff. For our part, we will quickly do all the necessary analytics and provide our clients with the best offer for a takeover or merger.

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