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How can you apply for a work permit through Turkish Immigration lawyer?

Turkey, with its deep cultural inheritance, robust economy, and perfect location, is a magnet for people around the world in terms of careers. On the other hand, being legal in Turkey requires the acquisition of a work permit with the help of the immigration process. In this complete guide, we will examine the procedures and criteria for getting a working permit in Turkey through immigration lawyer in Turkey.

Work Permits in Turkey:

A working visa to Turkey is a paper document provided by the Turkish Ministry of Labor and Social Security, and it legally allows non-Turkish people to work within the country’s borders. These emission permits are mostly issued to a business for the organization’s workforce, and they are of various types depending on the nature and duration of employment.

Types of Work Permits:

Short-Term Work Permit:

The applicant is admitted for a maximum of one year, which may be extended to a maximum duration of three years upon renewal.

Permanent Work Permit:

In some instances, they are lifelong and might be linked to long-term job contracts.

Independent Work Permit:

This is for people who want to start a business or work as freelancers.

Turquoise Card:

This permit is an exceptional kind of work permit for highly made and professional people; it offers different privileges to these people in the same way as citizens of the Turkish Republic.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be a work permit holder in Turkey, people have to ascertain that they are eligible for that application according to the established standards of the Turkish government. These criteria may include:

  • Consuming a valid passport, enabling a validity period of at least six months.
  • Getting a job offer from a Turkish employer or a document on one’s own business being registered.
  • Showcasing the education and working experience accumulated in the related job.
  • Meeting all the demands peculiar to the given permit category is another requirement.

Application Process:

Job Offer: 

The first step is either getting a job offer from a Turkish employer or starting a business for oneself in Turkey. The swiftness of the entire process depends on the employer, who is supposed to initiate the work permit application on behalf of the prospective employee, which may accentuate or slow down the process as a whole.

Employer’s Application:

While the work permit offer is in place, the employer submits the application online to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security website.

Document Submission:

In addition to the application, many documents, such as passports, educational certificates, and documents on the applicant’s job experience, must also be submitted.

Evaluation and Approval:

The Ministry examines the application and its documents to decide on the applicant’s eligibility and the possibility of the job position fitting. If a request is submitted and accepted, the respective work permit is issued.

Residence Permit:

When the work permit is issued, the applicant must apply for the residence permit within thirty days from the nearest Provincial Directorate of Migration Management office.

Key Documents Required:

  • Valid international passport with a validity period of at least a year.
  • Employment offer letter or job contract.
  • Educational certificates and diplomas.
  • The curriculum vitae (CV) covers organizational work experience.
  • Health insurance, including health services, is provided for the whole stay in Turkey.

Additional Considerations:

Language Proficiency: 

As a matter of the nature of the job, whether it’s in Turkish or English word, you need to be proficient in at least one of those languages.

Medical Examination:

Besides, the medical examination should be done to certify the health of some applicants.

Legal Assistance:

If you seek professional legal advice or service, the process can flow, and you will meet the rules of Turkish immigration law.

Renewal and Extension:

Turkey’s work permits are usually granted for a certain period of time, but after that, they can be renewed for a more extended period if the applicants are still on the job and follow the rules. Companies are to lodge applications for renewal of the existing permit earlier than the expiration date to prevent the job stability eclipse.

The degree of simplicity in filling out the application form for a Turkish work visa may differ depending on the nationality, professional knowledge, job sector, and employer’s observance of the application procedure. Suppose proposed applicants are competent to submit their applications. In that case, documents are in good condition, and the employer applies for work permits promptly; the process could be executed initially without too many problems.

Nevertheless, the task may be tricky for sparing applicants, like those who have to work with inconsistent documents, face language barriers, or are not familiar with the procedures. Besides that, certain professions or industries can impose different limitations or quotas, which can influence the procedure of getting a work permit.

Getting advice from competent immigartion lawyers in Istanbul who know Turkish regulations, together with the aid of immigration consultants, will help in the systematic application and prevention of possible hindrances. The lens through which to view this is that despite the fact that getting a work visa for Turkey will not be hasty or easy, the right preparation and following guidelines can result in a winning outcome.


A visa to work in Turkey via immigration is yet another step for foreigners hoping to get a job in the country. By knowing the necessities, completing the application steps, and keeping up with the regulations, people can be sure of the start of the professional road in Turkey.

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