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Harnessing Artificial Intelligence in the Retail Industry: Opportunities and Challenges


Artificial intelligence (AI) technology that people have today is increasingly being used in the retail industry to enhance writing in business organizations. As tutoring and writing centers continue to gain popularity, many companies offer programs to improve the writing skills of students and help them to complete assignments. AI is adopted in these institutions to enhance the learning process. While tutoring and writing centers have been using AI tools to enhance the learning of writing skills, retail companies are now using this technology for business writing, contributing to business success, but it causes concerns about privacy, biasness, and appropriateness.

Improving Writing Skills in Tutoring and Writing Centers

AI applications are used in tutoring and writing centers to ensure that high-quality content is written. These tools are used to check syntax, spelling, and grammar mistakes and assess or rate the quality of work. Students can consider this technology to improve their writing and language skills, while tutors use it to grade the work submitted by students and provide feedback. Thus, it can help to improve writing skills among students. 

Getting Templates and Examples

Tutors and students use AI to get templates and examples of different types of writing. People improve their writing skills by checking templates and examples of various writing styles and formats. Moreover, they can apply this knowledge in their career. In turn, AI is used by students to do research and prepare study guides and summaries of lectures. The tool makes it easier to do these tasks, helping to improve people’s language and writing skills. On the other hand, writing services, like Wr1ter, do not use any AI system to generate content since their writers do papers on their own.

Facilitating Tutoring

Professionals in writing and tutoring centers use AI to facilitate teaching. They use these tools to schedule tutoring sessions, plan lessons, edit students’ works, and prepare their progress reports. These tasks are done effectively to enhance the teaching process. Therefore, the technology is important to tutoring and writing centers and can be equally helpful to retail organizations.

Content Curation and Writing in the Retail Industry

AI presents several opportunities in the retail industry and can help to accomplish various tasks. Multinational retail organizations, such as Walmart Inc., use AI tools to perform content curation and generate personalized content that can be sent to many people. The tools analyze large amounts of data and write appealing content. AI technology is also used to write content for social media platforms, including articles and advertisements. These tools can perform sentiment analysis and evaluate recent trends and conversations on these platforms to write timely content that is appealing. This technology is useful to many retail companies, like Walmart Inc.

Writing Effective Advertisements

AI tools are used in the retail industry to write effective advertisements. This technology performs programmatic advertising by analyzing information about individual users and then generating appealing content to market products. The advertisement is developed for the targeted audience who may be interested in buying specific products at a particular time. Using AI tools helps to write content that can lead to successful marketing campaigns. 

Creating Business Writings

AI technologies present an opportunity to improve how catalogs, memos, and other business writings are created. AI tools are used to analyze the data on the products available and develop a catalog with images to show all items that will be appealing. Besides, emails, memos, and personal letters can be written using AI tools. This technology can help to write the content or check grammatical and spelling errors. Therefore, using AI tools will present an opportunity to improve business writing at any company and enhance growth.

Challenges in Bias

Harnessing AI in the retail industry may lead to discrimination against certain groups of people. AI applications may be developed using the biased information, or these tools may cause partiality based on the data they collect and learn from. This problem leads to discrimination based on demographic factors, such as gender and race. For example, AI tools may use inappropriate language or set higher prices for certain groups of people. Such actions can ruin an organization’s brand reputation. Managers should ensure that AI algorithms are monitored to avoid bias.


Concerns about the privacy of customers may cause retail businesses to face challenges in adopting AI technologies. AI tools collect important consumer data, including credit card information. The security of this information is a major issue. Even more, concerns about privacy are higher for consumers who buy sensitive products, such as birth control pills. They show more concerns if AI tools are used to collect and analyze this data. Therefore, privacy should be ensured when adopting AI technologies.

Inappropriate Content

AI tools may develop inappropriate content due to their inaccuracies when analyzing conversations, sentiments, or other information. These tools are not 100% accurate and can unsuitable or untimely messages. Consequently, the content created, including advertisements and product recommendations, may be inappropriate for the audience who views it. Thus, proper evaluation and monitoring should be done.


While tutoring and writing centers have been using AI to teach writing skills, retail companies are now using AI tools to enhance their writing, which presents an opportunity for growth, but it may lead to some ethical concerns. While AI has proven useful to tutoring and writing centers, some retailers, like Walmart Inc., are now using this technology to write effective advertisements, create business writings, and create content. However, using AI may lead to ethical concerns about privacy, biasness, and appropriateness. 

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