Guide to Paternity Tests: Prenatal Paternity Testing and Photo DNA Analysis

HealthGuide to Paternity Tests: Prenatal Paternity Testing and Photo...

Modern technology has made paternity testing easier and more accurate than ever before. This is great news for the numerous families who rely on this service. If you want to make the right decision, it’s helpful to know what alternatives are available. Whether it is a prenatal paternity test or the new Photo DNA test app, you can get the most accurate results. In this article, you will get complete information regarding different types of paternity tests. We will also discuss the drawbacks as well as the benefits of paternity testing. So, let’s explore the guide to paternity testing. 

Paternity testing or genetic testing can establish paternity or the relationship between a child and his biological father. These tests are quite precise, frequently achieving a confidence level of 99.99% when executed successfully. It is possible to do a paternity test either before or after the baby is born.

Types of Paternity Tests

  • Postnatal Paternity Testing:

This is a common type of paternity test that can be carried out after the birth of a child. The DNA samples of the potential father and the child are undergone during the testing procedures. Most significantly the cheek swabs or saliva samples can be collected for this process.

  • Prenatal Paternity Testing:

Prenatal paternity test is done before the birth of a child. In this test, the blood samples of the fetus are collected from the mother’s bloodstream and the cheek swab samples from the potential father are gathered. The prenatal paternity test is further classified on the basis of invasive and non-invasive methods.

  • Photo DNA Test App:

Utilizing face recognition technology, this innovative approach examines images of the child and the potential father. This is done in order to determine the genetic characteristics that are shared by both parties.

Key Insights About Prenatal Paternity Testing

Those expecting parents who are interested in determining paternity before the baby is born have the option of prenatal paternity testing. There are two primary approaches that are used for this kind of testing such as:

  • Invasive Methods:

The invasive methods may include Amniocentesis and Chronic Villus Sampling (CVS). These require samples either from the amniotic sac of the fetus or from the placenta in the uterus. The results of such tests are considered highly accurate as the samples are collected directly from the fetus. However, these methods could be dangerous and may cause a risk of miscarriage.

  • Non-Invasive Methods:

Fetal DNA found in the mother’s circulation may be examined by this innovative technique. It may be done as early as the seventh week of pregnancy and is risk-free, accurate, and safe. The process of confirming paternity involves collecting blood from the mother and a cheek swab from the potential father. The DNA samples are then compared to reveal the results.

Rise of Photo DNA Test App

The photo DNA test app is a new way to find out who the father is, due to technological advancements. Even while it is not as conclusive as the conventional techniques of DNA testing, this software provides a non-invasive and rapid approach to determining paternity. With the help of this app, you can upload a photo with clear facial features to have complete information about your familial relations. You can also get information about your ancestral history and ethnic origins. Specific algorithms are utilized in the facial recognition technology that identifies your connections with your family.

Reliable DNA Testing Services

Finding a trustworthy lab to conduct a paternity test is of the utmost importance. While doing a search for “DNA testing near me” could provide results in your area. You must be sure to check the laboratory’s accreditation and qualifications before using them. You should only consult with laboratories that have earned accreditation from prestigious groups like the AABB or CAP.  Face DNA is one of the best labs that can provide you with the most accurate and clear results for your paternity testing.


If you want to make the right decision, it’s helpful to know what alternatives are available. Both non-invasive and invasive prenatal paternity tests provide reliable findings, but they come with their own set of expenses and hazards. In contrast, there is a fast and easy option that is less precise, but more useful, using picture DNA test applications.

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