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Essential Equipment for Security Guards

When on the job, it is vital that security guards have all the equipment they may need to be completely prepared and saved in their job. Some firms have a security guard equipment list to make sure that all their staff has the same level of protection. Let’s take a quick look to answer the question, what equipment do security guards use?

What equipments do security guards or law enforcement officers use?

There is a big range of equipment security guards use to help them safe whilst they are on patrol or working. Below, we have listed the most general security guard equipment and why they would be used by security guards.


Usually, security firms will issue a list of security guard equipment and uniforms. This will add the clothing that they expect their security guards to wear.

This uniform is sometimes purchased by the guard themselves, or it can be offered by the firm they work for.

It may contain branded clothing so that the security guard can be simply identified and linked to a security firm.


Flashlights like Warrior 3S high beam flashlight are one of the most important pieces of security guard equipment.

They come in a range of sizes, and while some are heavy-duty, meaning they are harder to transport, they tend to be better at lighting up a place – important for security officers.

Flashlights may also be used during the sunny day by security guards that are patrolling on roads, buildings where there may be darker areas and can help them locate any intruders, find missing people, or react to emergency conditions.

Security vest

One of the best security guard protection equipment is a security vest. This goes an over the top of a security guards uniform if they are working in a risky field.

Security vests can be made from Kevlar or stab-proof, depending on individual’s requirements.

Not every security guard will need a security vest, but it can come in helpful in certain conditions. They also permit the public to simply identify you as a security officer.

Security guard belt

This is a patrol employee’s good helper, because the belt makes it easy and simple to carry more gears. Belt generally has extra parts that can slide, which makes it more perfect for security guards to carry other equipment.

Pepper spray

Pepper spray is very efficient non-risky approach to easily repel and subdue an attacker. This spray, when used rightly, can remedy a potentially critical issue in a matter of seconds. It will cause a burning sensation, high discomfort, and occasionally temporary blindness.

Digital camera

A digital camera, mainly one with video capabilities, can be a security guards top friend. The videos and images you take can make it a lot easier for you to explain various events and scenarios that emerge, mainly if you are called to testify in court.

You can photograph the people, property, crime scenes, automobiles, and nearly anything else that is match to your employment and the reports you product.


Sunglasses have many features for security officers. To protect one’s eyes from potentially destroying ultraviolet rays is one function. It may be helpful for security personnel to have sunglasses covering their eyes so no one can tell where they are looking.

Additional, to these advantages, sunglasses may protect security personnel from having anything physical like a rock or other serious item. Sunglasses are advised, but not stylish ones, go for a fair of practical sunglasses.

Pen and notepad

Whilst on duty, security personnel are required to observe and make a report. So, all security guards must forever have a paper and pen handy.

Even if the work location uses electronic reporting, you should forever bring a pen and paper just in case. Use the paper and pen to make notes on anything unusual that happen throughout your shift.

Having a paper and pen handy can help you remember vital information and make sure that it is rightly recorded in the patrol log. It is advised that you make use of a watertight notepad.

Do not forget the security license

Security licenses are needed to be carried at all times while on duty. It is general practice for law enforcement to request proof of the security officer’s status whenever an issue is reported.

Whenever on the work, security guards must comply with the requirements of the country or state by carrying their security licenses at all times. Many conditions make it illegal not to. Without right security credentials, firms might face legal action in certain places.

First aid kit

Firs aid supplies are helpful not just while a security guard sustains an injury during on-duty but also if any person inside the guard’s perimeter sustains a wound. Portable, little first-aid kits may be purchased and saved in a bag, purse, or pocket.

Can a security guard carry a baton?

While you may view many security guards on Television and in movies carrying a baton for their protection, this is not the case within the USA.

The USA has very strict laws that focus on the capability of anyone to carry weapons. Security guards are added within this legislation.

The law states that bodyguards and security guards are not permitted to carry any weapons, even ones that are used in other countries, such as pepper spray, batons and tasers.

What types of communication gear does a security officers use?

The most general type of communication equipment used by a security guard or officer is a two-way radio.

A two-way radio is radio that permits two people to stay connect with each other through radio waves.

Two-way radios are mainly common with security officers that work in events or in retail settings.

In areas where there is more than one security-guard on site, two way radios are a best option to permit the guards to communicate with each other when important.

On top of this, nowadays, it is general for security guards to carry their mobile phones with them in case they need to contact their emergency services or manager.

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