Elevate Your Automotive Assembly with Agrati’s High-Quality Bolts

TechnologyElevate Your Automotive Assembly with Agrati's High-Quality Bolts

Agrati is a global leader in the automotive fasteners industry, boasting a proud tradition of over 80 years. It all started as a family business in 1939, but now the company counts on five logistic centers, 12 factories, 15 Sales and Application Offices, and over 2,400 employees across the globe. 

So, let’s see how Agrati can improve your automotive assembly. 

Bolts for automotive

Agrati’s automotive bolts can be found in about 40 million vehicles on three continents. It’s not easy to reach, let alone remain at the top of the automotive fasteners industry. Agrati does so by delivering more than 5 million screws every single day. The massive production is mainly directed to Tier 1 and OEM clients worldwide. 

More importantly, the company handles most of the process internally, from tooling and wire drawing to hot and cold treatments. It’s ready to create and assemble customized parts at the client’s request. 

Agrati’s automotive bolts are used in batteries, powertrains, safety systems, seating, chassis, and bodies. Despite their simplicity, bolts are indispensable items for vehicle assembly lines, ensuring safety at every turn. 

Agrati’s bolts comply with ISO 898-1 regulations and standards, confirming their quality and reliability. The company uses cold forging machines to produce high-strength screws with unique features like anti-unscrewing components, self-aligning ends, and thread-locking pads. 

Clients can choose from different geometrical designs, dimensions and materials, reducing the weight and size of such items on demand or adding special features to the components. Tie-rods and long bolts are also on the menu in varied dimensions and materials. Long bolts and tie-rods are needed for assembling battery packs, brake boosters, rotor/stator bolts, and more. 

A Fast Solution

Agrati also has patented solutions for OEM and Tier 1 clients, such as the screws with captive sleeves. These screws are reinforced by cold-forged sleeves made from low-carbon steel. Screws and sleeves are delivered already assembled, involving fewer components, ultimately speeding the assembly process in the line of production.

Agrati and Motorsports

Recently, Agrati announced its support for UniBo Motorsports, the official motorsports team of the University of Bologna. The students’ team includes 250 participants from different faculties developing three racing vehicles: a motorcycle (Nemesis), a combustion racing car, and an electric racing car (eRBT-23).

Agrati supports UniBo Motorsports’ vision of parts such as titanium bolts, aluminum nuts, and items with unique treatments. It’s not surprising when a global leader in automotive fasteners decides to enter the motorsports world. Indeed, Agrati has much to contribute to this niche, thanks to its high-performance and innovative solutions and “zero defects” quality standards. 


Agrati has a vast portfolio, with about 850 new items released yearly. Still, clients who can’t find what they need in Agrati’s menu can hire the company’s Co-Design service. This service includes a dedicated and varied pool of professionals and access to Agrati’s labs and infrastructure, ready to take your project from the blueprint to the real world. Agrati also offers advanced hardware and software for accurate simulations and tests.


Agrati’s key to success is its constant drive for innovation, which keeps it ahead of the curve. The company produces over 8 billion pieces annually, purchasing more than 160,000 tons of steel for the task. It invests 8% of its yearly revenue in Technology and Innovation, ensuring that its production line will never stop. 

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