Cracked Windshield? Fix It Fast with MPI Glass Claims

AutomotiveCracked Windshield? Fix It Fast with MPI Glass Claims

We’ve all been there. You’re cruising down the highway, enjoying the scenery, when suddenly a loud crack! A rock chip has become a full-blown windshield crack, leaving you staring at a spiderweb of frustration. A cracked windshield is not just an inconvenience; it’s a safety hazard that needs immediate attention. Luckily, for residents of Manitoba, navigating a cracked windshield doesn’t have to be stressful. MPI Glass claims to offer a quick and affordable solution to get your car back on the road safely.

Why Fix a Cracked Windshield Immediately?

Ignoring a cracked windshield is a recipe for trouble. Here’s why you should prioritize getting it fixed:

  • Safety First: A compromised windshield can significantly impact your visibility, especially during bad weather or at night. Cracks can distort your view of the road, increasing the risk of accidents.
  • Legal Requirements: Manitoba, like many other provinces, has regulations regarding windshield damage. Driving with a cracked windshield that exceeds a certain size can lead to fines or even an inability to pass your annual safety inspection.
  • Structural Integrity: Don’t underestimate the domino effect of a small crack. Road vibrations and temperature changes can cause a small crack to quickly spread, compromising the windshield’s structural integrity. In the event of a collision, a shattered windshield can offer much less protection than a single, small crack.

Understanding MPI Glass Coverage

The Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) corporation provides comprehensive car insurance coverage to residents of the province. Most MPI Autopac policies include glass coverage, which helps offset the costs associated with repairing or replacing a damaged windshield.

There are typically two types of MPI glass coverage:

  • Comprehensive: This coverage kicks in for damage caused by events other than a collision, such as rock chips, falling branches, or vandalism.
  • Collision: As the name suggests, this coverage covers windshield damage resulting from a collision with another vehicle or object.

It’s important to understand that even with MPI glass coverage, you may be responsible for a deductible a fixed amount you pay before MPI covers the rest of the repair or replacement cost. The specific deductible amount will depend on your chosen Autopac policy.

While MPI glass coverage is generally comprehensive, there may be some exclusions or limitations to be aware of. For example, some policies may not cover damage caused by intentional acts of vandalism. Consulting your Autopac policy documentation or contacting MPI directly will clarify any specifics related to your coverage.

The MPI Glass Claim Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

A cracked windshield doesn’t have to put your driving plans on hold. Here’s how to navigate an MPI glass claim process efficiently:

Step 1: Contact Your MPI Autopac Agent

The first step is to open mpi claim or contact your Autopac agent directly. Be prepared to provide them with details about the damage, including the size and location of the crack. Your agent can also answer any questions you may have about your coverage and deductibles.

Step 2: Choose an MPI-Approved Repair Shop

MPI maintains a network of approved repair shops across the province. These shops are qualified to handle windshield repairs and replacements according to MPI standards. When choosing a repair shop, consider factors like location, customer reviews, and the specific repair methods they offer (replacement vs. repair).

Step 3: Schedule Your Repair Appointment

Once you’ve chosen a repair shop, contact them to schedule an appointment for your windshield repair or replacement. Be sure to bring all necessary documentation with you, such as your Autopac insurance information and driver’s license.

Step 4: The Repair Process

The repair process can vary depending on the severity of the damage. For minor chips or cracks, a repair might be possible. This involves injecting a special resin into the crack to fill it and prevent further damage. For more extensive cracks or windshield damage that compromises structural integrity, a replacement will be necessary.

The typical repair timeframe can vary depending on the chosen method. Repairs are generally completed within an hour, while replacements may take a few hours depending on the availability of the specific windshield model.

Additional Tips for a Smooth MPI Glass Claim Experience

Here are a few additional pointers to ensure a smooth and efficient experience with your MPI glass claim:

  • Gather Necessary Documents: Having your Autopac insurance information and driver’s license readily available will expedite the claim process.
  • Ask Your Chosen Repair Shop: Don’t hesitate to inquire about the repair shop’s MPI claim process. Some shops may handle all the communication and paperwork with MPI on your behalf, while others may require you to submit the claim yourself.
  • Understand Your Coverage: Knowing your specific MPI glass coverage and any applicable deductibles can help you budget for the repair or replacement cost.
  • Loaner Vehicle Inquiry: If a windshield replacement takes longer than expected, consider inquiring about the possibility of a loaner vehicle from the repair shop.

Common Questions and Answers About MPI Glass Claims

Here are some frequently asked questions about MPI glass claims:

  • How much does an MPI glass claim typically cost?

The cost of an MPI glass claim depends on several factors, including the type of repair or replacement needed, the specific windshield model for your vehicle, and your chosen repair shop’s labor rates. However, with MPI coverage, you’ll only be responsible for your deductible, making the process significantly more affordable than paying out of pocket for the entire repair.

  • Can I get my windshield repaired instead of replaced?

Whether a repair or replacement is necessary depends on the extent of the damage. Minor chips or cracks can often be repaired using a specialized resin injection process. However, more extensive cracks or damage that compromises the windshield’s structural integrity will require a complete replacement.

  • How long will the repair take?

The repair timeframe varies depending on the chosen method. Repairs for minor cracks are generally completed within an hour, while replacements can take several hours depending on the availability of the specific windshield model.


A cracked windshield shouldn’t derail your driving plans. By understanding the importance of fixing the damage promptly, the benefits of MPI glass coverage, and the simple claim process, you can ensure a safe and smooth experience on the road. Don’t let a cracked windshield become a safety hazard get it fixed quickly and conveniently with MPI.

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