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Concerns of contracting COVID-19 reached an all-time low in the United States


As immunizations against the illness continue to climb in the United States, three out of ten Americans are concerned about catching COVID-19, the lowest level in a year’s worth of data.
This comprises 5% of individuals in the United States who are “extremely anxious” and 25% who are “somewhat worried.”

This newest result, based on Gallup’s April 19-25 COVID-19 probability-based online panel survey, is five percentage points lower than in March and 19 points lower than in February.
The highest reading was 59 percent last summer, but it was almost as high (57 percent) towards the end of 2020, when the vaccination campaign was just getting started.
Since then, Americans’ degree of concern has progressively decreased as immunization rates in the United States have grown dramatically.

Nonetheless, one-third of individuals who have been completely or partly vaccinated, as well as 44 percent of those who want to receive the vaccination but have not yet done so, are concerned about developing COVID-19.
Despite this, just 13% of U.S. people who do not intend to get vaccinated are concerned.

While concern has decreased across the board, Democrats’ concern has dropped the highest, from 69 percent in February to 43 percent presently.
At the same time, Republicans’ worry has declined from 27% to 14%, while independents’ has dropped from 43% to 27%.

Despite the fact that a large majority of Americans, 69 percent, believe the coronavirus situation is improving, this measure has dropped eight points from March, when it gained 17 points over the previous month.
Furthermore, 18% of Americans believe the situation is stable, while 14% believe it is worse.

Several events that happened during the April poll’s field session may explain the slight dip in opinions that the situation is improving from March. After peaking earlier in the month, the daily vaccination count in the United States has begun to fall. Furthermore, the Johnson & Johnson vaccination was temporarily halted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) owing to safety concerns the week before the vote began and was removed just before the poll finished. By April, fears about several variations of the illness had grown, and India had descended into a serious crisis, with the world’s largest one-day increase in new COVID-19 cases.

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