Comprehensive Summary on the Cause and Treatment of Post Traumatic Disorder

LawComprehensive Summary on the Cause and Treatment of Post...

Post traumatic disorder, commonly known to many as PTSD, is a mental health problem that is triggered by horrifying life events or extremely stressful situations. As life is full of uncertainties, it is not uncommon for one to find themselves on the other end of a horrific event.

In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at some of the scenarios that may lead to the development of PTSD. We will also discuss how post traumatic disorder starts manifesting, the common signs and symptoms, and the possible treatments for PTSD.

What are some of the Scenarios That May Cause PTSD?

A traumatic event can be simply defined as a life experience that brings you a lot of mental discomfort. The brain remains functional when there is a chemical balance inside. However, a traumatic experience distorts the chemical balance in your brain, leading to entirely different behavioral characteristics. A good example of a behavioral change is a wild outburst of screaming and running. Such a behavior would be considered as a ‘’case of excess adrenaline’’ rushing through your brain. 

Some examples of shocking and traumatic life events are; the sudden death of a loved one, house fires, escaped drowning, sexual assault, witnessing gruesome events such as war, and serious vehicular accidents.

How Does a Post Traumatic Disorder Manifest?

Ever noticed someone gaze at an open space without blinking a few days after experiencing a traumatic event? PTSD can manifest in very different ways depending on the levels of chemical imbalances in the victims brain and their emotional strength. 

Some people have acute response mechanisms that react to shock immediately, while others have delayed response and only start showing signs after a long period of time.

The easiest way to identify a PTSD patient is by observing their reactions and behaviors. The most common behavior in PTSD patients is withdrawal and silence. Withdrawal is used by the brain to create a safe space inside the head, while the victim’s silence is a just a defense mechanism.  

Living on the edge and getting easily startled can also be an indicator of post traumatic disorder. 

What are some of the Signs and Symptoms of PTSD?

The early signs of PTSD will start showing immediately, or few days after the occurrence of the traumatic event. However, the early signs of PTSD usually start as mild flashbacks and inconsistent nightmares. If the signs are not addressed promptly, they can develop into more serious mental and physical problems.

Psychiatrists define anxiety as constant conflicts between your natural fighting and fleeing instincts. Anxiety disorder is a mental condition where an obsession over the event hinders you from functioning normally. Understanding the common signs of PTSD, especially when you are seeking online psychiatry services Michigan, is important for a proper diagnosis and treatment. 

In a case where a traumatic fire claimed the lives of your loved ones, seeing any form of fire might trigger an anxiety attack.

Other evident signs and symptoms of PTSD include depression and sudden mood changes, self-isolation, violent behavior, and thoughts of self-harm, such as suicide.

Treatment Options for PTSD

As established earlier in this article, PTSD is caused by a chemical imbalance inside the brain. The most common and efficient method of treating PTSD is by use of anti-depressant medication. However, the type of medication to take depends on the severity of the mental problem.

Early signs of PTSD are as a result of denial, where the victim is actively blocking the idea of the event being true. In such a case, the victim requires a professional psychotherapist to help them open up and accept the occurrence of the event.

Psychiatrists recommend exposing the victim to triggers, as re-living the event creates mind stamina and adaptability in the mind. This method is one psychiatrists’ favorites, especially with the patients who have been battling PSTD for a while.


Post traumatic disorder may start manifesting without the victim’s conscious knowledge. Therefore, when you notice any of the signs discussed above in yourself or someone else, it is good to visit a psychiatrist clinic or get help from an online psychiatrist immediately.

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