Colorectal Screening Singapore: Is it covered by Insurance?

HealthColorectal Screening Singapore: Is it covered by Insurance?

Colorectal screening is one of the best preventive measures against colorectal cancer. It involves testing to detect precancerous polyps or early-stage cancer in the colon or rectum.

Screening can be done through various methods, including colonoscopy, stool tests (like fecal immunochemical test or FIT), and sigmoidoscopy. See more: https://gastrohealth.com.sg/services/colonoscopy-singapore/.

You may be recommended colorectal screening in Singapore starting at age 45 to 50 if you’re an average-risk individual. And, you may need to begin the screenings earlier if there’s a family history of colorectal cancer or other risk factors. In this article, we answer the questions; how much is colorectal screening in Singapore and is colorectal screening covered by insurance? Keep reading.

How much does Colorectal Screening Cost in Singapore?

Colorectal screening in Singapore is a quite common procedure. But like any other procedure, one of the most frequently asked questions about colorectal screening is; how much does it cost?

Several factors influence the cost of colorectal screening in Singapore. Key among these factors include whether the hospital is a public or a private facility. In private clinics, the cost of colorectal screening ranges between $2,000 and $5,000 while in public clinics, the costs range between $700 and $1,500.

Other than the clinic, there are several other factors that heavily influence how much you will need to pay for your colorectal screening in Singapore. Key among these factors include;

·  The Complexity of the Procedure

Routine screenings are typically less expensive than diagnostic colonoscopies. Factors like the need for advanced imaging techniques, longer procedure times, or difficult anatomy can increase the overall cost. Also, the presence of pre-existing conditions or complications may require more extensive monitoring and care which can further contribute to the complexity and cost of the procedure.

·   Additional Procedures

If additional procedures are required during your colorectal screening in Singapore for example, the removal of polyps, biopsies, or other treatments, the cost can increase significantly. These additional procedures require specialized equipment and expertise.

That’s why they may lead to higher overall costs. Also, the need for additional procedures may indicate a more complex underlying condition that demands further investigation and treatment, which can add to the overall cost.

·   Hospital or Clinic Setting

Your choice of hospital or clinic can also impact the cost. Private hospitals or specialized clinics as earlier explained may charge more for their services compared to public hospitals.

But…private facilities often offer more personalized care and shorter waiting times. So essentially, the cost difference also reflects the quality of facilities and equipment available, as well as the expertise of the medical staff, which can contribute to a more comfortable and efficient procedure.

·   Medical Professionals’ Fees

The fees charged by the gastroenterologist and anesthetist performing the procedure can vary. Experienced specialists may charge higher fees.

However, they often provide more accurate and thorough examinations which also significantly reduce the risk of missed abnormalities. What’s more, the expertise of the medical team can impact the overall safety and success of the procedure which makes it worthwhile to invest in experienced professionals.

·   Location and Facility Reputation

Another factor that is most likely to influence the cost of your colorectal screening in Singapore is the location of the facility and its reputation. As you probably, already understand, facilities in prime locations or those with a reputation for excellence may charge higher fees.

But, this often reflects the quality of care and the expertise of the medical team so it isn’t something to really worry about. Also, facilities with a strong reputation may invest more in advanced technologies and treatments, which can contribute to higher costs but also ensure a higher standard of care for patients.

And Is Colorectal Screening Covered by Insurance in Singapore?

Now that you know the average cost for colorectal screening in Singapore and what factors influence the cost, you’re probably wondering; is colorectal screening covered by insurance in Singapore? The answer is;

Yes, colorectal screening is often covered by insurance in Singapore. Many insurance plans include preventive screenings like colonoscopies in their wellness benefits. But keep in mind that coverage can vary, with some plans covering the full cost and others requiring a co-payment.

Here is a quick breakdown of the important details you may want to know about insurance coverage in colorectal screening in Singapore:

  • Free Colonoscopy Screening in Certain Packages: Some insurers offer free colonoscopy screening as part of their packages. This benefit can significantly reduce the cost of the procedure for policyholders. You will want to inquire about this with your provider just to be sure though.
  • Coverage for Gastroscopy and Colonoscopy in Hospitalization Plans: Both gastroscopy (OGD) and colonoscopy are hospital procedures covered under most hospitalization plans. This coverage ensures that individuals can undergo these screenings without bearing the full financial burden.
  • Medisave Coverage for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents: Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents can pay for a portion of their colonoscopy procedure using their Medisave funds. With this coverage, the procedure should be more affordable if you’re eligible.
  • Integrated Shield Plan Coverage for Medically Necessary Colonoscopies: All Integrated Shield Plan insurers in Singapore provide coverage for colonoscopies that are deemed “medically necessary.” This coverage ensures that individuals can undergo colonoscopies recommended by their healthcare providers without financial strain.
  • Coverage for Colonoscopy and Sedation If Polyps Are Not Removed: If polyps are discovered during a colonoscopy but not removed, the colonoscopy procedure and sedation are covered 100% by health insurance. This coverage encourages individuals to undergo regular screenings and follow-up procedures as recommended by their healthcare providers.
  • Cost-Effective Colonoscopy in Health Screening Packages: Getting a colonoscopy as part of a health screening package may cost less than getting it as a stand-alone procedure. This cost-effectiveness encourages individuals to include colonoscopies in their routine health screenings.

Closing Thoughts

Colorectal screening in Singapore is covered by insurance. But there are factors that can affect the extent of your coverage. So just to be sure, seek clarity from your provider before proceeding. To learn more about colorectal screening itself and what to expect, feel free to engage the specialists at;

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