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Bulgarian Real Estate Agents: How to Find a Reliable One

Investing in the real estate market has always been considered a great investment. And if we are talking about resort countries, you can get good dividends from such contributions. If you pay attention to the EU countries, the first budget option is to buy property Bulgaria and you need to find reliable agents of Bulgarianresales level.

best rated real estate agents Bulgaria

Cooperation with agents will greatly simplify all procedures. For many foreigners, it is difficult to negotiate with Bulgarian state institutions. Therefore, it is important to find English speaking real estate agents Bulgaria who can help meet the buyer’s needs. It remains important to understand what to pay attention to when choosing such partners.

How to find reliable Bulgarian real estate agents

Before you enter the market of this country and start searching for houses for sale in Bulgaria try to find a Bulgarianresales agent on your own. To do this you need to clearly understand what questions to ask Bulgarian real estate agents and what to pay attention to. For a buyer, it is important to:

  • whether the agent has a license;
  • his skills;
  • work experience;
  • market knowledge;
  • additional services provided.

Each point is important for clients and it is necessary to understand them in more detail

Availability of a license

how to verify a Bulgarian real estate agent

A real estate agent must work officially. This is the only way to verify his honesty and qualifications. Therefore, it is important to know how to verify Bulgarian real estate agent and find his license. This document should be posted on the website of the real estate agency and by the number you can check the relevance of authorization documents in the registry of companies in Bulgaria. If the agent does not have such a document, it is better to choose another company for cooperation.

Skills of the agency

Reliable intermediaries must have professionals among their staff. Otherwise, you will have to repeatedly redo documents and face a lot of difficulties including additional unplanned expenses. To prevent working with such agents it is worth checking references, companies, successful transactions, and the total number of years the company has been on the market. Among the best rated real estate agents Bulgaria, most companies have been in business for 3 years or more. These are the ones you should go for.

Market knowledge

questions to ask Bulgarian real estate agents

Real estate is a very specific market. If at a meeting the chosen agent doubts his words, makes mistakes, or avoids a direct answer, it is a red flags when choosing Bulgarian real estate agent. It is better not to cooperate with such specialists at all. The agent should be confident at the meeting, ask questions, and answer all your queries quickly and without additional coordination with the director.

Additional services

Reliable real estate agents should check the deal at all stages. They accompany the client, help to get the best price, and prepare the necessary documentation. If you see that the chosen agent is avoiding you, it is better not to formalize a contract with him right away.


For buyers, finding a trustworthy real estate agent in Bulgaria is quite a complicated process. It is extremely important to pay attention to all the criteria that are mentioned in this article. If the agent you choose does not fall under at least one of them, it is best not to sign a contract with them. This will help you avoid risky transactions and save your money. Cooperate only with reliable companies, including Bulgarianresales.

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