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Best Healthcare Staff Scheduling Software 2024

Are you on the hunt for healthcare staff scheduling software? Look no further! This article gives you the best solution for 2024. Of course, the choice is yours, but if you’re still stuck using spreadsheets for employee scheduling, it’s high time for an upgrade. Check out our top pick below.

What Is Employee Scheduling Software for Healthcare?

It’s your go-to tool for sorting out the schedules of all those hardworking folks in the medical field — nurses, doctors, and the whole crew. It’s like your personal assistant, automating the entire schedule-making process and considering when everyone’s available. But let’s be honest: the nurse scheduling software needs a serious upgrade!

Work Schedule App: A Must for Today’s Workplace

Lots of managers still use Excel to make employee schedules. It’s a hassle! That’s where a shift schedule maker steps in. It’s like a lifesaver, making scheduling easier and friendlier for everyone involved.

Here’s how it helps:

  1. Easy Scheduling: You get cool features like customizable schedules, holiday templates, and simple shift swapping. It’s like magic for scheduling!
  2. Tracking Time: Keep tabs on when folks start and finish their shifts, get alerts in real-time, and see if plans match reality. It’s right there on your phone or computer, super handy.
  3. Sorting Payroll: No more headaches over salaries. This work schedule app does the math for you, figuring out wages, overtime, and bonuses. Plus, it plays nicely with accounting software.
  4. Quick Task Assignments: Need to fill a shift quickly? No problem! Just send a message to your team, and someone will respond quickly.
  5. Saving Money: By monitoring overtime, you can cut labor costs. It’s like having a budget buddy, helping you keep your spending in check. 

How to Create an Effective Nurse Schedule

Setting schedules for nurses can be tricky. You have to balance what the business needs, what the nurses want, and how many patients need care. But don’t worry, here are some tips to help:

Talk It Out:

Keep in touch with your nurses. Let them know their schedules in advance so they can plan. You can also ask for their input on scheduling preferences and try to accommodate their needs as much as possible.

Listen to Patients:

Pay attention to what patients say. Their feedback can help you see what’s working and what’s not. Take their comments seriously and use them to improve the scheduling process and overall patient care.

Match Skills:

Make sure each nurse is matched with the right job based on their experience and skills. By assigning tasks that align with their strengths, you can increase efficiency and provide better patient care. Additionally, consider providing training or support for areas where nurses may need additional skills development.

Stay Updated:

Things change fast in healthcare. Make sure everyone knows about any changes as soon as they happen. This could include updates to scheduling, patient information, or new policies and procedures. Clear communication and transparency are vital to keeping everyone on the same page.

Use Technology:

Try out healthcare staff scheduling software. It can help match nurses with the right jobs and simplify scheduling. Look for features like automated scheduling, real-time updates, and easy communication tools to streamline the process. Plus, using technology can reduce errors and save time for both managers and nurses.

How to Use Shifton for Medical Staff Scheduling

To start using the Shifton work schedule app, you only need to purchase a package that suits your company. Alternatively, you can also enjoy the app’s basic features for free if your company has fewer than 100 employees. What does this mean for you?

  • Automatically generate work schedules for any department and staff size.
  • Tailor schedules to accommodate the needs of medical staff conveniently.
  • Easily swap shifts in real time using the intuitive mobile app.
  • Stay updated with instant push notifications.
  • Quickly find replacements for emergency physician shifts with just a click.
  • Instantly calculate working hours, breaks, and overtime with the payroll module.
  • Track the working hours of field staff using GPS.
  • Seamlessly integrate and exchange data with other programs.

With Shifton nurse scheduling software, you can create efficient schedules for any number of departments and hospital staff in just a couple of clicks.

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Healthcare scheduling is a pain, right? Managers are stressed, and employees feel out of the loop. But there’s hope: try healthcare staff scheduling software. It’ll make everyone happier, scheduling more effortless, and patient care better. Give Shifton a go for smoother scheduling in 2024! Your staff will thank you, and you’ll see the benefits in no time. Shifton’s user-friendly interface makes it a breeze for managers and staff alike.

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