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ATEEZ Hongjoong Profile, Age, Family, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Hongjoong

Kim Hong Joong, also known by his stage name Hongjoong (born November 7, 1998), is a South Korean rapper, composer, and group leader of the Kpop boy band ATEEZ under KQ Entertainment. He previously competed on the survival show Mix Nine. ATEEZ made Hongjoong’s debut on October 24, 2018.


BIRTH NAME: Kim Hongjoong

BIRTH DATE: November 7, 1998

BIRTH PLACE: South Korea

HEIGHT: 5’7″


Early Life And Career

getting into the arts. His idol, Block B, was someone he aspired to emulate.

In order to do this, he made the decision to write to KQ Entertainment, the organization in charge of managing Block B, and send them a sample mixtape.

Hongjoong’s creation impressed KQ h, who invited him to join their organization as their first trainee. More and more trainees would come on board with him as time went on.

This rapper took part in the MIXNINE season of the survival reality series in 2017. He eventually lost, finishing 42nd overall, by the eleventh episode.

Later, Hongjoong rose to become the frontman of the brand-new boy band KQ Fellaz. The eight members appeared in the web series KQ Fellaz American Training before their debut.

A song called From was released in conjunction with the last episode. Hongjoong wrote the song by himself.

ATEEZ finally replaced KQ Fellaz as the name. Finally joining the group in October 2018, this Scorpio man made his entrance.

Treasure: All to Zero is the name of the EP they issued. The same day saw the release of two music videos for Pirate King and Treasure.

ATEEZ proceeded to put out a number of studio albums and EPs over time. In October 2019, they released their debut studio album, Treasure: All to Action.

Wonderland, the album’s debut song, was co-written by Hongjoong. It was their first time at the top of the Gaon Albums Chart.

Hongjoong Quick Facts

He has little hands.
For The Polished Man campaign, which invites men to paint one of their fingernails to symbolize the 1 in 5 children who experience sexual abuse in their lifetime, Hongjoong always paints one nail.
He has been studying English by binge-watching a lot of Netflix content, particularly the comedy “Modern Family.”
64 4 His laptop was taken when they were trainees in America. He was able to retrieve his laptop, but it had been reset and all of his recordings and song lyrics had been deleted.
He has 83 KOMCA credits (and counting) and has written about 40 songs prior to his debut.
He once made 1395 recordings of the same tune.
52 7 He is regarded as the group’s tough yet eccentric father.
Since he was a high school student, he has been employed. Because he was constantly in the recording studio creating songs, he hardly attended school.
48 9 He has a sibling that is older.
He detests bell peppers and greens, 45 10.
He attended SIMS Academy. 43 11.
29 12 He and Mingi both contribute significantly to the lyrics they write. Additionally, he contributed to the creation of Tricky House for his younger group, KQ Fellaz. 2
27 13 Hongjoong once expressed interest in working with Atiny and creating an album with Atiny’s name on it.
He was referred to as the “Korean Big Minion” by the group and likes minions. He also has minions slippers. Even in costume, he portrays one.
Hongjoong, the meaning of whose name, translates as “to be the broad world’s center.”
His nick names are Mini-Hong and Hong-leader.
His area of expertise is altering clothing.
He looks up to G-Dragon and Zico as role models. After listening to musicians like Michael Jackson, he was inspired to learn about music creation.
22 19
He claimed that even as trainees, the group had an international perspective.
21 20
He claimed that he only ever writes songs for the entire squad.

Hongjoong Family

Kim Bumjoong is the name of Hongjoong’s older brother. He was created in 1995. According to Hongjoong, who is a contemporary dancer himself, his brother served as an inspiration for him to take up the form. He also mentioned that his brother is an actor, and because of the similarities in their appearances, fans joked that it might be Kim Woo Bin.

The names of Hongjoong’s parents are unknown to the general public. He has, however, stated that they are always there for him and that they are both highly supportive of his career. Additionally, he stated that they are quite proud of him.

It appears that Hongjoong is quite close to his family. He has stated that they are his main source of strength in interviews and frequently discusses them. He is very appreciative of their assistance.

Hongjoong Net worth 2024

In 2024, Hongjoong’s net worth is anticipated to be close to $1 million. Based on his music career profits as well as those from endorsements and other business endeavors.

The K-pop boy group’s leader and primary rapper is Hongjoong. ATEEZ
The band has performed on numerous international tours and has published four albums and various EPs.

Hongjoong has written and produced songs for ATEEZ as well as other musicians. He is also a producer.

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