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After Five Months Of Russian Occupation, Ukrainian Soldiers Enter The Important City Of Izium, According To Kyiv

According to an official involved in the battle to capture the important eastern city, Ukrainian forces have stormed Izium after forcing Russian troops to flee, CNN reported on Saturday.

Izium, which is close to the line separating the Kharkiv and Donetsk provinces, had been occupied by Russia for more than five months and had grown into a key military center for the invasion forces.
“We’ve only recently begun cleaning up the town. initial military units arrived, “the policeman said CNN.
Earlier on Saturday, a spokesperson for the Bohun Brigade of the Ukrainian Land Forces issued a statement claiming “Weapons and ammunition were left behind as the Russians fled. Free in the city core.”

On Telegram, there were several videos of Ukrainian soldiers posing in front of the Izium sign at the city’s entrance.
One clip allegedly came from the 25th Paratroopers’ Brigade of Ukraine’s reconnaissance division. A voice may be heard over the video saying: “This is Izium. Ukraine will be everywhere. Our flag is already present.”

The Russian state news agency RIA earlier in the day cited Vladislav Sokolov, the chairman of the Izium municipal government, as saying the situation there was “extremely challenging.”

“There has been a lot of destruction in the city as a result of persistent shelling by Ukrainian troops over the past two weeks,” Sokolov was quoted as saying. The precise time when Sokolov spoke with RIA is unknown.

Approximately 30 kilometers north of Izium, Ukrainian forces had already rushed into the town of Kupyansk with little apparent resistance.
Five days following the start of the Ukrainian forces’ swift armored attack across the Kharkiv region, Kyiv has gained a significant strategic victory with the retaking of the two cities. Russian soldiers were being resupplied by rail through Kupyansk, and operations into the Donetsk region were being launched from Izium.
The Ukrainian defense minister, Oleksiy Reznikov, stated on Saturday that the country’s allies are “amazed” by the military’s recent victories.

Reznikov claimed that the partners of Ukraine “were favorably impressed by the dynamics of our troops’ efforts” in the country’s south and east at the conclusion of a meeting of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group in Ramstein Air Base, Germany.

On September 9, military trucks from Russia will arrive in Kharkiv.

Russia dispatches more troops

Moscow is attempting to bolster its beleaguered military troops there as its forces struggle to stop the Ukrainian assault in the east.
Yevgeniy Poddubny, a Russian military journalist, recorded video of Russian helicopters entering the area and at least one of them unloading an armored vehicle.
According to Poddubny, Russian military authorities were redeploying reserve forces to Kupyansk and Izium while bolstering units in Kharkiv with personnel and armored vehicles using Mi-26 helicopters.
“All along the line of contact, the helicopters are landing in landing zones. The reinforcements will contribute in halting the Kiev regime’s future advancement “By Poddubny

In a later report, he said that the Ukrainian military had opened artillery fire on Kupyansk and that the city’s bridge across the Oskil River had suffered significant damage.
The front line is receiving our reserves, added Poddubny. “Kupyansk’s defense continues,”
As of Friday, more than 30 settlements in the Kharkiv region had been “liberated and gained control of,” according to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.
In his daily address, Zelensky stated that “measures to check and secure the territory in some villages of the region are ongoing, we are progressively seizing control of new communities — we are returning the Ukrainian flag and protection for all of our people everywhere.”

a military truck that was abandoned by Russian soldiers on September 9 near the town of Grakove in Kharkiv, Ukraine.

images of devastation

As they recapture territory that was under Russian control, the advancing Ukrainian army have described scenes of devastation.
Oleh Syniehubov, the commander of the military administration for the Kharkiv region, uploaded images of the scenes on Telegram after visiting recently liberated districts where the Russians had “left shattered infrastructure and residences, countless trophies and mountains of garbage.”
Without exaggeration, many wept when they saw our men, according to Syniehubov.
“Residents obviously require assistance. The majority of communities lack either gas or electricity. We will restore them and bring in humanitarian help in the near future.”

No traitor will escape responsibility, he warned, as the leader of one liberated community had been jailed on suspicion of working with the Russian soldiers in occupation.

Russia has made an effort to portray the Ukrainian counteroffensive in a different light. Despite claiming that residents of Kupyansk had “left their homes in a rush, fearing reprisals from the Kyiv administration,” Kirill Imashev, the military correspondent of the Russian Telegram channel Readovka, said that Russian soldiers had departed Kupyansk and fled across the river Oskil to “regroup.”
He reported that hundreds of vehicles were traveling from Kupyansk to the self-styled Luhansk People’s Republic.
Social media data indicates that the civilian populace in the liberated areas welcomed Ukrainian forces with joy. Anyone who cooperated with the occupation forces would face criminal penalties, according to Ukrainian officials.

Residents of the reclaimed territories will need assistance, according to Syniehubov. “The majority of villages lack either gas or electricity. We will quickly rebuild them and bring in humanitarian supplies, “added he.
No traitor will escape responsibility, he warned, as the leader of one liberated community had been jailed on suspicion of working with the Russian soldiers in occupation.

decreasing morale

Due to the “huge casualties” they have sustained, according to Ukraine, some Russian soldiers are reportedly deserting.
At least 15 desertions, according to the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ general staff, occurred on Friday.
According to the report, soldiers were trying to cross into Russian territory while donning civilian clothing in place of their uniforms.

The most daring ground incursions by the Ukrainians since Russia began its invasion have taken place over the past week.
These achievements, according to geolocated video and satellite pictures from CNN, involved persistent assaults on command centers, ammo depots, and fuel supplies located distant from the front lines.
In order to cut off and isolate Russian troops west of the Dnipro River, a senior US official claimed Ukrainian forces had had some success striking Russian supply lines.

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