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Addmotor CITYTRI Folding Electric Trike Under $2K Offers Impressive Power and Range

Addmotor has a wide variety of adult electric trikes available. You can pick the GRANDTAN to maximize comfort, the GREATTAN for extra range, and the SOLETRI for carrying passengers. 

Yet, all these trikes fail in one aspect: they can be too much for the casual city cruiser or commuter. This is why Addmotor has designed the CITRYTRI electric trike. 

The CITYTRI is a folding electric trike that doesn’t break the bank and provides versatility for the everyday rider. It’s got the basics covered in a lightweight frame and comes with safety and ergonomics to rival the competition. 

So if you’re interested in the most high-end electric trike under $2,000, be sure to keep reading. 

Do More With Less

One of the standing tenets of the CITYTRI is to give the best riding experience at no extra cost. This is why Addmotor has optimized the CITYTRI to be as affordable as possible without compromising its best features. 

So if you’re looking for a budget-friendly, yet premium-performance trike, the CITYTRI is a safe bet. It will last a long time, and cater to many rider’s lifestyles and use cases. 

Works Great in the City than Other eTrikes

The CITYTRI is foldable and takes up less space than other electric tricycles. This is useful if you’re a city dweller and must keep your eTrike inside a garage or apartment. 

Besides, the small frame makes navigating busy streets and tight corners easier. You can weave in and out of traffic, drive through bike lanes, and use shortcuts. It’s faster and can carry more than a push bicycle.

On the flip side, it’s more maneuverable and eco-friendlier than a car. 

So if you live, work, and play in the city, the CITYTRI will enhance your experience. It’ll help you lead a more active lifestyle while also helping the environment.  

Also, it has a range of 90+ miles on a single charge. This is enough for all-day riding in a city, especially if the streets are smooth and level.

Easy to Store and Transport

Most adult electric trikes aren’t exactly the pinnacle of mobility and flexibility. They are bulky, heavy, and can’t be folded for storage and transportation. 

The CITYTRI is much more manageable. It has a sturdy yet lightweight construction thanks to the aircraft-grade aluminum alloy. Also, it’s designed to be foldable and compact. 

When you fold and remove the saddle, the entire trike is only 44.1” long, 33.9” wide and 24.8” tall. It’s small enough to fit in the trunk of most cars, trucks, and SUVs. 

The entire bike weighs only 86 lbs. This means a regular adult can lift and stow it in the back of a car.

UL2271-Certified Battery For Peace of Mind

Etrikes and other electric vehicles are notorious for short-circuiting and causing fires. 

So modern eBike batteries need to be certified by the UL2271 standard. This safety certification thoroughly tests the battery packs and ensures they are safe for general use. That is, as long as the rider takes proper care of the eBike and battery.   

The CITYTRI has a 48V 20Ah battery pack that’s fully UL2271-certified. It has an IPX6-rated enclosure with safety circuits that prevent fires and explosions. 

Also, the battery pack is removable. You can always take the battery inside to charge and not worry about the weather or temperature affecting the battery. 

On top of that, you can secure the battery pack into the bike using a special key. This prevents theft and tampering. 

Powerful Motor to Push You Forward

Equipped with a 750W (continuous) rear-mounted hub motor, the CITYTRI is a solid mid-ranger. It’s got a maximum torque limit of 90Nm and a maximum power rating of 1,400W.

These specs are enough for the CITYTRI to power through steep hills and gain momentum after stopping at a red light. It’s also good enough for light off-roading as you can tackle unpaved roads and light sand or dirt with relative ease. 

Three Size Variations To Find the Best Fit

Alongside the myriad of stunning paint jobs, the CITYTRI also comes in three sizes: mini, standard, and plus size

Here, the standard size fits riders with a height range of 5’1”-5’9”. Meanwhile, the mini is ideal for shorter riders as it’s designed to fit the 4’9”-5’5” height range. 

Meanwhile, if you’re taller than average, you can go for the plus variant. It’s better for riders in the 5’3”-6’3” height range. 

Each variation has a slightly different frame and different wheel sizes. But, it’s worth noting that all three sizes only support a maximum payload capacity of 360 lbs. This means, 280lbs maximum for the rider and 80lbs for cargo in the rear rack.  

Freely Adjust Height and Reach

Purchasing the CITYTRI that fits your height range is only the first step. You also need to take a minute and adjust a few things to find a comfortable fit. 

The CITYTRI has a thick and wide saddle that can be raised or lowered. Meanwhile, you can also adjust the handlebars to fit your arm’s reach. You can raise or lower the handlebar stem and optimize it.

By adjusting these, you can find the most comfortable and ergonomic fit. It will improve your riding experience, give you more control, and minimize injuries and accidents. 

Safety Features that Go the Extra Mile

Most beginner eBikers think that electric trikes can easily flip over. They also believe that trikes are more dangerous as they are difficult to maneuver or control at higher speeds. 

Unless you’re riding very recklessly, this is not true for Addmotor’s CITYTRI etrikes. They are designed with a low center of gravity and several other safety features to keep you safe. These include:

  • Electrical horn + mechanical bell combination
  • 5-in-1 taillight for turning signals, hazard light, and daytime lights
  • Reflective tires for increased visibility
  • Mechanical disc brakes with parking mode and automatic motor cutoff switch

Triple Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes

The CITYTRI has three mechanical disc brakes on each wheel. These are much more reliable and will always provide immediate stopping power regardless of the weather. 

So if you do a lot of riding during winter, in the rain, or beach, you need these instead of rim brakes or V-brakes. 

Also, the brake levers have a motor cutoff sensor installed inside. These disconnect the power to the motor whenever you pull on the brakes. 

On top of that, Addmotor has included a manual parking brake mechanism on the brake levers. You can use this to lock the brake levers. 

It keeps the brake rotors locked in, even when you leave the trike unattended. 

Other Notable Features

Apart from the above, the CITYTRI also covers the features of every other Addmotor electric tricycle. These include:

    • Step-Through Frame: For easy access, especially for seniors and others with limited mobility. 
  • Front suspension Fork With 80mm of Travel: To reduce the impacts of vibrations and improve comfort and stability.
  • Throttle Controls + 7 Level Pedal Assist: To ride as you wish. Take it easy and ride the throttle or switch to a PAS level and get more exercise.
  • Rear Differential: To allow the rear wheels to move independently of each other. This prevents slipping and hopping when you make tight corners. 

The Verdict

For those looking for a more affordable and manageable electric trike, the Addmotor CITYTRI, is the best option. It’s a lightweight electric trike that can be folded and provides 90+ miles on a single charge. 

The trike offers incredible value for money and doesn’t compromise on other aspects. It has a powerful 750W rear-mounted hub motor and a UL2271-certified 960Wh battery. 

On top of this, it comes with all the safety and ergonomic features common in all Addmotor electric trikes. These include the rear differential, parking brake, 5-in-1 taillight, and more. 

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