A Complete Guide To Imgupscaler’s Reimagine Scaler

NEWSA Complete Guide To Imgupscaler’s Reimagine Scaler

How many times have you come across a picture that’s just missing one small detail? One small detail that you’re not experienced enough to add yourself. So, you just move on with your day and unable to get a hold of your creative masterpiece. 

Now, what if we told you that we’ve found a super simple way for you to add that little detail and so much more — All by just typing in whatever you want to add. After that, you just let AI redraw an image for you. It’s that simple! Continue reading to let us tell you all about Imgupscaler and how you can use it to do so much.

What Do We Mean By Upscale Image Online?

The words image upscaler are in the name of the tool, but what does that really mean? If we only talk about upscaling an image, that means increasing the size of your picture. If your picture was initially too small for your liking, you can change that by passing it through this tool. As long as you follow the simple steps we laid out for you, AI will increase image size and enhance the picture simultaneously. The AI will also change the size of the pixels as it increases the size. So, don’t worry about seeing a grainy layer or your picture blurring up. That’ll defeat the whole purpose!

Can The Image Upscaler Recreate An Image?

Yes it can! Remember how we talked about adding missing details to a picture? That’s the process we’ll be following. Imgupscaler has a mode known as Reimagine Upscaler which uses AI to add anything that you want it to. Want your dog to wear a bow? Just add your dog’s picture, type it into the prompt box and let AI upscale image. The more specific you are with what you add in the text box, the better the results will be in the end.

Using Imgupscaler To Increase Image Size

Step 1 – Go To Imgupscaler.com

Step 2 – Choose The Image Upscaler Or Reimagine Upscaler Mode

The image upscaler mode will let you increase the resolution of your pictures up to 4000×4000 pixels. The reimagine upscaler mode will let you edit your pictures with the help of AI. Using this mode, you’ll be able to add elements into your picture very easily. The steps to understand how to work the reimagine mode are listed further ahead.

Step 3 – Upload The Picture That You Want To Upscale

If you want to edit more than one picture at once, you will have to create an account. Logging in will also give you more access to features like resolution sizes such as 16000×16000 pixels.

Step 4 – Click On Edit To Make Manual Changes To Your Picture

Step 5 – Once You’re Done, Click Start All To Increase Image Size

Step 6 – Click On The Eye To View The Changes

Step 7 – Download Your Updated Picture

Using The Reimagine Upscaler Mode To Recreate An Image

Step 1 – Choose The Picture You Want To Modify

Step 2 – Write Down The Edits You Want AI To Make In The Prompt Box

Step 3 – Use The Upscaling Models To Choose What You Want To Improve

The portrait model will focus more on making skin tones and faces look more lively. Similarly, the detailed model will focus more on the smaller details and refining those.

Step 4 – Choose The Creativity Levels

A lower creativity level will make sure that the AI changes will look a lot like the original picture. If you go for higher creativity levels, AI will have more freedom to test out with random objects. If you’re not looking for the additions to match your original picture, higher creativity levels are better for you.

Step 5 – Choose The Resemblance Levels

When you go for higher resemblance levels, the AI additions will not change much from the original picture styles. Lower resemblance levels will give AI more freedom to add different things to your picture.

Step 6 – Choose The Image Type

Step 7 – Hit Reimagine And Upscale To Let AI Redraw An Image

Step 8 – Download Your New Image Recreation

The Benefits Of Using Imgupscaler

There’s a lot you can get out of using Imgupscaler. So, let’s look into some more reasons why this should be the image recreation tool you pick:

Text-To-Image Generator

The most difficult thing about adding small details to pictures manually is needing to know how photo editing apps work. You’ll also have to know how to make the new addition seem like it was always there. After all, you don’t want people to think otherwise. 

That’s where Imgupscaler’s text-to-image generator can simplify the entire process for you. All you have to do is type whatever you want to add, wherever you want to add it into the prompt section. After making a few changes to resemblance levels as we talked about earlier, AI will take control to add in the changes.

Work Freely

Don’t want to spend any more of your money on editing apps? You don’t have to! At Imgupscaler, you can choose the free subscription plan and get 20 credits every month. Using those credits, you can focus on image recreation with absolutely no worries. You should note that the reimagine upscaler mode takes two credits per photo. 

Protect Your Data

Before you go around sharing your pictures with editing tool websites, do you really trust them to keep it safe? After all, you really don’t want your pictures ending up in places they don’t belong. But with Imgupscaler, that’s not a problem you’re going to have. Any picture that’s edited using this tool is deleted from the database 24 hours after your processing is complete.

The Bottom Line

We’ve all had times where we’ve wanted to add certain things to our pictures. And the only reason we couldn’t is because we didn’t know how. After all, apps like Photoshop are pretty hard to learn. So, why spend so much time trying to learn how do to it manually? Especially when you can just let AI upscale image for you. So, head on over to Imgupscaler and follow the simple steps to watch the work being done for you!

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