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7ds Grand Cross Tier List 2024 (BEST Team)

7DS Grand Cross, the popular mobile RPG based on the anime “The Seven Deadly Sins,” offers a vast array of characters each wielding unique abilities and powers. In such a strategic game, understanding which characters rank higher in a tier list can significantly influence gameplay success. This article dives deep into the 7DS Grand Cross tier list, highlighting the best characters and providing insights on how to maximize their potential.

Top-Tier Characters (SSS and S+ Tier)

  • Arthur (Chosen King): Known for his ability to taunt enemies and buff allies, especially useful as a frontline fighter.
  • Escanor: Continues to be a strong choice due to his powerful offensive capabilities.
  • Gowther: Valued for his role in manipulating enemy stats and providing utility to the team.
  • Blue King: Effective for his healing and cleanse abilities, making him a staple in many teams.
  • Mael of Sunshine: Excellent for his overwhelming offensive power in battles.

High-Value Characters (S Tier)

  • Diane (Ragnarok): Great for countering buff-reliant compositions due to her buff removal capabilities.
  • Drole (Elite Demon): Provides resistance buffs and boosts allies’ damage, making her solid in PvP settings.
  • Zeldris (Executioner): Strong in debuff-centric teams, although less effective in critical hit scenarios.
  • Helbram: Offers versatility with his skills that can alter enemy and ally stats effectively.
  • Gilthunder and Jericho: Both are notable for their consistent performance in various game modes.

Good but Situational Characters (A Tier)

  • Ram (RE:ZERO): Provides significant support in top-tier compositions, especially beneficial for teams with unknown type heroes.
  • Lilia (Advent of Destruction): Useful in specific scenarios where enemy ultimate gauge management is crucial.
  • Roxy (Halloween): Excels when paired with human race heroes, enhancing her damage output significantly.

Methodology for Creating Tier Lists

Creating an accurate SDSGC tier list involves a meticulous analysis of several factors. These include individual character stats, their abilities, and how well they synergize with other characters. Both community feedback and insights from game experts play crucial roles in shaping these lists, ensuring they reflect the current meta of the game.

Top-Tier Characters

S-Tier Characters

S-Tier characters are the crème de la crème of 7DS Grand Cross. These characters offer unmatched power and utility, making them top picks in both PVP and PVE scenarios. For example, [Insert Specific Character Name and Abilities], known for its devastating attacks and strategic flexibility, dominates in almost any team setup.

A-Tier Characters

Just a step below, A-Tier characters are still highly effective but might lack the sheer dominance of their S-Tier counterparts. [Insert Character Example], while powerful, requires more specific conditions or team support to truly shine.

Mid-Tier Characters

B-Tier Characters

B-Tier characters are solid choices and can perform well in many situations. They often excel in specific roles or challenges but lack the versatility needed to be top tier.

C-Tier Characters

C-Tier characters might struggle to keep up with higher-tier characters due to limitations in their skill sets or lower overall impact in battles.

Lower-Tier Characters

D-Tier Characters

These characters are generally considered the least viable. While they have their uses, they often require very niche conditions to be effective. Players are generally advised to invest in higher-tier characters.

Up-and-Coming Characters

This section would discuss characters that are showing potential due to recent updates or discovered synergies, possibly moving up the tier list.

Characters to Avoid

Highlight characters that are consistently ranked low due to their lack of effectiveness in most aspects of the game.

Impact of Game Updates on Tier List

Discuss how recent updates have altered character strengths and tier placements, providing players with the need to adapt their strategies.

PVP vs PVE Tier Differences

Explain how some characters might excel in PVP but not in PVE, and vice versa, influencing where they stand in the tier list.

Building a Balanced Team

Offer strategies on assembling a well-rounded team that leverages the strengths of characters from various tiers.

Player Tips and Strategies

Provide actionable strategies and tips for players to get the most out of top-tier characters and improve their gameplay with mid to lower-tier ones.


The 7DS Grand Cross tier list is an essential tool for any player looking to optimize their gameplay. By understanding where each character falls on the tier list, players can make informed decisions about whom to invest in and how to best utilize their team.

1. Which character should I aim for as a beginner?

For beginners, it’s advisable to aim for characters that are versatile and forgiving in various gameplay scenarios. S-Tier characters are typically a safe bet as they offer powerful abilities and are useful in both PVP and PVE. Characters like [Insert Specific Character Name] are great starters due to their strong offensive and defensive capabilities, which can help new players overcome a variety of challenges.

2. How often do tier lists update?

Tier lists can update frequently, generally following major game patches, the release of new characters, or significant changes to existing characters. It’s common to see updates to tier lists every few months or more often if the game developers are particularly active in modifying the game’s balance. Keeping an eye on community forums and official announcements can help players stay informed about the latest tier list updates.

3. Can lower-tier characters be viable with the right team?

Absolutely, lower-tier characters can shine under the right conditions and with thoughtful team composition. While they may not have the same impact or versatility as higher-tier characters, they often possess unique abilities that, when paired with the right allies, can be incredibly effective. It’s all about finding the right synergy and leveraging niche strengths that these characters bring to a team.

4. What impact do new characters have on the game’s meta?

New characters can significantly impact the game’s meta, especially if they introduce unique skills or counter existing top-tier characters. Developers often design new characters to shake up the gameplay, encouraging players to explore new strategies and team compositions. As such, each new character addition is worth evaluating to see how they might alter the balance of power within the tier list.

5. Where can I find community discussions about tier lists?

Community discussions about tier lists are most active on platforms like Reddit, Discord, and dedicated forums for 7DS Grand Cross. These platforms allow players to share experiences, strategies, and opinions on various characters. Additionally, social media groups and YouTube channels that focus on 7DS Grand Cross are good resources for discussions and insights into the tier list and game strategies.

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