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6 Reasons Why Faxing is Important as Ever in 2024

Contrary to popular belief, fax machines haven’t yet been relegated to the annals of history. Remarkably, this technology, which dates back 160 years, continues to hold its ground in a world dominated by electronic file sharing and digital signatures. However, one might ponder the reasons that keep fax in active business use today, and whether it merits a place in modern-day corporate operations. The advent of online faxing services, it turns out, might just be reinventing the game.

Faxing Importance in 2024

1 International Business

While the use of fax machines has significantly declined in numerous parts of the world, their extinction is far from a universal truth. Take Japan, for instance. In 2021, the Japanese government’s initiative to phase out fax machines in government offices encountered fierce resistance from advocates of traditional faxing—dubbed “faxophiles”—who consider the technique indispensable. The resistance was so effective that the plan was abandoned. In Japan’s business landscape, the fax machine remains a staple, and adapting to this method of document sharing could be key for effective business communication in the region.

The situation is somewhat similar in Germany, where a Bitkom survey suggests that 43% of companies continue to rely on fax technology. This figure, though lower than in previous years, underscores the ongoing relevance of fax machines in German business practices. For those engaged in international trade, it’s crucial to investigate and understand the communication preferences of the markets you’re entering. If faxing predominates, re-familiarizing oneself with this technology may be advantageous. Aligning with local business customs greatly improves your chances of commercial success.

2 Standards Interoperability

The foundational protocols for global fax communication were established back in 1968. With the passage of time, these technical benchmarks have been refined to accelerate the transfer speed and enhance the resolution of faxed images. Contemporary fax machines, along with various systems that support fax functionality, adhere to both present-day and historical standards. Consequently, a fax machine produced in 2024 retains the capability to interface with devices from as far back as the 1980s, ensuring a broad range of compatibility. This demonstrates the remarkable dependability of these machines, which maintain their operational integrity even after many years.

3 Data Security

Cloud faxing stands out for its formidable data protection capabilities. With advanced encryption standards and secure data transfer processes, it guarantees the safety of sensitive data. With the advent of online fax, the technology has become even more relevant. This means that you can replace your fax machine with a fax app, with absolutely identical functionality. You can download FAX from iPhone app directly from the App Store and set it up in a minute. You receive your fax address and can receive, send, edit, store, and print documents.

4 Accessibility and Mobility

Streamline your document management with the power of cloud faxing. Enabling you to send and receive faxes from any location with internet connectivity, cloud faxing opens the door to enhanced accessibility and adaptable work environments. Empower your team to manage fax communications on-the-go through their mobile devices, keeping the workflow uninterrupted, no matter where they are. With cloud faxing, remote teamwork becomes more cohesive, bridging the gap between distances and ensuring that collaboration remains strong across all fronts.

5 Confirm Receipt

While lacking the robust security features of historical telex machines’ answerback signals, conventional fax machines do provide a tangible confirmation of successful transmission. This proof of delivery is printed in the form of a receipt, detailing the destination fax number, along with the precise date and time of the transaction. Thus, when contending with a late-paying client who disputes receipt of an overdue invoice, this receipt serves as verifiable evidence of its dispatch. Similarly, modern digital faxing solutions often include the provision of delivery receipts, ensuring the sender retains a record of the fax reaching its intended recipient.

6 Marketing

Had this been an article penned three decades earlier, the hot topic might have been the nuances of marketing through fax, a method now thoroughly eclipsed by the advent of email and SMS campaigns. Yet, remarkably, in international circles, there persists a niche for the assembly and distribution of curated lists containing corporate fax numbers, meticulously categorized by industry sector, geographical location, and corporate scale. Marketing personnel leverage these lists to disperse their promotional content unrequested to a carefully chosen demographic, with an aim more attuned to sparking interest and capturing leads, rather than closing immediate sales.


At a starting price of just $5.95 per month, online fax services present a cost-effective means of communication for modern businesses. The convenience of utilizing an online fax service eliminates the need for additional expenditures on separate phone lines or the maintenance of traditional fax machines. While faxing may not be deemed essential for daily business operations, it remains a viable option for accommodating valued clients who prefer this method of communication. In 2024, if your budget permits, incorporating faxing could serve as a beneficial tool for specific business applications.

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