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5 top places for hearing tests in London


Maintaining good hearing health is crucial for a high quality of life, yet many overlook the importance of regular hearing tests. These tests not only detect hearing loss but also help to prevent further deterioration and improve overall well-being. 

In this article, we’ll explore five top places in London where you can get your hearing tested. Whether you’re looking for a free hearing test or are willing to invest in a comprehensive assessment, we’ve got you covered. 

1. Private Audiology Services:

Independent audiologists offer a personalized approach to hearing tests, catering to your individual needs. Some are highly experienced audiologists with extensive clinical backgrounds, while others might focus more on sales. It’s vital to research and choose one with a strong reputation for patient care. Costs for hearing tests can vary. Some independent audiologists may offer free tests, particularly for individuals over 50, a demographic more susceptible to hearing loss. Verified Hearing is an example of an independent practice offering free hearing tests for those above 50. Choosing an independent audiologist can provide peace of mind and personalized care, making it a promising option for your hearing health.

2. The NHS:

For those seeking a cost-free option, the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK provides free hearing tests. With highly experienced and skilled audiologists, the NHS ensures reliable services. However, the main drawback is the lengthy waiting lists due to high demand and influx of patients. Additionally, the NHS may not always offer the latest technologies for testing or advanced treatment options. To access NHS hearing tests, you’ll need a referral from your general practitioner to your local audiology department. Despite the wait, the NHS remains a trusted option for those prioritizing affordability and quality care.

3. Opticians:

Some opticians have begun expanding their services to include audiology. The setups for these audiology services can vary considerably. While some opticians may have well-equipped audiology booths and qualified audiologists, offering comprehensive hearing tests, others might have a more basic setup similar to what’s found in pharmacies. It’s crucial to inquire about the specific equipment and qualifications of the audiologist before booking an appointment. Ideally, choose an optician with a dedicated audiology suite staffed by experienced professionals who can conduct a complete hearing test, not just a basic screening to determine the need for hearing aids. Opticians with a strong reputation for audiology services are becoming a more viable option, potentially offering top-quality care.

4. Local Pharmacies:

Ease of access and convenience are the main advantages of getting a hearing test at a local pharmacy. Pharmacies often partner with audiologists to offer services in underutilized spaces within the store. However, the quality of these tests might be questionable if they are located on loud and busy streets. Soundproof booths, crucial for accurate results, aren’t always available in these settings. Additionally, the audiologists conducting the tests may not have the same level of expertise as those in dedicated audiology practices. While convenient, it’s important to weigh the potential compromise in quality against the ease of access.

5. High Street Retailers:

High street retailers frequently advertise free hearing tests. However, these are typically just basic screenings intended to examine your hearing and check for potential hearing loss rather than providing a comprehensive evaluation. If the screening suggests a need for hearing aids, the retailer might then recommend a complete hearing test, often conducted elsewhere. While this option offers easy access, it may not be suitable for individuals requiring a more in-depth analysis of their hearing health.


This post has explored five common places to get a hearing test in London. Each option has its pros and cons. Independent audiologists offer a personalized experience but might have variable costs. The NHS provides free tests but comes with lengthy waiting times. Pharmacies and some opticians offer convenient locations but may have limitations in equipment and expertise. High street retailers provide free initial screenings but lack the depth of a comprehensive test.

Ultimately, the best choice depends on your individual needs and priorities. Consider factors like cost, convenience, waiting times, desired level of expertise and service, and whether you require a basic screening or a full hearing test. With careful research and an understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of each option, you can locate the ideal place in London to get your hearing tested and take charge of your auditory health. However, it’s best to prioritize personalized care, accuracy, and thoroughness when choosing where to get your hearing tested. 

By taking proactive steps to monitor your hearing, you can ensure early detection of any issues and access appropriate interventions to preserve your precious sense of sound.

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