12 Elevated Ways to Style a TV In a Small Living Room

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Do you want to give your small living room with a stylish TV setup a lift? In this post, we will see how to create a TV scenery with 12 creative ideas. Whether you want a simple or a showy style, we offer all you need. Explore furniture store in USA for the best furniture pieces for your small living room.

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Let’s dive in!

Why Styling a TV in a Small Living Space is Important

Maximizing space and aesthetics in a small living room is necessary. Installing the TV on the wall saves the floor space in turn, creating a neat and tidy space. A stylish, modern look blends well with the room’s decor. The screen being at eye level enables a painless viewing experience as well as improves the room’s ambiance and functionality.

Now, let’s examine the 12 elevated ways to make the TV in a small living room look good:

1. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves provide the clean and up to date look of the room for displaying your TV in the small living room. Settle the floating shelves below or sideways the TV to store media components, decorative things, or personal accents, advises JTS, a professional Roseville property management company. This plan allows for a neat appearance and an efficient use of a vertical space.

2. Wall Mounted TV Stand

In order to save space in a small living room, a wall-mounted TV stand is the best option. Select a sleek and sleek design that goes along with your decor style. By doing this, both the floor space being used and the room itself are kept neat and free of clutter.

3. Corner TV Mount

Utilize the space in your small living room by mounting your TV in the corner. In this manner, the TV may be included into the current design without impairing the functionality of the remaining space in the room. To make the TV mount more useful, pair it with a console table or a floating shelf.

4. Built-In Wall Unit

You can choose to have a wall unit specially made to completely transform the TV. Cables may be stored and clutter removed with built-in cupboards, shelves, and compartments. Choose a pattern that blends well with the overall style of your living area and doesn’t appear out of place.

5. Behind the Sofa

The TV in the back of the sofa will draw the attention in the living room without leaving additional floor space. Install the TV on the wall directly behind the couch or get a swivel mount for flexible viewing. Adding decorative items such as paintings or sconces on the wall will make the space more appealing.

6. TV Nook

Create a charming TV niche if your tiny sitting room has one. Make a TV cabinet or set that will fit into the space precisely. Create a stylish TV panel by showcasing the surrounding walls with mirrors, artwork, or wallpaper.

7. Vertical Stack

Position the TV on top of a console table or over a fireplace for a unique and modern look. Because of the vertical design, the space will appear larger and more airy by drawing the viewer’s attention upward. To attain the TV’s visual equilibrium, use ornamental pieces like plants or statues.

8. Sliding Panels

Install panels that slide or fold to cover the TV when it is not being used. It gives you that option to hide the TV when you have guests or you want a serene setting without losing the aesthetic. Select sheets with decorative finishes or textures that match the overall decor idea.

9. Ceiling Mount

In small rooms, a ceiling mount may be a fantastic way to conserve wall space. But, in order to install big TVs properly, the required support and reinforcement must be provided.

10. Hidden TV Cabinet

Choose a TV cabinet that hides the TV when it is not in use. The doorless or paneled cabinet can match with the backdrop of your room. When closed, the cabinet functions as a decorative furniture item in addition to providing a hiding place for components and accessories.

11. Artistic Gallery Wall

Use a gallery wall behind the TV to revamp it into a piece of art. Repurpose empty frames, pictures, and decorative pieces to create a frame around the TV and add more depth to the room. Hang your gallery wall symmetrically or asymmetrically for a personalized take.

12. Mobile TV Stand

A mobile TV stand gives you the opportunity to move the TV wherever you want it and this makes it very convenient for small living rooms with flexible layouts. Select a stand with wheels that will allow movement and height and tilt function for the ideal viewing angle. This multifunctional feature helps you to watch TV from anywhere you sit.

To sum up, styling a TV in a small living room will entertain creativity, planning and thinking. To get a more sophisticated look and greater functionality, you can choose things like floating shelves, wall-mounted TV stands, or hidden cabinets. Get creative with different forms and varying types of decorations to have a chic space that represents your personal style and is the best you can have.

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