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10 Reasons Why The Netherlands Is The Best European Country To Live In

The Netherlands appeals to all – not just to tourists.

Every year numerous international students and young professionals relocate to take advantage of a brilliant educational system and to look for jobs in the Netherlands.

The busy streets of Rotterdam or the sleepy canals of Utrecht – the Dutch life is magic.

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1# The Netherlands is a Safe Place to Live

In the Netherlands the crime rate is the lowest through Europe.

The Dutch Government recently deposited tens of millions of euros to make sure that the Netherlands remains one of the safest places in Europe. The Dutch police had never been more powerful.

#2 Education in the Netherlands is Excellent.

The public school system of Holland is one of the top in Europe and absolutely free for all local children from kindergarten to high school! 

If you want your children to be well educated the Netherlands is the place to be!

#3 The Netherlands is a Great place to Work

Thanks to its thriving economy, the Netherlands is one of the fastest growing labour markets for international careers.

#4  The Netherlands has a strong economy.

And so it should be no surprise that the Netherlands, in whose economy the same logic is more fully developed, is doing very well. It is Europe’s third most innovative country and seventh most entrepreneurial in the world.

Moreover, the unemployment rate is roughly four per cent, and wages are high relative to labour costs in the rest of Europe – the Dutch economy will ride high for the foreseeable future.

#5 The Cost of Living in the Netherlands is Affordable.

That on average the monthly rent is only 800 euros, this means that even with a low budget it is still possible to find an apartment or house in this beautiful country, in addition to this you don’t need to have a car in the Netherlands, unlike the UK, public transport is one of the best in Europe, and you can also buy or rent a bicycle!

#6 The Netherlands is a Very Green Country

Nature is also very important to the Dutch – they really love it.

You can see this all over the country – there are so many parks where people go for a walk or just sit there by themselves and enjoy the peace and quiet surrounded by trees or flowers!

#7 Dutch Culture is Welcoming and Diverse.

The Netherlands is known to be an open country where everyone is very tolerant of other people. People are friendly, easy-going and enjoy welcoming foreign visitors. 

Dutch people speak English so well that you don’t have to learn the language here if you don’t want to!

If you’re looking for a place where everyone is welcome, Dutch culture is one of the most welcoming in Europe!

#8 The Dutch Healthcare System is One of the Best in the World.

The Dutch healthcare system is the second best in the world by the World Index of Healthcare Innovation.

It is very accessible and not too expensive to receive medical care, and especially to those with lower incomes, this is complemented through the state, and ultimately one pays even less.

#9 It’s Easy to Travel to Other European Countries from the Netherlands

It is not a very big country and it is very easy to travel from one city to another in the Netherlands.

The county is squashed in between Germany on one side and Belgium on the other, and only an hour’s drive from either to the north or south – or across the border to Luxembourg or to France.

#10 Amsterdam is one of the Most Beautiful Cities in Europe.

Amsterdam is one of the prettiest cities in the world with amazing canals, museums and paintings all over the place. The Rijksmuseum (National Museum), Van Gogh Museum and the Royal Palace on Dam Square make this a very old charming town full of life.

Cross one of its many bridges that look over the thin canals or ride in a canal boat to get another perspective of this remarkable city.


The Netherlands is a great country. It has a good economy, a wonderful education system, a safe environment and a beautiful and varied culture full of friendly people.

If you want to make a happy life for you and your family then the Netherlands might just be the place to do it!

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