Harley Rider Wallets: A Guide for Bikers Who Love Style and Quality

FashionHarley Rider Wallets: A Guide for Bikers Who Love...

The bike, the myth, the legend… Everyone loves Harley-Davidson two-wheelers for their style and quality, let alone the freedom they represent. It is an honor to own one of these mean machines. But how do you show your Harley pride when you are not on the bike? And one of the best ways to do so is to get a Harley rider wallet.

Made with the same high standards that Harley-Davidson is known for, it will suit your needs and preferences as a biker. Roomy, stunning, and high quality, it will last you for years and years. What else to wish for? But if you still need more arguments to get one, keep reading.

The History and Origin of Harley Rider Wallets

The journey to perfection started at the end of the 19th century. Two friends, who shared a passion for mechanics, launched their business to create something nobody had seen before. Those friends’ names were William S. Harley and Arthur Davidson.

For a while, they experimented with a small engine attached to a bicycle frame. However, they soon realized that the hills of Milwaukee required something bigger and more powerful. Their answer to this challenge was a 24.74 cubic inches engine attached to a loop frame. This 1903 creation resembled a motorcycle more than it resembled a bicycle. Basically, it became the prototype of modern motorcycles and set the stage for further developments destined to enter the mechanic hall of fame.

But motorcycles weren’t the only thing Harley and Davidson produced. Soon after their machines gained popularity, they also started selling accessories and merchandise to enhance the riding experience. One of these accessories was a rider wallet.

Originally, the Harley-Davidson wallet looked like a pouch attached to the jeans belt or motorcycle saddle. However, it served the same purpose as modern bi- and three-folders. Specifically, it helped to store money, documents, and other essentials that a rider needed on the road. On top of this, it protected the necessities from theft and loss. Riders appreciated such a practical accessory and soon every self-respecting biker flaunted one. It was especially sought after among those who traveled long distances or participated in races and rallies.

As time went by, the Harley rider wallets evolved from a simple pouch to a fashion statement and a symbol of identity. To satisfy demand, Harley-Davidson started rolling out different types of wallets. One thing remained unchanged though – they displayed the beloved logo and unparallel quality.

Today, leather accessories with the iconic Harley Davidson logo offer a durable and badass way to express your personality. If you want to show your passion for motorcycles with the American spirit, they are just the right thing.

The Different Types and Styles of Harley Rider Wallets

Harley rider wallets come in different styles able to suit different customers and occasions. What all they have in common is top-notch materials like cowhide or exotic leathers (crocodile, stingray, ostrich, etc.) ensuring fantastic durability. Design-wise, however, they are as diverse as diversity can be. Here are some of the most popular types you can get your hands on:

  • Bifold wallets. These models fold in half and have two sides. Being pretty compact and slim, they are the classic of modern wallets. They can easily fit in your front or back pocket without adding too much bulk or weight. Bifold wallets usually have several slots for cards and a long slot for cash. On top of that, they may provide a window or a flap for your ID or driver’s license. If you prefer simplicity and minimalism, bifolds will be up your alley.
  • Trifold wallets. These ones fold in three to ensure more space and capacity. Hence, they typically hold more cards and cash than their bifold counterparts. A trifold is the right choice if you’re looking for extra functions since they may feature coin pockets, key holders, or pen holders.
  • Chain wallets. As their name suggests, chain wallets have a chain or a strap that connects them to your belt or pants. They are the most distinctive and iconic type of Harley rider wallet. Riders appreciate them for enhanced security since a chain prevents a wallet from falling out of the pocket and getting lost. But that’s not the only commendable function. Many choose biker wallets with a chain to add a touch of flair and attitude to their look. Besides, a sturdy chain allows adding a charm, lighter, a biker-style keychain, or any other small accessory.
  • Money clip wallets. Such wallets have a metal clip that holds cash in place. They are the most lightweight and compact – you can fit them in your pocket without adding any bulk. Typically, money clip wallets usually have a few slots for cards and a clip for cash. They are ideal for customers who appreciate convenience and efficiency.

The Best Places to Buy Harley Rider Wallets

The Harley-Davidson official website is the most reliable and trustworthy place to buy rider wallets. They will officially carry the Harley-Davidson logo and trademark. If you wish to buy your HD rider wallet directly from the source and thus contribute to more badass wallets displaying the iconic Bar & Shield, it is the right place to go.

That being said, it is not the only option you have. If you need a wallet that looks striking and feels sturdy, you can try biker wallets from professional leatherworkers. Yes, such billfolds won’t feature the beloved logo but they provide excellent quality at very attractive prices. The selection is also much wider – if you’re looking for an item with an Iron Cross or skull, online stores for bikers are worthy of consideration.

But what if you wish for a unique design while staying true to the Harley-Davidson brand? Then go check online marketplaces. They offer wallets from independent sellers, collectors, and simply enthusiasts. More often than not, these wallets are rare, vintage, or customized meaning you can easily separate yourself from the crowd.

Wherever your search takes you, you can be sure that your Harley rider wallet will make you happy. You can proudly display it whether you test the speed limit of your motorcycle on an open road or just go shopping. Even if you’re just a weekend warrior or just dreaming of owning a bike, you should give such wallets a try. After all, excellent craftsmanship and high-quality materials can be enjoyed regardless of your lifestyle.

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