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Glass Jars: 3 Tips For Food Preservation: Canning, Pickling And Preserving

Do you wish to reduce food wastage? Or do you just want to have a wide variety of foods all year round? Then, food preservation is the perfect antidote to all your concerns. And what’s better than glass jars? Food preservation keeps your food last for a longer duration without letting it go bad. The ultimate aim of this process is to prevent food spoilage until it can be consumed. Preserving food in superior-quality glass jars allows you to stock up food for emergencies. You can enjoy your winter strawberries even in summer just by preserving them at your home in a refrigerator. That sounds so exciting, right? So, if you wish to make the best of the food preservation process, invest in premium storage glass jars and follow these basic techniques.

Smart Tips & Tricks for Food Preservation

There are various techniques for preserving food for a long duration. Choose the most suitable one from the following-


Canning is a beneficial way of preserving food using glass jars. It involves heating food in airtight jars at a high temperature to kill bacteria. It is followed by sealing the jars to create a vacuum that prevents re-contamination. It reduces spoilage and increases the shelf life of preserved products. The canning process conveniently stores vegetables, fruits, sauces and more. There are two types of canning methods: water bath and pressure canning.

Water bath canning is an extremely easy technique in which you just require a large stockpot and a rack to put in the bottom or a water bath canner with a built-in canning rack. It is a safe method for preserving your delightful jams, chutneys and fruits. On the other hand, pressure canning is more suitable for preserving low-acid foods like meat and vegetables.


Pickling is the most adopted and trusted food preservation method in our country. Under this strategy, just put the produce you want to preserve in a glass jar and add vinegar to preserve it.

The pickled food item acts as a great storage option and also a great snack that is flavourful and nutritious. The pickled veggies can also be added to your sandwiches and in boring salads to add a desired tangy taste.


You can preserve fruits by making jams, jellies, and purees to enjoy fresh fruits anytime in the year. Just select fresh, ripe fruits in season and wash them thoroughly. After that, add sugar and a thickening agent to achieve the desired consistency and store it in an airtight jar in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight.

Why Preserve Food in Glass Jars?

Food preservation has many benefits that can improve food safety, quality, effectiveness, availability, and sustainability. Let’s find out why you should preserve food in glass jars-

Reducing Food Spoilage

Food preservation helps prevent spoilage by preventing the growth of yeast, bacteria, and other unwanted bacteria. These microorganisms can cause food decomposition, further changing colour, texture, etc. Such activities can be controlled by preserving food and choosing the right glass jars utilising different strategies like canning, freezing, etc. Food preservation also ensures the maintenance and freshness of food.

Preventing Food wastage

Food wastage has become such a prevalent issue that it has become a global affair. You would be astounded to know that every day, millions of tons of food get discarded because of the degradation in their quality. Storing food reduces food waste by preventing premature spoilage and allowing you to utilise excess produce or leftovers effectively. By preserving food in glass storage jars, you can extend the product’s shelf life and optimise the utilisation of a food product for consumption. This also contributes to a more sustainable food system.

Expansion of Shelf Life

As mentioned above, food preservation extends the shelf life, enabling you to store and consume your favourite food at any time of the year.  This becomes extremely beneficial in areas where people can’t access fresh food, like remote areas and areas prone to natural disasters.  You can also create a stock for sustaining during scarcity or emergencies.

Retention of Nutritional Value and Quality

You can retain food items’ nutritional value and quality by adopting effective preservation techniques. There can be times when fruits and vegetables may lose their nutritional content over time. However, if you preserve them securely in a glass jar, you can easily maintain their vitamins and minerals for a long time.

Economical Option

Preserving food in functional and visually appealing jars is an economic decision which leads to great cost savings for individuals and societies. Preserving seasonal fruits allows you to enjoy their delightful taste and benefits throughout the year. This way, you don’t have to purchase extremely expensive off-season imports. In addition, food preservation reduces your visits to grocery stores as you can buy the products in bulk and make the best use of exciting deals.

Things to Consider Before Using Glass Jars for Preserving

Below are two important factors to consider before using glass jars for preserving food:

Selecting the Suitable Storage Jar

Choosing the appropriate glass jars for food preservation is essential to ensure the quality and safety of the preserved food. They don’t react with acidic or oily foods, which preserves the flavour and quality of the food items. Look for jars with airtight lids, as they seal them properly, preventing any spoilage.

Cleaning and Sterilising

You need to properly clean and sterilise jars before use to remove any dirt, bacteria, or contaminants that could compromise the safety and quality of the preserved food. Start by washing the jars and lids with hot, soapy water and a sponge. Rinse the jars and lids thoroughly with clean water. Then, consider sterilising jars by boiling them in water for at least 10 minutes.


You can enjoy seasonal produce year-round and reduce food waste by properly utilising glass jars for food preservation techniques like canning, pickling, and preserving. Following these tips can safely and deliciously preserve various foods for future enjoyment.

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