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FAQ: Shedding Light on LED Hats – Your Questions Answered

If you are someone who loves experimenting with accessories and are a hat person who would want to try out an LED hat or a LED cap then this article is for you. Checkout headgear with custom messages, logos and more online to make a wise purchase as per your liking and requirement. This article covers the most asked questions about LED hats. Check them out:

  • Do online sellers include shipping on led hats?
    Online party supplies sellers like Party Glowz provide free shipping to its customers as per the order value. So, if you are placing an order for more than $59.99, then you would be eligible for free shipping. LED hats when ordered in bulk fall under the cap of free shipping hence the cost is included in the order.
  • What are the best selling light up hats available online?
    The light up hats in cowboy style are best selling online. The light up cowboy hats are unisex in nature hence are popular among customers. These wearables are comfortable and can easily be bought online without any hassle. The more you buy, the more discounts you are going to avail online. You can use these LED hats for new year, Christmas, Halloween, music festivals and more.
  • How do I replace the batteries in an LED hat?
    AG13 or CR2032 batteries are used in LED hats which can easily be replaced. Simply open the case in which the batteries are enclosed. Take out the exhausted batteries and replace them with new ones. Make sure to replace the old batteries with suitable ones only. Also, the exhausted batteries must be disposed of carefully. Once the batteries are replaced, the LED hats would be as good as new.
  • Where can I buy a LED hat with replaceable batteries?
    Party Glowz is the best supplier to buy an LED hat with replaceable batteries. They offer light up hats at discounted prices due to amazing coupon codes. The lighted hats are great in quality so you would be getting an amazing product without digging a hole in your pocket. These can even be customized into a message hat or an LED display hat without the constraint of minimum order quantity.
  • How do LED hats work?
    The LED lights or EL wire is fixed around the brim of the hat which is powered by a replaceable and not rechargeable battery. Remember, there is no rechargeable LED placed in the hat. A button is provided along the inside flap of the hat which is used to illuminate the hat in various modes. These programmable LEDs illuminate in three different light modes which are flash, blink and steady light.
  • How long do the batteries last in an LED hat with continuous use?
    The type of batteries which are used in LED hats are AG13 or CR2016. You can check the specifications of the hat to know which type of battery is being used in order to power the color LED lights. The color changing LED hats can light up continuously for hours however in discontinuous use they can be used for days in one stretch. The batteries are pretty long lasting and power the LED light up hats beautifully before exhausting. These batteries are not USB rechargeable however they can easily be replaced with a new one within minutes.

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